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American children is free 5 kinds of Christmases are popular toy

Published on:2014/10/28 11:18:16

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Introduction:According to " toy of China and foreign countries makes " in October 2014 date (civil / this print compiles Huang Zijing) : The child always is metabo...

According to " toy of China and foreign countries makes " in October 2014 date (civil / this print compiles Huang Zijing) : The child always is metabolic adventitious to the be fond of of the toy, but they are never-ending to imagining the longing that follows originality. Recently, the only just in time of before 20 a list of names posted up of the toy of 2014 children elect by ballot that Wo Erma publishs proved this, sheet of a list of names posted up presents a 5 big characteristics.
The current year is Woermadi invites the " expert that has right judge right to playing 2 years "- - children, many when will give to toy business potential and popular taste newly undertake polling selecting sheet of a list of names posted up of popular Christmas toy. Suffer invited children age to upright 1 year old arrives 12 years old partly between. From the point of published list, children more the product that favores those to be able to let them develop artistic ability. In addition, toy business undertakes reforming to traditional toy in the light of modern children taste, your classical toy the current year be able to again arisen.
Anne Marie Kehoe of vice-president of Ma of American fertile Er makes known his position: "The current year, children make us very open-eyed to the change of toy be fond of. But, we had gotten ready how to be answered. With the close cooperation of the supplier, make us can be in discover certain tide is arisen for a short while, the inventory that assures tide toy is sufficient. The inventory that assures tide toy is sufficient..
From September the middle ten days of a month rises, wo Erma with respect to open mode of Christmas sales promotion, give for the client order goods service. In the meantime, the 20 toys product on sheet of a list of names posted up of elect by ballot can enjoy minimum price to protect a service. The client can use the tool of online rate of exchange that Woerma gives, what once discover,have other store is same a product price compare Woerma want low, buy this when the client when commodity, can return price difference return the Woerma to the client in electronic shopping card, make sure the client can obtain lowest price. To be in the Christmas is sold period in win beauty, wo Erma also is to hold out those who go all out.
Below, we are opposite according to this 5 big characteristics on toy of a list of names posted up undertakes classified, show the characteristic toy in the center simply.
   1.Originality is manual kind lead tide
Children favore those to be able to let them develop the toy of originality, and originality FMX-003 electrostatic volmeter is manual kind the toy also is Woerma one of toy categories with sales volume the rapiddest growth. In this height category under on a list of names posted up plays have:
   Dazzle cruel sewing machine (Spin Master)
This is a revolutionary sewing machine that need not use a line, suit sew abecedarian very. Product form a complete set project of 9 originality sew, the design, fittings that has cut into parts is waited a moment. The child can undertake operating according to the design already, also can use fittings to have free creative work, develop originality, still bred hand eye to coordinate ability.
   Colour bead is wash-and-wear design suit (Moose Toys)
This is an one-stop colour bead design suit, 500 colour bead store division of box, design board, take bead pen, sparge and the blower that deploy solely, let colour bead design work faster airing finalizes the design.
   Mobile phone carapace designs suit (Maya Group)
Small hand housing can reflect personality very much however. Use this to cover mobile phone carapace to design suit, can choose the color that oneself like, have a model, make the hand housing of model of series of fruit of comfortable use Yu Ping, and above the design that undertakes individuation follows adornment, reflect an individual to savour amply.