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Spin machine conserve knowledge: Of drawing machine maintain with safeguard

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:48

Keyword:Luo La, drawing machine, state, spinning, rubber roll, cotton, dynamic, fabric, yarn, the market
Introduction:"The action of drawing machine depends on improving fiber internal composition, promote its long passage uniformity thereby, reduce weight at the same...

    "The action of drawing machine depends on improving fiber internal composition, promote its long passage uniformity thereby, reduce weight at the same time not divide evenly rate. So, of drawing machine maintain with safeguard with product quality closely related. This period " communication of a gleam of " the relevant experience that shares a few this point of view with the reader. This period " communication of a gleam of " the relevant experience that shares a few this point of view with the reader..

    Method one

    Check condition of Luo La bearing to reduce mechanical wave to arise regularly

    Thick working procedure is one of core process that spinning company control follows quality of stable see ban4cheng2pin3, the influence of the working procedure after wave of machinery of its working procedure is right and even cloth cover quality is attached most importance to especially should, must strengthen equipment supervision, strict control consequently. We pass on graph of spectrum of sliver of machine of pair of FA317 drawing 13 centimeters of ~ 15 centimeters, the account that 78 centimeters of ~ handle mechanical wave 80 centimeters to arise undertakes analysis, processing, make drawing value doing CV is improved significantly.

    Mechanical wave report is namely on spectrum graph " chimney " , general and occupational a channel, and when this the frequency of mechanical wave uprights between two-phase adjacent channel when, channel of adjacent of these two photographs can be touched, then, channel of two photographs adjacent shows on spectrum graph by occupational; Below individual situation, because the channel of periodic wave motion has change a bit, make possibly also " chimney " occupational 3 or 4 channel. Mechanical wave has inherent wavelengh and companion has harmonic, so, alone is captured base wave analysis just is the most accurate.

    To prevent the generation of mechanical wave, be about to check status of Luo La bearing regularly, of countershaft, aperture wear away state, key follows keyway shake a state, gear crown wears away with configuration, the rock state of bearing has regular examination, cheer to bearing component regularly, ensure its are not had be short of oil or damage; The tooth form that checks transmission collect to pull regularly takes position of degree of tightness, clear in time tine unoccupied place place sets dirty thing, discover gear clench the teeth is undesirable or want to be handled in time after tatty state.

    In specific work, should this lubricant status that checks Luo La regularly, corrective curve Luo La; Cheer regularly, clear axle sleeve, undertake to rubber roll corrective, because,put an end to of axle sleeve, rubber roll run undesirable and the draft of generation is mechanical wave; Strengthen the examination that takes to transmission tooth form, belt of requirement tooth form is not had wear away, degree of tightness is measurable; When changing breed, undertake exchanging checking to rubber roll, ensure the surface roughness of its surface, linearity; Hand over passageway of draft of the close check when the class, take strict precautions against axle sleeve, rubber roll to beat.

    Method 2

    Safeguard core equipment to produce effect of self-regulated even and orderly

    FP sensor installation detects in the horn mouth of machine of drawing of FA322B high speed unit part, belong to nicety to measure an orgnaization, when undertaking cleanness blocks a breakdown up with processing, meet carelessly a bit its cut, attaint, cause detect signal forbids, or those who cause quality supervisory system is frequent call the police, the influence drives efficiency. Accordingly, apply special tool to undertake disassembling following cleanness, forbidden use good thing oar to its or bump.

    Should ensure the gas source of supply FP sensor does not have oil, do not contain sundry, dry. And individual user is right this ignored, use vintage air compressor, the oiliness in causing gas cause corrupt, cause the bridge-type circuit short circuit in FP sensor, bring about finally cannot apply.

    Device of T/G Luo La basically is in charge of those who feed signal of sliver degree of finish detecting. If cleanness undertakes when adventitious, the groove that can make cotton is circled to concave and convex Luo La is in-house, time grows, cotton gets together more more. Finally, the signal that brings about displacement sensor to give out has deviation, affect overall even and orderly to exert the effect.

    To the operation face plate undertakes adding close it is to prevent have nothing to do the random operation of personnel. And some users are lax to password management, cause much person to be operated at will, what cause system of even and orderly then is wrong, production gives useless sliver. Other, even nurturance clears in time to sucking the cotton waste inside cotton box, high speed a favourable turn coming back fetterses cheer regularly, the oil inside gear case is time change, reach good convention of Shi Qingjie to leaf of transducer air channel, fan.

    As the spinning technology development to high rate, big package, short flow direction, and the market follows fabric quality to ask continuity promotes to yarn, the chance of high speed drawing that takes unit of self-regulated even and orderly is knitted the welcome of the enterprise by more cotton spinning. Carry out a proof, technology combines together after adopting FA322B high speed to take combing of machine of drawing of self-regulated even and orderly, shortened spinning technological process, assured spinning quality, reduced the cost that use worker worker, also improved gauze at the same time too ripe too sodden phenomenon.

    Method 3

    Notice parameter setting assures monitoring of dynamic closed circuit

    FA387 machine is machine of drawing of high speed of a kind of digitlization, can be opposite through man-machine interface the parameter such as the draft of the machine, speed, fixed length undertakes installing, be opposite at the same time advocate draft multiple undertakes be installinged accurately following monitoring of dynamic closed circuit.

    March " systematic menu " choice " parameter set " , input password hind to march automatically basic " parameter is installed " picture. Set respectively according to craft decide a speed, low speed speed, canister to decide length, low speed length, delay time suction wind to be worth with rate rate. Give a speed to be 200 meters normally / minute ~ 500 meters / minute, low speed speed is 100 meters / minute ~ 200 meters / minute, canister fixed length is spent but basis tube size setting. Low speed length is 50 meters of ~ commonly 200 meters, make gauze catch up with circle dish speed rises to be appropriate again after generation is contacted. Setting of delay time suction wind is 3 seconds ~ 10 seconds. Rate rate setting is 0.8 ~ 1.2, it is normally 1 (because speed adopts frequency conversion adjustment, when power source frequency is fluctuant, actual output speed follows set rate abhorrent, can pass adjust rate rate, make speed set value follows to output a value actually to agree.

    In feeling screen " C of draft of the area after the design " , choice " hind area draft synchronism is taken annulus " , k34 of multiple of draft of the area after can automatic computation gives the machine. In the meantime, artificial exchange synchronism is taken annulus, its age number should follow feeling screen setting to agree continuously. The machine configured 13 archives in all different the synchronous belt of norms annulus, part corresponding from 1.1 times ~ of 2.04 times hind area draft multiple.

    The setting comes true, via detecting the weight of sliver follows after working to accord with a requirement, must be in feeling screen " closed-loop control " choice " join " , such, one Luo La is in monitoring condition with the 4 draft multiple between Luo Lazhi, design draft multiple more than when draft multiple 0.01 times when, the machine can jockey in time, make sure the machine is in voltage is flabby the change that waits for the place below abnormal condition to produce sliver quality stability. Finally, in " big cover switch " choice " close " , assure the safety blocking a car after driving.

Keyword:Luo La, drawing machine, state, spinning, rubber roll, cotton, dynamic, fabric, yarn, the market

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