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2015 spin fabrics to design popular trend

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:53

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Introduction:Light and transparent yarn exceeds fine needle to be apart from yarn is to make the home spins fabrics to possess core of formative of feeling of ligh...

Light and transparent yarn

Exceeding fine needle to be apart from yarn is to make the home spins fabrics to possess core of formative of feeling of light administrative levels, transparent yarn craft also is the home that had originality most 2015 spins fabrics tide to develop tendency.

nylon photograph of yarn of black silk ribbon following cotton mixes, devitrification yarn follows the combination of transparent yarn, from originally Yao must not be reached became current be able to finish.

Burnish feeling & is irised

Burnishing burnish follows irised colour and lustre is the important exterior that fine needle is apart from yarn, this fabrics adopts smooth filament yarn or more melting formative crape silk, the filament that will have the burnish like pearl or metallic quality regards exquisite aggrandizement as the design, make give a kind of appreciably to shine with the model that has flashy effect, whole feels special to the person fix eyes upon, comfortable.


Follow the pure flax blending of linen follows slub gauze is 2015 significant progress tendercy that spin fabrics. The motley gauze with irregular model has careful needle to be apart from a form already, also have thicker thicker yarn form. Double lubricious yarn is united in wedlock with primitive and tonal linen photograph, become a kind of richer diversiform colorific the home spins fabrics. In the meantime, use frivolous irised or the aggrandizement design that metallic lubricious yarn regards careful linen as, can enhance window.

Bull-puncher exterior

Bull-puncher fabrics follows jersey to go up in recreational knitting outfit very popular still, current, it also was used to be in the home to spin fabrics to go up.

The young cloth that blanching follows foundation of compound of photograph of knitting cotton cloth to go up, add yarn of double lubricious be mingled with, stone to wash the effect fancy suiting of twill of motley cotton thread, Qin Na spy and yarn of the printing that arrange color, can restore ancient ways to be shown a bit sterling fabrics makes a model that provides commercial attraction most.

Soft with jumbly yarn

Chalk color is the important and popular colour of summertime sweater, the home spins fabrics to be able to mix on this size base allocate an orange warm neutral is tonal, tonal and famille rose bright color, make the colour design that gives aerosphere form, basically use go up in soft cotton cloth or blending of log day silk, undertake aggrandizement with cotton knot or long gauze knot again.

Painterly modelling

The form a partnership of a variety of colour yarn, printing belt and Qin Na are special twill fancy suiting, also will have dramatic painterly outward appearance 2015, adopt fresh famille rose bright color perhaps spends tonal modelling in the plant, can make contracted printing yarn more have new idea to follow a characteristic.

Novel stripe

Inferior light makes with tall smooth yarn thick and medium needle is apart from a belt and Qin Na special yarn of twill fancy suiting has new idea more, exaggerated thickness structure, additional effect of silk of thin log day, printing and surrounded filament, make the appearance of grain of quality of a material that gave interest sex.