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Indonesian plan to wait for yarn exporter to carry out to Chinese Korea turn over dumping investigation

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:50

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Introduction:Business company yarn of dispatch foreign country continued to swarm into Indonesian market on July 10, its cheap price makes this yarn gives birth to...

Business company on July 10 dispatch

Foreign yarn continues to swarm into Indonesian market, its cheap price makes this yarn gives birth to generation to keep on retreating. For this, indonesian yarn manufacturer asks the government undertakes to exporter of a few foreign countries the dumping is investigated turning over in succession. The filament yarn exporter that the country such as Korea, our country, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, India follows an area will be affected possibly.

Pluvial fruit net from Indonesian " Jakarta Post " the understanding in the report July 4 arrives: The near future 4 yarn company already to Indonesian turn over dumping committee to make known his position to apply for, the requirement is right in 2010-2012 year during join the foreign yarn company that follows dumping activity to impose additional custom duty.

Alleged dumping is foreign exporter to be in Indonesian market sells his redundant product, lower commodity price Bijiben the country is smaller. Dumping behavior produces business to constitute great menace to Indonesian and native land yarn, go out the sales volume that causes native land yarn now to slip.

Make known his position to collect invade 4 companies that sell duty to follow Indorama Polyester Industries for Asia-Pacific Fiber, Indorama Synthetics, Indorama Venture instead. Adya Sudhir of president of Asia-Pacific Fiber company says: If “ allows to run rampant by dumping behavior ceaselessly, will sacrifice so the trade situation that the interest of native manufacturer causes inequity. ”

Government of appeal of these 4 companies follows the foreign company of the dumping to carry out 15%-20% to joining oppose dumping tax. But, after turning over dumping committee to must have full-scale investigation, ability can take action. Turn over the exposure in the report of dumping committee, the dumping profit margin of the filament yarn exporter that the country such as Korea, our country, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, India follows an area (Dumping Margin) is 0.5%-20% about.

Redma G of secretary-general of association of Indonesian man-made fibre. Wirawasta says: We do not beg “ the government takes trade protectionism step, we just facilitate according to WTO principle the environment of a fair trade. ” bend sell is pair of Indonesian yarn industries damage very big, the progress that will cause this trade is more slower than other area, because dumping product price is low not little, make native land yarn in the market unmanned make inquires, he complements.

According to the message, because of the dumping behavior of foreign company, industry of Indonesian filament yarn is in 2010-2012 year the loss during increases gradually. In these 3 years, the sales volume of Indonesian yarn dropped 4% , market proportion from 2010 94% drop to 81.3% 2012.

But, indonesian turned over dumping committee to was adopted 2013 a series of oppose dumping measure, sent dumping behavior to survey affirmative book to many countries, bring about foreign yarn to import an amount to glide from 10 thousand metric ton to 66000 metric ton.

As we have learned, indonesian and native land yarn will amount to 890 thousand tons in the yarn total output 2014, not less than will increasing 2013.

(Article origin: Pluvial fruit net)