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As a child mill goes to China the decay of knitting dress famous city

Published on:2014/10/28 13:19:41

Keyword:Knitting, dress, the market, textile industry, printing and dyeing, weaving, research, spin industry, statistic, state
Introduction:On October 20, 2014 9 when, shanghai new international reads extensively colour of excessive of the time inside the center, 10 thousand business gathe...

On October 20, 2014 9 when, shanghai new international reads extensively colour of excessive of the time inside the center, 10 thousand business gather, the representing of entrepreneur of spin garment industry that come from countrywide each district witness Henan to visit in relief area of Sui of business grave city jointly " famous city of dress of our country knitting " the ceremony that give a shop sign. Xu Kun of chairman of reputation of union of its China textile industry yuan gentleman general " famous city of dress of our country knitting " board is handed in to Jiang Wenyu of deputy mayor of Shang Qiu city to follow Sui this world respectively with honorary certificate trifling grows Zhu Dongya, unfailing applause rings again inside the assembly room. This momently incoming different is not easy, because be in,the backside of this applause is having a paragraph to be begged in predicament change, the extraordinary years that plans development --

Once " small mill " it is battle severally, a group without leader

1969, henan province invested 1.5 million yuan to build plant of underwear of a knitting in county of former trader grave, the site of factory is located in border of ancient city southeast. Factory of underwear of knitting of county of former trader grave expands the backbone bibcock company that becomes famed inside the industry throughout the country, when underwear factory at the height of power and splendour, the product exports 20 many countries to follow an area, year export volume achieves 3 million. Follow the change of market level as the adjustment of national industry policy, factory of underwear of knitting of county of former trader grave runs hot water at that time to cast off, executed with " fission of the mother's body, dispersive break out of an encirclement, cent piece livens " the reform of property right system that is main content, total factory fission distinguishs a works for 13. This once the factory of underwear of knitting of county of former trader grave of be the rage began private the process that contract, was on decline slowly.

Because of ideal lag, many people do not understand technology, brand, intensive waits these things a moment. The practitioner of spin garment industry of earth of whole Sui in relief area people lead a wandering life in be battle severally outlet of ups and downs, look for.

Summary rises, the industry of garment of knitting of Sui in relief area at that time is faced with a lot of bottleneck to restrict: It is enterprise dimensions slants small, lack backbone bibcock business. 2 it is innovation ability not strong, the brand builds remarkable lag. 3 it is the division of labor inside the industry ambiguous, structural sex is contradictory and outstanding. 4 it is business management level lags behind, service system is built not perfect. Operator quality is uneven, idea of level of management of major proprietor of an enterprise, idea is backward, administrative way is simple, have the contemporary company system that owns legal person to administer a structure without construction, the phenomenon that type of sale of production of type of familial type management, mill, traditional pattern, solidify manages is very common. The 5 informatization rate that are an enterprise are not high, cannot satisfy spin dress to consume the requirement of short period, quick delivery. In public service platform is built, self-discipline of industry government, industry superintends angle with the market relatively fragile, partial business presence is mixed blindly from, the phenomenon that repeats production, each other to make price war, industrial health was affected to develop on certain level.

How to become group of stragglers and disbanded soldiers magnificent army group

Bottleneck of development of estate of garment of spin of area of the how broken this world that solve Sui, how will " stragglers and disbanded soldiers " education expands, how to guide give aid to health of industry of garment of spin of Sui in relief area develops, how to make traditional advantage industry new coruscate opportunity of survival made Sui this world classify. The course makes an on-the-spot investigation, survey, delibrate, argumentation, sui in relief area appoint, district government made a series of giving aid to policy. To solve the problem with limited space of the development inside Gu Cheng, sui in relief area appoint, district government is in what the program inside area of region industry assemble built Sui this world to cover an area of 900 mus " knitting dress city " , conduct business of substance of dress of the knitting inside Gu Cheng " give the Gu Cheng, division that enter garden " , heighten scope effect, instantly project first phase, 2 period the project is devoted already apply, build workshop factory building more than 90, workshop area 20 more than square metre, enter be stationed in and company of clothing of knitting of put into production 77. Sui in relief area appoint, district government develops protection to be chance with Shang Qiu Gu Cheng again, start working built knitting dress wall 3 period project, make industry of area knitting garment finished Sui this world to arrive from Gu Cheng thereby of garden area luxuriant seize a body, for Sui this world hair of industry of area knitting garment begins develop vast space.

See today, give aid to guide, 100 barge contend for the try to overtake each other in friendly emulation inside garden area stream

"Implement brand strategy energetically, the power that leans a brand is ecbolic window, lead development " Sui in relief trifling grows Zhu Dongya to say so. One Yan Jiuding, respect be like eventually only then, tell accomplish. Sui in relief area appoint, district government gives aid to in policy guiding on many arrange develops simultaneously, multibarrel falls together, for Sui this world industry of area knitting garment escorts the Emperor convoy, the key fostered galactic cotton industry, grand raise underwear, small swallow controls the well-known company such as dress of the garment, gent, formed try to overtake each other in friendly emulation stage by stage 100 barge contend for drifting favorable situation.

Make specific aim give aid to policy. It is to be in an enterprise to remove, the project such as platform of innovation of technical reformation, science and technology, public service is built offer give aid to, preferential the project application country that recommends knitting clothing company and provincial policy sex give aid to capital. 2 be be stationed in to entering " knitting dress city " the enterprise avoids workshop of 3 years of standardization to hire cost, what establish average taxpayer to active application is individual and industrial and commercial door, the city of value added tax that the medium and small businesses that applies for to bring into library of directory of dimensions above enterprise pays, area stays into sum is offerred to return inside 3 years partly still. 3 it is to pass risky investment, equipment to rent, credence of medium and small businesses assures wait for financing mode, continue to improve industry financing environment.

Accelerate carry on industrial move. It is to strengthen develop with knitting garment industry the communication of the area cooperates, association of association of industry of knitting of hall of letter of industry of province of combination of business grave municipal government, our country, our country clothing, organize hill of Zhejiang justice black, Hai Ning, elephant every year, guangdong Fosan piece raft Gu Rao presses down town, Dongguan, the enterprise of the area such as Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, An Yang arrives Sui in relief area makes an on-the-spot investigation, hold special subject butt joint to meet, exert oneself action is brought greatly strong. 2 it is to surround knitting dress produces treatment, use trade of of all kinds classics to negotiate can undertake recommending, exert oneself is complemental short board, outspread chain, make cotton cultivate, spinning, weaving, float catch, printing, hind arrange, the embroider, perpendicular industry chain that controls the garment, sale to be an organic whole.

Exert oneself advances own innovation. It is stimulative element reasonable configuration. After great seal of weaving of development of key of spin of first support the Milky Way, constant catchs a key to develop printing and dyeing to follow, arrange, hair of key of underwear of grand raise knitting is begun finalize the design, design of research and development of development of key of underwear of small swallow knitting, in guiding, company of production of small knitting underwear surrounds bibcock enterprise form a complete set develops. 2 it is to carry out own brand to build a project. Encourage follows guide an enterprise to continue to improve craft level to follow product quality, hard compose is built " the government is driven, sectional linkage, enterprise is active " start a brand working mechanism. Give in the angle such as capital tilt, the key gave aid to " think of treasure " , " rain carries on his shoulder or back " , " prodigy of for a long time " , " great shellfish is pulled " wait for own brand.

Enough play industry organizes action. Established chamber of commerce of underwear of knitting of business grave city, developed spin guild, chamber of commerce to follow the bridge bond action of the enterprise as the government amply, strengthen an industry to develop development tendercy research, program to seek advice from a service with management, organize industry survey, situation of seasonable report trade, problem follows appeal to beg. Make trade pact, standard from trade act, strengthen an industry to control oneself, stop a trade inside unfair competition. Hold water help each other assure organization, alleviate company capital difficult problem. Guide an enterprise to fulfil a program to follow industrial policy, implement occupation standard strictly, improve integral image, stimulative industry grows in order. Give aid to in executive series policy while, sui in relief area appoint, development of bureau of letter of worker worker of city of district government combination spread out " one belt is exhibited " activity, extend market of brand of figure, tree, develop actively for the enterprise. Alleged " one belt " , it is business grave industry takes Alibaba namely. Sui in relief area already had 122 enterprises to enter area of industry of the grave that be stationed in business, cover 5 big industries more than kinds of 50 product, day all trades the forehead exceeds 280 thousand yuan. Grand raise makes clothing company, small swallow make clothing company, elegant Bei Jie make the enterprise such as clothing company enter remarkable economic benefits all was obtained after be stationed in. Alleged " exhibit " it is Shang Qiu of · of 2014 our country namely knitting childen's garments is on sale meeting. In April 2014 18, 20 days, government of Sui in relief district undertook product of childen's garments of knitting of first business grave is on sale meeting. Exhibit can initiate brand-new formal Alibaba (Shang Qiu) the O2o mode of the linkage below the line on industrial belt line, achieved exceedingly good result. According to statistic, join meeting audience 30 thousand much person-time, sign contract of purchase and sale and agreement 403, the autograph restricts amount 1.982 billion yuan, the spot receives deposit 11.26 million yuan, new development agency 2116.

Exhibit in the future, exalted plan, exert oneself makes group of industry of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class

Base of current property of underwear of Sui in relief knitting is relatively solid, dimensions expands stage by stage, group is formed basically, industrial chain becomes better day by day, sui in relief area appoint, bureau of letter of worker worker of city of district government combination made clothing of spin of Sui in relief area 2014, the industry developed a program 2020.

Make a carrier. With Sui this world area of region industry assemble is rely on, with the form of the garden in the area, the program is built " city of dress of knitting of Central Plains children " , be in one, 2 period on the base that project building investment uses, perfect a program further, had done each butt joint, accelerate build 3 period project, perfect infrastructure, for next industries great progress gives platform. In area of assemble of industry of Sui in relief region overall planning frame falls, "City of dress of knitting of Central Plains children " total program area 5 square kilometer, strive implementation invests 2 billion yuan before 2015, infrastructure is basic and sound;2020 year before, the project that executive fixed assets invests 100 million yuan of above 50 above, investment of implementation fixed assets exceeds 10 billion yuan.

Implement two old strategies. It is to carry out " famous brand drives the strategy " . Recommend company of well-known trademark advantage actively, conformity has resource, drive medium, small, small company to develop quickly. Encourage guiding has an enterprise to enlarge the devoted strength of research and development, design, ability of own research and development follows promotion industry brand value consequence, push litre of own brand to establish a standard. Accelerate area brand to build, found " dress of business grave knitting " area brand, enlarge integral conduct propaganda to recommend strength. 2 it is to carry out " characteristic demonstrative strategy " . Accelerate industrial transition to upgrade, revitalize for traditional industry with " sunshine of industry of the setting sun develops " experience of dug way, summary, give set an example.

Increase 3 capacity. It is to improve design engineering capability. Strengthen butt joint of division look forward to, promote equipment standard to follow workmanship standard as soon as possible, hard by labor concentrated model transform to technology intensive. Encourage brand enterprise establishs design center to develop a center with the product, maintain raise research and development to design ability. 2 it is to increase manufacturing efforts capacity. Medium, small, small company goes encourage " only, special, essence, new " road, surround cooperation of bibcock enterprise form a complete set develops, strive for form bibcock to drive, division of labor is reasonable, big the industrial system that medium and small businesses develops in the round. 3 it is to increase market sale capacity. Accelerate change sale concept, innovation sale mode, develop the market actively. Encourage enterprise strengthens sale network to build, science designs sale channel, positive development brand interlinks business affairs of inn, brand shop, electron to wait for new-style terminal mode.

Build 4 major project. It is to build knitting dress poineering mansion. By the government investment is built, year end built basically 2016. 2 it is to build standardization production to center an area. By the enterprise investment government form a complete set is built, standardization factory building builds before 2016 300 thousand square metre. Before 2020, build standardization factory building again 500 thousand square metre. 3 it is to build storage content to shed a center. Attract social investment, storage area builds before 2016;2020 of 100 thousand square metre year before build 200 thousand square metre. 4 it is to build wholesale commerce market. Before 2016, build business area 10 thousand square metre, into be stationed in wholesale and retail business 500 or so;2020 year before build business area 30 thousand square metre, into be stationed in wholesale and retail business to exceed 1000.

Great wisdom of small board contain, what it is representing social all circles is enough approbate with affirm, condensing Sui in relief area appoint, the policy of district government guides with prop up, pour into is worn the elaboration of area entrepreneur follows Sui this world sweat, bearing the weight of Sui in relief area is the pride of 860 thousand people, honorable with the dream. In Sui in relief area appoint clerical Xue Xiaofeng makes known his position " polished old brand, revitalize old industry " in industrial framework, industry of garment of spin of Sui in relief area having sth new, advance triumphantly, with the attitude of soar, new coruscate gives the bright brightness of traditional industry. Up to instantly, dress of knitting of Sui in relief area and company of production of relevant form a complete set already amounted to 526, in the center dimensions above enterprise 49, sales revenue overtakes 100 million yuan industry 35, from personnel of course of study 35 thousand person, produce per year knitting dress nearly 300 million, year sales revenue is close 7 billion yuan, sale network spreads all over the whole nation each are big the market.

It all depends on human effort. , the route goes in the person, course of study is achieved in the person. Sui in relief area followed association of our country textile industry to sign 2012 " 925 " during pilot propose an agreement in all, was versed in with our country knitting trade association signed strategic cooperation agreement again in April 2014, dress of instantly Sui in relief spin already brought into Henan to save transition to upgrade demonstrative project. Sui in relief area appoint clerical Xue Xiaofeng says: "Arduous sweat trades gain of plentiful and substantial. We will with ' famous city of dress of our country knitting ' award a card to be start, guard against arrogance, acute meaning innovates, had done ceaselessly ' city of dress of our country knitting ' , ' city of dress of knitting of Central Plains children ' ' our country safety defends taste glove city ' , ' our country spins cloth art city gently ' ' 4 cities are achieved together ' the job, sui this world knitting garment industry is made ' comfort east industrial bright phearl ' . Sui this world knitting garment industry is made ' comfort east industrial bright phearl ' ..

Keyword:Knitting, dress, the market, textile industry, printing and dyeing, weaving, research, spin industry, statistic, state

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