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Without the green way of PVA size

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:44

Keyword:Yarn, fiber, weaving, research, spinning
Introduction:To promote the process that does not have PVA size further, each enterprise puts energy in what the oar expects to choose. Course application follows ...

To promote the process that does not have PVA size further, each enterprise puts energy in what the oar expects to choose. Course application follows practice, the size property that metamorphic and amylaceous oar expects is continueing to promote. But, what follow oar makings quality because of the wave motion of raw yarn character is not stable those who reach application to go up is impertinent the influence that waits for an element, hampered of green size project patulous. For this, ask raw yarn quality is stable, abide by " similar photograph is allowed " the principle chooses oar makings, advocate simplify size matchs group share, emphasize optimizing sizing craft, become push the optimal way that does not have PVA green size.

2010, jiangsu new salt spins a group to be the experience that accumulates green size, comb in pure cotton general C14.6tex follows C14.6tex × 167 prevent a cloth to go up undertake those who do not have PVA green size discuss, expect through choosing an oar, optimize size to match to adjust with quality of basis raw yarn the way of sizing craft, finished without PVA size.

The researcher that new in practice salt spins is experienced, spin size replaces PVA oar completely to expect is project of a system, the attention that needs whole society follows a help. Want to accelerate the progress of the green size, energy-saving project that decrease a platoon, promote raw yarn quality, be familiar with function of makings of metamorphic and amylaceous oar, strengthening the research that promotes size property is core. Besides the performance that affects size with oar makings except raw yarn, the roller that press an oar compresses lathe work of lukewarm, humidity, value operates environment of width, weaving the element such as the technology is affected somewhat to size property.

Pick the base that is size effect to oar makings

Makings of all sorts of metamorphic and amylaceous oar are put on function have difference, and this difference influence follows into velar function to fibrous profit wet rate. So, alone abides by fiber to expect with the oar " similar photograph is allowed " the principle that follows green environmental protection chooses oar makings, ability excogitates oar makings to be opposite of fibrous adhesiveness lose by force, alone is familiar with the function that the oar expects, ability adjusting control is good soak the scale measure that follows coverture, alone matchs according to what the character of yarn optimizes size with quality, ability assures the stability of size effect.

Other, simplify the premise that size matchs constituent is promotion sizing function. Size matchs much constituent, although can satisfy the requirement of yarn size, but the promotion that divides which kind of oar makings in not distinct size to be helpful for size property, which kind of oar makings hamper other oar expects the play of function. And make warp size very easily superfluous, cause needless waste to follow those who increase size mixing order is trival. So, apply simplify constituent optimizes the method that match, undertake size matchs, let advocate the advantage that the oar expects the application that passes size shows function to go up follows inadequacy, conduce to the play of oar makings function not merely, more the promotion that conduces to sizing function.

Influence of raw yarn quality does not have PVA size

Instantly, some spin enterprise to reduce cost, match to go up with spinning craft in cotton wool did adjust, make the quality index of raw yarn presents not steady development trend. Special it is odd gauze puissant with dry not divide evenly leads exceed bid, affect the progress that does not have project of PVA green size directly.

To make the size property of warp stable, right puissant with work not the yarn of divide evenly, need to produce working procedure to command the pulling force of yarn strictly not merely, and return need sizing working procedure enlarge size rate, make buildup those who follow wear-resisting and Mao Yu to stick volt to make up for finish to yarn reduce the goal that stops a station. More of core is to need those who promote size to match quality, come to those who maintain yarn can knit a gender with the function of chorion, achieve the goal that promotes weaving efficiency. However, promote what oar makings matchs quality the most reliable and the most convenient and quick, reliable method normally, the dosage that increases PVA oar makings in size namely scale. So, should finish without PVA size, the quality that promotes yarn is first requirement.

Control yarn is stretchy it is core

After replacing PVA size with graft starch, the chorion that forms on warp still exists to follow fragile blemish forcedly, especially of chorion rupture stretchy difference at PVA chorion rupture stretchy. If of sizing stretchy be not controlled according to the quality of raw yarn, what will naturally affect size performance is stable, can destroy the function of chorion even. For this, aborning, with online detected method will control different of raw yarn quality stretchy, go fumbling with new thinking different the size property of metamorphic starch, it is the effective method that the yarn that finish extends function of long contented chorion to need.

The regain of reasonable control sizing

After replacing PVA size with graft starch, because match serously,be give priority to with starch, be full of flexibility to make chorion withy, need the regain that according to weaving environment the change of lukewarm, humidity controls good sizing with fiber character, avoid chorion to harden the manufacturing efficiency that sends clear impact loom.

Because the serous viscosity of graft starch is inferior, accelerated wet to fibrous embellish rate significantly, this meeting makes wet pulp gauze is carbonadoing the shrink rate when canister drying rises somewhat, if do not control the regain of good sizing, what form chorion very easily to produce the destruction of agglutinate and affect chorion with fiber boundary is complete degree. Other, the moisture absorption of chorion spends meeting along with the change of environmental temperature and humidity change. Accordingly, the hygroscopicity of chorion also can follow weaving environment of lukewarm, humidity change and change. Want to control good sizing regain, follow stability to carbonado the method of temperature of canister surface layer can be finished through controlling vapour pressure.