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Equipment of printing and dyeing: Precision is taller energy-saving environmental protection

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:40

Keyword:Printing, printing and dyeing, fabrics, fabric, printing machine, coloring machine, coloring canal, spin machine, automation, dynamic
Introduction:With in recent years burgeoning rise digital printing technology is compared, water consumption, energy consumption is big, technology is relatively s...

With in recent years burgeoning rise digital printing technology is compared, water consumption, energy consumption is big, technology is relatively sophisticated, what need time longer the problem that the craft of printing and dyeing that all along is a tradition must solve. Spin the equipment of printing and dyeing that exhibits on loom instrument exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition to be able to look from international of 2014 our country piece, many traditional printing equipment produced an enterprise to improve technology of printing and dyeing energetically, make equipment more stable in printing experience not merely, printing effect is more exquisite and beautiful, and reduced specific power consumption effectively, reduced manufacturing cost, the intelligence of equipment changes development trend is more remarkable also. In the meantime, digital printing equipment is developing oneself green convenient and environmental protection, quick wait for an advantage while, also be in of speed rise on had striking progress.

Printing precision promotes apparently

Ask to character of printing and dyeing as user enterprise continuity promotes, faintness of the flaw that in how solving printing to experience, appears, design, precision is low often can see a problem, and how can make stoving experience more fast and efficient, and do not stick color, without infection, it is the issue that company of printing equipment production needs generally to solve. Exhibit in this on the meeting, a lot of companies declared where one stands in the light of these problems more perfect solution.

Limited company of machinery of Fujian Ji dragon exhibiting “ that gets used to a variety of craft machine of printing of round net of series of auspicious cloud ” , in promotion angle of fabrics printing precision had very big improvement. Series of ” of “ auspicious cloud adopted computer pilot conduction band of automatic Zhang Jin, when conduction band moves point-blank, by control of orbit round screw die, put an end to the happening of sideslip phenomenon, promoted printing effectively precision. The round net drive of ” of “ auspicious cloud adopts the system of electric machinery of straight drive servo with the most advanced instantly, reduce intermediate transmission link effectively, promoted printing precision directly; Round net can have drive of odd, double electric machinery, the user can choose according to oneself demand freedom. A variety of innovation of series of ” of “ auspicious cloud, besides can put an end to partial flaw to follow precision of promotion printing and dyeing significantly, at the same time beardless and additional raise cost, suit to ask to precision of printing and dyeing tall, have pressing the user that raises character requirement. It suits to manufacture technology as much diversiform, right the user with shipment rate high demand.

Taiwan is strange the true color print of 8 color separation that printing machinery limited company develops spends the amount of printing color process of machine the effect is by CMYK4 jackknife produces primary colors or the many nets edition such as 8 color separation. This printing machine adopts computer system, but critically computation goes out blow imprint the position, time follows rate, make blow the net edition after imprinting to undertake depart well and truly with fabrics, get first-rate number result thereby. Casing rises its every chromatograph alone fall, won't play material giving an oar, make site, line clear, design colour clarity is natural, chromatically accuracy rate amounts to 100 % . Printing machine drying oven has 3 TEELON to carry net belt, every have hot blast to be blown, fabrics is dry and fast, it is good to can amount to good to feel, prison to spend with the fabrics effect that does not have tension; The system that enter cloth pays attention to all sorts of grey fabrics material to pledge, can make the fabrics such as cloth of cloth of silk, knitting, ammoniac black silk ribbon does not coil edge, stick on conduction band without tensional ground, can reflect the primitive result that gives fabrics.

The technology of printing of digital ink jet that the system of printing of ink jet of number of high speed of rainbow Rainbow series that Hangzhou opens limited company of source computer technology to develop uses international to take the lead in, stainless steel of level of embarking entrance industry presses electric type sneeze, gush imprints speed is as high as 200 square metre / hour, highest gush imprints precision 1200DPI. It adopts efficient conduction band to send cloth system to follow orgnaization of accurate and reliable conduction band correct an error, ensure successive and flat stability carries grey, can print continuously in high speed cloth cover level off assures below condition; The shower nozzle with quick and convenient configuration is automatic filter cloth cleaning device, make sure shower nozzle gives black continuously when be not activity in series fluent sex; Adopt electric machinery of entrance nicety servo to follow grating system, ensure essence of the experience that print agrees to locate; Adopt enclosed follow the system that remove gas automatically for Chinese ink, add Chinese ink can be stabilized when shower nozzle is being printed for long continuously continuously; The A of unique design is worn on put cloth to fall cloth device, bear the weight of the constant tension that big width of cloth expects is put roll, can ensure to expect stability is flat below big production mode carry; Adopt device of the drying outside Yuan Gong, assure stoving effect stability, and do not stick color, without infection, efficiency tall; The operation learns easily expediently, simply, worker of common printing and dyeing mill can be operated through grooming simply.

Trend of development of energy-saving environmental protection is remarkable

Pre-treatment is printing and dyeing in experience most the link of bad news water, pursue little water technology, reduce water quantity to measure the main trend that has made progress to develop tendency with chemical drug cost; In addition, equipment of printing and dyeing produces an enterprise to also pay attention to bath of the coloring in controlling coloring to experience to compare more, allow dye liquor flow control to follow technology of depart of cloth course of study to reduce coloring through essence of life for example the craft such as bath comparing, promoted equipment the character of energy-saving environmental protection greatly.

The low bath of TA250 high temperature that Inc. of Zhejiang peaceful calm rolls out compares overflow coloring machine is machine of a brand-new and energy-saving environmental protection coloring. This machine adopts design of unique circumfluent double nozzle, around nozzle cooperates to apply, make fabric runs freely below the condition of small pulling force; Adopt double order about structure, cloth shows contrail of form of “ ∽ ” to fold put, pile up orderly and orderly, promoted the volume that allow cloth greatly, every are in charge of the largest amount that allow cloth to be able to amount to 300 kilograms; Adopt essence of life to allow dye liquor flow control to follow technology of cloth fluid depart, great limit reduced coloring bath to compare (bath compares 1 ︰ 4.7) , reduced water consumption, finished the energy-saving environmental protection of real significance.

Taiwan Dong Geng catchs entire mechanical limited company and Hangzhou Dong Lin to roll out new improved model the coloring technique that RUV2 low bath adopts a kind of pure overflow than overflow coloring machine, need not adopt mode of ” of air of “ report + to reduce bath comparing. This machine has new common fluid to compare control equipment, the stability that can promote chromatin the volume and reduce coloring crock to differ. New-style and distinctive two-way order about plant design, but enough and hold piece goods on average tankful put oneself in another's position, do not waste the space that catch trough, promote output thereby. Other, this coloring machine promoted those who acquire the production that make a plant next cloth volumes from the design, finished reduce the bath that use water to compare, reduce the goal such as the bad news dosage of report, chemical things, the sources of energy, what accord with instantly not merely is energy-saving the demand that reduces a platoon, and return can let catch entire plant to be on energy cost more have competition ability.

Heng Tianli believes the machine of MONTEX 6500 figuration that the company exhibits to adopt PLC control to cooperate Qualitex 750 software, can undertake long-range technology supports, manufacturing technology is controlled more intelligence and stability; Human body labour is adopted to learn on the design, more human nature is changed; Match stock TWINAIR double air channel and heat to reclaim likewise system, reduce the sources of energy further use up, produce can comparative more superior; Be aimed at different fabric breed, a variety of nozzle types can offer an alternative, craft adaptability is wide, more accord with energy-saving fall the environmental protection concept of bad news. MONFORTEX 8000 of Fuji of door of Heng Tianli letter shrinks beforehand machine adopt inferior rubber blanket pressure, reduce odd washing shrinkage thereby, equipment relatively on the design water consumption of generation reduced 40 % .

Intelligence changes rate tall, operation is more convenient

Exhibit what equipment exhibits to be able to look on the meeting to go out from this, the automation of equipment of printing and dyeing, intelligence changes rate taller and taller, make machine operation goes to the lavatory more simply not merely, reduced artificial operation intensity, more the stability that made sure the machine moves, lowered equipment fault rate effectively, promoted work efficiency.

Swim even Yun Gangying spin machine the automatic revenue stamp that printing machine basically uses the club of magnetism of LMV561 intelligence plain net that limited company rolls out to wait for fabric at cloth with soft nap of blanket, flannel, coral. This machine accepts CNC treatment, high accuracy magnetism reach the moving stability with the overall assurance with can first-rate frame; Whole computer monitoring, can show each printing move follows experience, operation of control of feeling screen computer learns easily, understand easily, complete servo is controlled, ensure stable, accurate high yield printing is produced; Intelligence record locates with chromatically set, fission carries independently casing, comfortable use at of all kinds thin, thick model the printing of fabric.

Jiangsu sea the seal of power catchs mechanical company to change the research and development on the foundation of boarding machine to give device of new generation figuration in ASMA5038 intelligence. Equipment of new generation figuration applied filling density to detect with abb of control, fabric inclined detect warm up to detect with speed with correctional, fabric contain the rest of wet rate control, fabric with control, waste gas moisture content detects wait for online testing system with control. These systems adopted intelligence model modular design, by central processing unit and corresponding module composition; Finished overall online breakdown to diagnose at the same time with online control, can lower equipment fault rate effectively, finished uninterrupted serial production to give equipment safeguard for the user.

Special the new generation AIRFLOW that favour company rolls out. Research and development of innovation of machine of coloring of machine of SYNERGY 8 air current single pipe offers wind technology independently, showing reduce specific power consumption, solved coloring effectively to provide difference; Adopt sprinkler of novel dye liquor, promoted the flexibility that apply, maintenance is convenient, promoted colored uniformity character to follow efficiency; Adopt much direction to shake automatically fold structure giving cloth to reach break wool is collected automatically implement, reduced operation labor intensity significantly, promoted work efficiency; Adopt new-style hot circulatory system, solved problem of the difference in temperature inside the crock, applicable fabric range is wider; Research and development trends of coloring experience intelligence controls a technology, deserve to have automatic navigate and function of integrated intelligence bath, finished green environmental protection, efficient, high quality coloring.

Keyword:Printing, printing and dyeing, fabrics, fabric, printing machine, coloring machine, coloring canal, spin machine, automation, dynamic

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