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The real problem that solves an enterprise realizes 槃 of Nie of Liuzhou textile phoenix

Published on:2014/10/23 15:19:37

Keyword:Spin industry, the market, dress, fabrics, spinning
Introduction:On October 17 afternoon, the Liu Bei that Zheng Junkang of secretary of Liuzhou city municipal Party committee goes to to be given priority to with sp...

On October 17 afternoon, the Liu Bei that Zheng Junkang of secretary of Liuzhou city municipal Party committee goes to to be given priority to with spinning a property gently points out when survey of area of garden of industry of area sanded pond, liuzhou textile wants " phoenix Nie 槃 " achieve again brilliant.

In spin of Liuzhou new house (group) building site of project of limited company plant area, zheng Junkang spot coordinates the difficult problem that the company develops. The message says new world company is undertaking equipment of 200 thousand spindle upgrades transform, instantly project is advanced relatively successful, multi-purpose building already sealed a top, pour jail main body to build already start working, complete of predicting workshop year end, next year in June put into production, can solve 2000 people obtain employment.

Already built the limited company of spin of Liuzhou China Cheng of put into production, produce per year can achieve cotton spinning spindle 80 thousand ingot, exit is achieved collect 15 million dollar. The product basically should use the fabrics of a gleam of that reachs exit at home to follow dress brand, it is the long-term supplier of famous brand of a lot of country, return overseas market to have steady passenger source. Zheng Junkang arrives when survey of China Cheng firm, into the workshop, hear a report, careful understanding company works each, harmonious it is actual and difficult to solve its, weigh all sorts of issues of Zhen Xiongfeng with industry of spin of enterprise discussion Liuzhou.

When concentration of company controller report heat addition, sewage centers processing, talent to breed when waiting for a problem to need to be solved mainly, zheng Junkang makes known his position, liuzhou textile should be finished " phoenix Nie 槃 " , be about to solve the real problem that good business reflects. Want to guide ginseng of school of profession of encourage this locality to follow the industry person with ability that breeds high quality spin. Pass textile do do greatly strong, introduce further develop with what drive downstream industry, carry the development of spin industry, continue to optimize Liuzhou industry structure, give a large number of obtain employment post for Liuzhou at the same time.

Zheng Junkang returns limited company of Liuzhou twin feed to produce survey of building site of project of poineering center of medium and small businesses of workshop, Sha Tang.