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The influence with all sorts of spinning simple to yarn sex methods

Published on:2014/10/23 15:19:06

Keyword:Yarn, fiber, spinning, fabric, state, weaving, textile, fiber gauze, path husband, stick glue fiber
Introduction:The engineering technology of short staple spinning with the physical different character of 1 short staple is right yarn physics property and exterio...

The physics of 1 short staple is characteristic

Engineering technology of different short staple spinning is affected to yarn physics property and exterior different, the character that affects end item even is differ also the pattern is same.

(1) is different spinning method is right yarn structure, the structure of short staple gauze follows filament different, be gauze above all is exterior reach in-house fibrous to arrange, exterior structure includes the exterior of gauze and exterior construction. Be like: The fiber permutation in gauze surface; The Mao Yu of gauze; The friction of gauze coefficient; The character of gauze; The wear-resisting of gauze and exterior other are characteristic.

(Structure of 2) yarn interior advocate what if fiber is in,the whole cross section of gauze body reachs gauze is fore-and-aft arrange, fiber is directional gender, extend rate,

Displacement and structure of interior of number of turn include: The intensity of gauze; Fiber blends rate; Combat flexural strength; Condensability; Resilience (have kink tendency) .

The above explanation to structural implication is not certain and complete, but the complexity that gave yarn character however.

2 spinning craft

The notional application 3dtex that affects to yarn structure to acquire spinning technology, 38 Mm sticks fine short staple, in 5 kinds different spin undertake trying spinning in machining complex.

(Craft of spinning of ingot of 1) traditional annulus; (2) spins technology of annulus ingot spinning cheek by jowl; (3) double nozzle (MTS) holiday reads aloud a bag to pester spinning craft; (4) backset is spun (MVS) spinning; (5) turns a cup of spinning.

(1) if exterior structure can look afore-mentioned mentioned yarn on appearance of photography of scanning type electron microscope piece. Use microelectronics photography picture: Include to turn cup spin, jet is spun, eddy current is spun, common annulus ingot is spun reach ingot of close together annulus to spin 5 kinds, the yarn that can see from inside the photograph 5 kinds of craft are produced is exterior fiber decides tropism, in the center increasing fiber forms yarn in the exterior structure of gauze of ingot of close together annulus, almost all fiber is formed in gauze body, improved short staple gauze, it is very clear that the structure of number of turn of gauze sees, and the length of gauze of edge of fibrous one aspect of the matter picks up enter gauze system in, the directional sex of gauze of ingot of close together annulus is best.

(Spinning of ingot of 2) traditional annulus, number of turn exactly like surface of spinning of traditional annulus ingot is disorder below the condition, many fiber tail end did not twist in gauze body, individual fiber is extended outside gauze body, because steel is gotten,the likelihood is / bead ring or yarn guide are caused.

(3) backset spinning, approximate at annulus ingot spinning, fiber is arranged in gauze body first-rate, time-sharing of spinning speed 350/ ,

The bag pesters fiber to show detailed account coming back. Number of turn basically follows annulus ingot gauze exactly like, the actual number of turn of gauze follows computation number of turn is basic exactly like. The bag pesters fiber to follow without twist of gauze core fiber than, the percentage that hold is very high, almost all answer built gauze core fiber, so, the exterior of eddy current gauze follows likeness of annulus ingot gauze basically, exterior bag pesters fiber to follow without twist gauze core is formed together twist really.

(Holiday of 4) double nozzle twists gauze, double nozzle holiday twists gauze, following eddy current gauze is different character actually, the fiber that the bag of gauze of double nozzle jet pesters fiber to occupy all fibrous 6%-8% to have 90% about only is extend without what twist, can be clear about see the bag pesters fiber to tangle to be spent closely to the bag of gauze core bigger than eddy current gauze.

(5) turns a cup of spinning, whether is no matter turn,cup gauze belonged to twist really category, but turn the fiber on cup gauze is arranged disorder, gauze is mid fiber shows Z to reach S to the helix shape that was not clear about, fiber is unbend. Can see the gauze that is pestered by the bag does not have intricate shape clearly, this is to turn the advantage of a cup of gauze, it is to turn the foundation of cup gauze character.

3 Mao Yu

The flying that spinning forms and Mao Yu are a very troublesome issue, mao Yu has many negative effect when downstream working procedure is machined, textile feel and end item property suffer Mao Yu to affect, test of applied Zweigle Mao Yu discusses the harmful Mao Yu that classification the Mao Yu of 1mm-2 Mm and divides a 3 Mm above. If Mao Yu of annulus ingot spun yarn is 100% , gauze of ingot of close together annulus, eddy current gauze and turn 1 Mm-2mm Mao Yu compares a cup of gauze Mao Yu of annulus ingot gauze decreases, double nozzle holiday twists the bag pesters gauze, the bag pesters a state poorer, mao Yu is more, apply SO, the flying that when the working procedure after Called detector can measure a yarn to be in is machined, forms because of attrition, attrition force applies rubber group to undertake metrical. It is good that close together gauze wants more traditional than be not gauze to fight attrition function. Turn the Mao Yu that cup gauze extends is less, stick glue fiber especially more remarkable, the fiber on gauze won't rupture, but not little Mao Yu is wrapped to pester fiber to tangle to go up in gauze body, because this turns cup gauze Mao Yu is less.

The bulk of 4 gauze

Yarn bulk is the main index that reflects yarn covering power, spin annulus ingot gauze to be with gauze of common annulus ingot when same number of turn cheek by jowl, latter end item answer lid ability is inferior. Spin annulus ingot gauze to be in cheek by jowl number of turn can decrease appropriately below coequal and puissant condition continuously in order to increase yarn volume, so desirable that be equivalent to the answer lid ability of gauze of common annulus ingot, number of turn can reduce 5% ~ 10% . Husband of Deng Ken path (the bulk of actual measurement yarn that test meter of Denkenolorf) yarn structure gave yarn length to be 0.3mm. Of yarn bulk detect include gauze of jet of MJS of double nozzle of same yarn number, because jet gauze is the bag pesters gauze, holiday to twist, so same gauze pays bulk of gauze of the ingot that compare annulus big, with microelectronics the graph of produce a film of scanning photography technology makes clear, a few bags pester fiber to be on gauze core, and length is very short make yarn not little partial fiber basically is without what twist.

The wear-resisting of warp is brushed reaching stress bear is to apply So-Called model to be like index, can experiment at the same time 15 gauze of a need. The fiber of yarn of good ingot of close together annulus is arranged show more exceedingly good than gauze of common annulus ingot. Be not traditional spinning technology to have insufficient place, this kind of new-style spinning must pass processing when becoming end, the technology is spun in jet in, opposite Yu Zhen twists gauze, gauze on-line fiber is very little, have the state that unbend binds, so, function of yarn machinery physics is differ, it is especially when winding (canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy) more remarkable, still be not traditional spinning to follow the distinction of annulus ingot gauze.

Structure of 5 yarn interior

Yarn interior fibrous is formed with yarn exterior structure is relevant, the permutation of core of yarn interior gauze, direction of length of fiber edge yarn is outspread in can photographing to be experienced in draft through electronic scanning, obtain, see from inside yarn cross section fiber height is parallel, affect yarn puissant, yarn is puissant the clip when the characteristic follows a trial runs length relevant.

Reduce detail to reach puissant the possibility of weak link: Normal yarn is puissant length is held to be the experiment on 520 Mm puissant machine in clip, the mix that also has 100 Mm and 18mm runs length. Clip holds length to decrease, yarn ruptures puissant increase, because clip holds length weak point,this is, puissant occurrence probability of weak link and detail decreases, breaking length decreases, rupture opportunity is little. If fiber distributings directional good, experiment clip holds length to decrease, yarn ruptures intensity increases apparently, annulus ingot gauze and gauze of ingot of close together annulus are more remarkable. Turn cup gauze ruptures puissant and inferior, even if breaking length under fiber length, because fiber forms curved hook, even if breaking length is short, turn cup gauze ruptures intensity also won't promote. Anyhow yarn fiber is held by clip the amount is more, fiber is fore-and-aft and directional the gender is good, yarn ruptures intensity increases. From the electron photography sweeps what tracing is pleasant to the eye to go out turn cup gauze is belonged to twine a structure, even if clip runs length under 5mm, can make the fiber of 100% is held to reach fiber to rupture by clip, clip holds length to be in 0 Mm, fiber breaking length under fiber length, gauze core fiber is caused to sexual difference surely rupture intensity is low.

Jet gauze is puissant interpose at annulus ingot gauze, close together gauze and turn between cup gauze, advocate if jet gauze, gauze core is compared turn a cup of gauze is parallel, the bag pesters fiber photograph to compare little, puissant than turning a cup of gauze is little tall.

The formation of 6 gauze affects yarn metabolic feature

If gauze is fought,bend puissant it is the character that yarn forms the influence in experience, but yarn is fought it is very difficult to bend to detect puissantly. Instantly already developed a kind to detect newly yarn is fought curve puissant method. The experiment makes clear, if bending strength is close together gauze 100% , turn cup spin reach eddy current to spin for 200% , gauze of double nozzle jet is 300% , these numerical value concern but from spinning of tradition of a few blame, on machine fabric and knitted fabric gauze of ingot following annulus makes photograph comparing, the fabric feel that is not traditional spinning is rougher than product of gauze of common annulus ingot hard, gauze of common annulus ingot follows the bending strength Yi Xiaoyou between close together gauze to distinguish.

Other generation a problem, change after press press of the yarn on classics weft cross section when yarn is out of shape slant smooth metabolic state. Of yarn thick section detect make clear when yarn compresses force to increase, thick section decreases.

Turn cup yarn structure creates fiber distributinging situation, in fiber the bag tangles place, feel is better, the gauze deformation force that manages than tangling without the bag is small. Turn the knitted fabric that cup gauze produces and machine fabric often make the exterior compares annulus ingot gauze inhomogenous, thick hard.

To undertake be comparinged, detect yarn thick section below 1OOcN pressure condition, show yarn has structure of optimal number of turn, coequal metabolic MTS has 95% parallel not to have the fiber that twist about in gauze of double nozzle jet, easier generation is out of shape, experiment according to this, turn photograph of cup gauze feel is compared hard, the close together state that can carry gauze on loom or knitting cloth exterior detects yarn is out of shape state.

The resilience of 7 yarn

The spring back of yarn is very important to spin treatment, for example knitting cloth generation is out of shape askew. Resilience by detect yarn kink force is measured, gauze of gauze of ingot of close together annulus, common annulus ingot twist gauze follows blame tradition really the screen resilience between gauze is different, the gauze that turns to cup gauze is twisting or twist instead its kink all inferior.

Jet spinning screen resilience is inferior, because parallel is not had,basically twist fiber proportion is higher, twist gauze compares the spring back muscularity that is not traditional gauze really,

The fabric when machining knitting cloth further so is askew the state of affairs is little.

8 epilogue

Yarn structure is yarn one of main character, yarn exterior pledges with yarn sex relevant, in-house fiber arranges yarn to be affected to yarn property very big, machine the influence that reachs end item property further to yarn especially more apparent. Treatment of the working procedure after poorer yarn structure is right is very influential, the yarn structure that has used is had special good function, utility is first-rate also, getting used to the textile of close together yarn on function, exterior structure is optimal.

Keyword:Yarn, fiber, spinning, fabric, state, weaving, textile, fiber gauze, path husband, stick glue fiber

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