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Chongqing spins labor pains transition gently: Big range liquidation closes package business

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:59

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Introduction:It is one batch is faced with at the same time close, stop, broken enterprise still is struggling, need time will adjust. It is new investment follows...

It is one batch is faced with at the same time close, stop, broken enterprise still is struggling, need time will adjust. It is new investment follows the enterprise of new development nearly two years to just begin to throw at the same time, need education follows into long-term. Chongqing spins a circle gently (next weighing that Chongqing is spun gently) transition, new old industry is alternant, be destined the labour pains with lengthy process period.

"Be in together Chongqing, compare with the Chang'an group that gives priority to ability of course of study, gain to highlight with the car, spin a group gently to be in devoted isogon spends innovation of education key competition ability, own brand, research and development to be put in notable difference. " on June 18, chongqing spins president Xie Yingming gently to be in Chongqing city national endowment appoint say on media informal discussion of the organization, group industry brings about informatization to be in dispersedly production, purchase, the propulsion of the link such as content shedding is slow, restricted administration thereby rise.

Chongqing is spun gently held water 2000, it is to be in cancel Chongqing city light industrial what bureau, spin bureau is established on the foundation with building materials bureau and become is state-owned control a company. This is countrywide amount to few, have already light industrial the place that has spin again is large and state-owned accuse a group. Have spin board likewise piece, be in early 2012, shanghai spin group finishs advanced manufacturing industry to follow the strategic transition of confluence of posture of contemporary service line of business, business income amounts to 44 billion yuan. To 2013, chongqing spins implementation business income gently 25.35 billion.

Turn white-hot in competition, below the state with international exit abominable with each passing day situation, chongqing spins gently facing double pressure: Spin follows light industrial the industry needs transition. Group place belongs to wine line of business, building materials, commerce kind the main economic norms of the enterprise all appears compared to the same period different degree glides, car a replacement, oral cavity nurses kind of enterprise move relatively smooth and steady.

How does traditional industry step down

In July, sa solid mil closes at Chongqing plain production base will begin construction. To 2015 first half of the year, the sealing strip that this factory produces will appear on the market. The project is amounted to postpartum, sa solid is close will become our country the first can follow the whole world the sealing strip supplier that synchronism of all leader plant produces form a complete set of research and development.

Car spare parts is made is the traditional industry that Chongqing spins gently. Limited company of weather strip of car of fine a small room established the Chongqing that Chongqing spins a banner gently to fall 2005. 2011, chongqing is spun gently implement the strategy, investment 68.76 million euro is wholy-owned bought German Sa to originally concentrated group, acquired the total equity that enterprise of 13 9 countries, substance crosses below Sa firm secret division, 58 crucial production line produce the control power of sale network with the whole world.

2012, chongqing is spun gently through Sa solid concentrated group invests 200 million dollar to our country return, built Sa solid close our country to invest a company, afterwards closes in Chongqing plain after production base begins construction, still will open center of research and development of close Asia-Pacific of the solid that build Sa in Chongqing.

In September 2014, chongqing produces consume product of kind of naked eye 3D to will get offline. This is Chongqing of on one the end of the year spin the spending with the global the largest scale in start working of garden of cupreous bridge industry gently kind production line of group of indication model of naked eye 3D, produce per year 200 thousand. At the appointed time consumer need not wear 3D glasses, the home appliance such as computer of the jotter that can installing 3D model team, flat, TV watchs three-dimensional animation on the product. Xie Yingming says, home of dependency of indication technology of naked eye 3D is strategical industry, chongqing spins group of industry of the boat in be being introduced gently on base of technology of Hua Dongguang cable, established Chongqing Zhuo Meihua to inspect photoelectricity limited company to have research and development with the product to the technology.

2013, the machine of high-definition advertisement of 3D of 4K naked eye that Zhuo Meihua inspects new research and development follows LCP of component of key of naked eye 3D to already infiltrated Korea market. Xie Yingming predicts, chongqing of the current year builds business of naked eye 3D to sell amount to will break through 50 million yuan with indication equipment and indication model group.

But a replacement of car of traditional advantage industry that is group development no matter, oral cavity nurses or enter new electronic Information Industry, instantly is being fostered period.

"Sa solid secret project does not have gain up to now. " Xie Yingming says, buy in those days, sales revenue of close group of German Sa firm 336 million euro, deficit 21 million euro. The current year in January - in May, because recombine conformity to follow weak gain of new revise and enlarge, the business income of Sa firm close group 163 million yuan, grow 3% compared to the same period. Decrease compared to the same period deficient 4.72 million euro. He says, predicting next year, sa solid is concentrated round ability will be complete make up the deficits and get surpluses.

Oral cavity nurses is the Chongqing outside afterwards car spare parts is spun gently should make big traditional advantage industry. Group place belongs to those who ascend health company to have " cold acid is clever " toothpaste is domestic oral cavity nurses brand of the first nation. In January 2014 - May, ascend health company accumulative total to achieve sales revenue 339 million yuan, grow 14% compared to the same period, profit of the net that finish 17 million yuan, catch up with one year the corresponding period keeps balance.

"After naked eye 3D shows screen develops 3 years, the group hopes its sales revenue finishs 5 billion yuan. " Xie Yingming says, this electron information board piece should from year sale grows 100 50 million yuan times, ability hopeful finishs the blowout that must rely on to consume kind of electron market. He explains, jotter factory is more careladen the technology is mature, reason Chongqing spins a plan gently to assemble 200 thousand place goods on trial sale first, progressively promotion.

21 enterprises are exited urgently

"One batch does not absolutely refuse to the vivid, business that expands all up still is struggling, carry out immediately it is difficult to shut photograph comparing, need proper time to adjust. " Xie Yingming says to reporter of report of 21 centuries economy.

In January 2014, reporter of report of 21 centuries economy ever was spun gently in Chongqing be located in close plain subsidiary Chongqing sees with beneficial spin company, the boreal factory of this factory already stop production, thousands of machine still is producing the weaving workshop of Shang Shengna factory grey. Because loss is severe, to the current year this plant is entire already in March stop production, the site of factory by take on lease of company of a civilian battalion. Entrance guard tells 21 centuries economy reports a reporter, when spin is prosperous 2005, be in in the factory hold the post of employee to reach 4000 people, after land add add cuts down the member of persons employed to seek a profession oneself, leave hundreds of people only finally.

There is heavy personnel burden at the beginning of establishing. The member that Chongqing is spun gently is as high as 51 thousand person when work number is maximum. At that time group 3 billion yuan sales revenue, deficit 100 million multivariate.

Since 2000, after the competition ability of traditional industry company of the place is weakened, chongqing is spun gently realized Bei of plant of industry of paper of dragon a jade tablet, cement, north in succession long, one cotton spinning knits glass service etc 23 high-energy bad news, tall infection, those who fail competition ability company go bankrupt exit. 2009 up to now, chongqing is spun gently will include Chongqing woolen mill inside sex of 5 companies policy goes bankrupt, the liquidation of 21 professional corporations such as company of engineering of whole set of Chongqing interior decoration is shut cancel, 5 businesses such as boreal source glass at the same time executive environmental protection is closed with recombine transition.

To on one the end of the year, chongqing is spun gently be in an employee is cut already for 26 thousand person, asset is indebted rate from construction at the beginning of 92% drop 65% . "Instantly, the group still is managing 21 to close, stop, broken enterprise, we plan to use 3 reach a these enterprises 5 years to quit this trade thoroughly. " Xie Yingming says, chongqing is spun gently mixture ownership reform should be pushed on the subsidiary that lacks competitive advantage, introduce strategic investor to be held with operator, diversity of the equity that finish. The field that develops for a long time to a few unsuited state-owend enterprises undertakes study dug with the enterprise, progressively and significant increase, reliable exit.

"In the meantime, the state-owend enterprise should implement the budget assess link up with with outstanding achievement. Did not achieve a goal two years continuously child enterprise, the 3rd year we are about to undertake adjustment to its leading group. " Xie Yingming says, close group of German Sa firm just changed to be in charge of a layer high. (Editor poplar Hao)