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Camphor tree leaves natural dyes microwave extraction and dyeing wool

Published on:2013/3/12 9:44:55

Keyword:Dyes, wool, microwave
Introduction:Camphor tree leaf pigment types are more red pigment, green pigment, brown melanin pigment extracted

Camphor tree leaf pigment types are more red pigment, green pigment, brown melanin pigment extracted can be used in the food industry, extraction methods and performance have been few reports [5,6], but will be referred to the pigment used in textile dyeing Huang Ronghua the website only mentioned, no other studies have reported.

Microwave generally refers to the frequency range of 300 ~ 300000MHz, wavelength 1mm ~ 1m of electromagnetic waves, microwave assisted extraction of natural vegetable dyes with a low-energy, high extraction efficiency, reproducibility, pollution. This article focuses on the process of natural dyes extracted from the camphor tree leaves using the microwave radiation, and discuss the camphor tree leaf extract of wool fabric dyeing process, the determination of the relevant color fastness of dyed wool fabric.

1, the test portion

1.1 test materials, medicines and instruments

Test materials: wool fiber woolen plain weave fabric.

Test drugs: sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, anhydrous sodium sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc., were of analytical grade, camphor tree leaves collected from August 2009 in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province Youth Road .

Instruments and equipment: PHS-3C precision pH meter (Shanghai Precision & Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.), the Color-Eye3100 type color measurement color analyzer (Li Po Equipment Co., Ltd.), the TU-1901 dual-beam UV-visible spectrophotometer (Beijing Purkinje General Instrument Co., Ltd.), GYROWASH415 washed / dry cleaning, color fastness machine (British), Y (B) 571 - the type Ⅱ preset-color fastness friction meter (Wenzhou Daiei Textile the Standard Instrument Factory), SHA-C water bath oscillation devices.

1.2 Test Method

1.2.1 camphor tree leaves microwave extraction of natural dyes

Sodium hydroxide 0.2 ~ 0.4mol / L, microwave power 189 ~ 595W, radiation time 1 ~ 12min, solid-liquid ratio 1:10 to 1:50. Weigh the dry cleaning and crushed leaves of camphor added wetting, to the desired concentration of sodium hydroxide solution was adjusted to a predetermined power, within a predetermined period of time to extract, cool, filtered.

1.2.2 camphor tree leaf extract direct dyeing of wool

Camphor tree leaves 5 to 20g / L, dye pH of 3.00 to 9.00, sodium 0 to 50g / L, the the staining temperature of 40 to 100 ° C, dyeing time 15 to 120min liquor ratio 50:1. Bath preparation required to adjust the dyeing pH value, will sufficiently wet wool room temperature inputs dyebath, heated to a predetermined temperature, and continued transfection 30min sodium sulfate was added, the adjourned transfection a certain time at this temperature, cooling water washing drying.