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Childen's garments market still puts 5 big chaos to wait like library of H&M actor garment be suspected of violating compasses

Published on:2014/10/23 15:18:32

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Introduction:Since the near future, frequency of children clothing problem goes out, many places The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door discovers to childr...

Since the near future, frequency of children clothing problem goes out, many places The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door discovers to children clothing sampling observation, very big of one part by sampling observation childen's garments unqualified, fraction defective of clothing of partial area children exceeds 7 to become even.
The reporter visits the market to discover recently, childen's garments market is put in a lot of problems really, outside cannot exceeding value of mark, PH to transcend the problem such as mark through the formaldehyde that naked eye concludes directly besides consumer, put even the basiccest product label in a lot of problem, consumer of as a result feels not know what to do when buy. It is with infant dress exemple, the reporter investigates discovery, although textile new GB already came on stage two years, childen's garments market still non-standard, even the big card business such as library of garment of H&M, actor in succession “ violates compasses ” directly.
   Childen's garments standard
Alone class A can be worn for the infant
Since August 1, 2012, supervise by quality of national spin product examine the center modification edition that draft " national spin product is basic and safe technical standard " (GB18401-2010) enforces in the round carry out. Compare with the old edition standard that published 2003, the limits of ” of dress of infant of the “ in new GB was increased. It is the age limits with applicable ” of “ infant dress increases 3 one full year of life from 2 one full year of life above all, and applicable height size scope goes to 100 centimeters from 80 centimeters of former promotion.
Other, new GB returns a regulation, the product should tag a product to implement a standard on label card, ask to indicate by GB18401 the safe technology category that the product carries out. That is to say, infant dress must be tagged on ”“A of “ infant things kind the model of written characters such as ”“GB18401-2010” , tag product standards even at the same time (namely the information) such as height, bust, waistline. Combine the spin product of new standard to notting agree with, will be executed to prohibit mouth of follow-up of production, sale.
Quality of national spin product is supervised examine Guo Wensong of central vice director explains to the reporter, according to new GB, dress can be divided for A, B, C3 safe level, clear alone A kind the product can offer infant dress; Dress of direct contact cutaneous should accord with B kind the technical requirement of the product, be not dress of direct contact cutaneous to should accord with C kind product technology requirement. But hind if both is the word of infant dress, also must achieve A kind the technical requirement of the product.
Different the set limit to that level also means index of pair of a few ill other people is completely different, class A is the most severe, be like the requirement to formaldehyde, the standard of class A is 20mg/ kilogram, and B kind it is 75mg/ kilogram, c kind for 300mg/ kilogram.
   5 big chaos are resembled
New bid carries out two years to still put old bid
Current, the new GB of spin product is carried out already had two years many, market situation after all how?
Be in providential terminal market, the reporter discovers the childen's garments label here is multifarious, there still is those who implement standard of old 2003 edition actually in the center.
The product of Eden of Ka of a Ka, technical category tags its security: 18401-2003, b kind. But can letting consumer conclude without any labels is to suit the child of what kind of height to wear. The Le Dihu of producing area Guangdong is tagged not merely showing was 2003 old GB, tag the “GB” in the standard “CB” directly even.
The product that resembles this kind still carrying out old sign not merely terminal market has carry out, the reporter also discovers in small shop of a few street a lot of.
Other, return maybe of some childen's garments brand to realise should this implements new standard, the “2003” in the “GB18401-2003” that attends shop sign of childen's garments label is used directly sign pen alter becomes “2010” .
Significant information cannot be found on label
the dress that comparing even of a few products to still tag those who carry out is standard of category of He Chongan complete technology, many childen's garments had been not tagged at all should this tagged information. Be like childen's garments of Jinlijier, tagged ” of “ first-rate product to wait for information with the price only; Still a sweater tagged color, although dimension shows “100” , but cannot find ” of “ infant things and “A at all however kind the label of ” .
To these products, the salesperson makes known his position, this is foreign trade turns the childen's garments of sale in domestic market, because this does not have a label, follow manufacturer home without the brand.
What think of painstakingly is, still have a businessman flat hanged amphibolous label, be like series of vasting star childen's garments: Imprinting on label “GB18401A/B” , a, B is tagged two kinds at the same time, consumer not know what to do. Whether does the jacket that the reporter enquires to child of a two one full year of life wears counterjumper accord with GB A kind standard, counterjumper fumbles the response says: “ this is pure cotton, affirm without the problem, be at ease wear. ”
Vacancy of standard of clothing of children of net carry out
The reporter searchs ” of “ infant dress to share about forty thousand four hundred treasure in the net that clean out treasure, if a few brands wear the darling of Weibeila, antenna, trademark such as Ha Ding, the picture data that all has full and accurate and detect the report shows its accord with “GB18401-2010A kind the standard of ” . But the evidence that still large quantities of infant childen's garments clean out treasure inn-keeper to did not make clear line out to accord with new GB in publicizing a page, whether does its product accord with “GB18401-2010A when reporter advisory customer service kind when ” standard, it is ambiguous also that its reply, claim “ should be accorded with this, our product is the ” that eligible ability sells. The reporter asks its film label or label card, the office ground that customer service weighs to its stock place is in with customer service again is not in one place.
Clean out treasure to sell the home to hitting “ foreign trade to import pure cotton of fabrics of ”“ of ”“ Korea childen's garments constantly (95% reach above) the fascia such as ” is attracted buy the home, but its cannot produce the proof that accords with new GB not merely, and ”“7 is piled up to pile up ” like “6 on the means that tags in measures, the “ height of the requirement in following GB apparently / waistline ” tags a method different.
The reporter leafed through a lot of comments, have buy the home to leave a message say, “ tells the truth, true unlike inn-keeper describes in that way, there is bit of disappointment when receiving, charge for the making of sth. is actually valence a few quality, do not be at ease the cotton inside, bubble of the venom that use pass the time in a leisurely way just dare wear to baby. ”
The old brand such as actor garment library also is violated compasses
If say margin of terminal market, street is little,medium of communication of business of inn, cable appears the word that unqualified infant dress is expected issue, so international big shop sign violates regular astounded making a person directly.
In inn of H&M of Xidan exultation city, reporter discovery, a model that sells here is 90/56(height / bust) jacket, without the model of written characters of ” of “ infant things, call B with markers kind.
In new market opening new China inn of door of library of garment of general merchandise actor, the underwear that the reporter discovers to a jacket tags model to be “80/48” also is to be tagged directly for “B” kind, and on label about implementing a standard it is manuscript.
Besides manufacturing company, in large shopkeeper Wo Erma, the reporter discovers cotton-padded clothes of a when its sell female baby, model is tagged is “100/50” , label is tagged is infant things, but be the same as a paragraph different the original “A” on the product label of model kind model of written characters by alter fluid efface, cannot find model of written characters of other social estate again however. As to specific reason, the staff member makes known his position to not be clear about.
The infant dress product that produces a sale to these big card businesses, guo Wensong makes known his position, consider label eligible, also need not mean a product surely eligible. And the label of these big card businesses is unqualified, can concluding by this only is unqualified commodity, as to in the center whether does each harmful material exceed bid, need major to detect ability is witting. But no matter result how, consumer sees such product cannot select.
Ambiguous infant follows big child bounds
The reporter notices, there still is a few more than 2 years old to infantile height grows quickly and cannot not choose the situation of the dress of 100 centimeter above in real life, but the childen's garments of 100 centimeter above presses GB to set executable blame A kind safe index, this makes mom careladen, the child that the harm content content in the product gives whether possibly still is an infant is brought damage.
A few prudent companies did not let off this kind of business chance apparently. The reporter discovers in H&M, the ” of jacket of “ children knitting that a model is 110/56, its tag executive safe technology standard to be B kind, but its say again,suit 2-4 year old the child. The dress that such similar tagging is not little, besides H&M, ZARA also have such tagging.
Since the product alleges,applicable crowd limits included 2 years old - 3 years old of infants between, so do its carry out a standard to be not A kind whether to violate compasses? Whether does the enterprise have the suspicion that gets GB chance?
“ looks from the psychological respect of consumer, such understanding are to have stated reason, but according to GB for, the businessman is tagged so also did not break the law, as a result of the age paragraph it is a businessman additional tagging ” , guo Wensong makes known his position, what GB solves is general issue, always a few special crowds are enclothed very hard, consumer can have in the light of the choice, detect the center also discovers, there are a few companies on the market, its 0-6 year old infant dress carries out A entirely kind standard, also have dress of a few adults even such also. Reporter in Le Youyun childen's garments inn of 3 yuan of bridges discovered yesterday, its include the 0-6 such as underwear, coat, trousers, glove, sock, cap year old the product tags “A really kind the model of written characters of ” of product of infant of ” , “ ; What the outfit of a few pregnant woman that sells inside inn carries out also is A kind standard.
“ enterprise implements the industry standard of prep above GB, this is an enterprise own self-discipline behavior, affirm can enhance ” of market competition ability, guo Wensong also emphasizes at the same time, but company commitment is right originally executable B kind childen's garments of 100 centimeter above carries out A kind standard, and if through detecting its achieved B kind did not achieve A however kind standard, also be to violate so compasses.
   Consumer attitude
Heavy style reads label very less character with material
The reporter investigates discovery, it is childen's garments merchant not merely, it is the new GB that many parents also do not understand infant dress. A bovine lady of two years old of darling tells a reporter, oneself buy the dress to already the net is bought to the child, also choose in large market, supermarket, see pattern mostly good-looking, the material of the dress follows feel character, had never noticed label.
Return some consumer to identify accurate famous brand, in H&M inn, reporter discovery, many parents are taken when buying the clothes to the child look feel pretty good to be bought, when the reporter signals the problem of label, the mother that the spot buys do not understand almost.
“ consumer remains to promote really in the consciousness of dress safety angle. ” controller of baby child company tells one domestic pregnant the reporter, the company moves research and development to show for many times, many mom pay close attention to food safety only, actually the child is wearing inferior dress to be put in huge harm likewise, ten million cannot look down upon item category label, an infant dress if formaldehyde exceeds mark to may bring about child leukaemia to wait.
   Expert view
Harm of unqualified children clothing is great
What safe hidden trouble can so unqualified dress have after all? “ is the mainest still is carcinogen, be like balmy amine dye, the ” such as formaldehyde, guo Wensong makes known his position, PH value also is a main index.
As we have learned, the infection of dress has two source: It is dress raw material in cultivating experience, wait to control plant diseases and insect pests to apply insecticide, chemical fertilizer, herbicide, if these poisonous and harmful material remain to go up in dress, can cause disease of skin allergy, respiratory tract or other and toxic reaction. 2 it is to be in treatment production experience, if a variety of harmful and chemical material such as whitened and the oxidant that apply, activator, fire retardant, fluorescent agent remain to go up in textile, make dress suffers infection once more.
The measure of later period plastics of hand-me-down still can use the chemical material that contains formaldehyde, also can cause infection to dress.
Formaldehyde content is an index with healthy to human body older influence. When clothing fabrics is produced, to achieve anti-creasing, shrinkproof, flame retardant wait for action, or to last wear of printing, colored or to improve handle, can add formaldehyde in auxiliary. Was not handled clean when rudimental formaldehyde, after making clothing, can release gradually in dress experience, with human body sweat fluid is united in wedlock or hydrolysis produces free formaldehyde, produce intense stimulation with the skin to respiratory tract mucous membrane, eye, cause inflammation of giddy, respiratory tract to follow dermatitis disease, austere meeting causes blood disease even cancer.
Because children resistance is weak, formaldehyde is bigger to its health harm.
Be worth about PH unqualified, total bureau of national qualitative check has early remind, this produces stimulation easily to children skin, cause skin disease then. PH value is unqualified advocate if fabrics produces an enterprise to arrange treatment in coloring,material of sex of many soda acid was used in experience, did not adopt again reasonable in with processing technology. If dress PH is worth on the high side or on the low side, balancing machine of cutaneous of body of will direct broken hellion manages, abate skin resists the ability that the bacteria invades, the likelihood causes skin allergy, Sao urticant, red wait for reaction, cause excitant dermatitis, osculatory sex dermatitis to wait even, healthy to children harm is greater.
   Small stick person
The expert is raised enrol how to choose dress
To the infant the dress of such special crowd, the parent this how conclude and to how conclude and select safer product carefully?
“ is about to see the tag label ” of dress above all, guo Wensong makes known his position, consumer should is opposite mandatory GB has certain knowledge, if the tagging of tag shoulds not standard, so preliminary decide cannot choose and buy.
Next, want special attention the special odour that give out comes loose in goods of a few spin, if mildew flavour, benzine follows kerosene flavour, fishlike smell to wait, special it is new open pack those, this shows the chemical drug that there is excess on textile remains.
Other, everybody is redemptive new clothes, special it is direct contact skin, without giving thought to price discretion, after this is washed first, should wear, undertake below sunshine air is basked in again, assume PH is worth the word that exceeds bid, clean the meeting is very helpful.
“ if consumer generates suspicion to the quality of infant dress, also can ask businessman or the relevant report that the enterprise produces product qualification is done preliminary decide ” , guo Wensong makes known his position, also can increase the reliability to the product so.
   Relevant data
Unqualified dress again and again exposure
(Arrange according to publishing an information)
The reporter arranges media to report discovery, childen's garments sampling observation is unqualified in recent years common occurance.
In May 2013, the country pledges check total bureau publishs the children clothing that includes 14 kinds of famous brands such as H&M, Ba Budou, the project such as value of formaldehyde, PH checks not pass a barrier.
On May 30, 2013, jilin saves industrial and commercial bureau to report state of sampling observation of 2 quarters childen's garments showed 2013, percent of pass is only 32.5% , unqualified reason has formaldehyde to exceed value of mark, PH to exceed part of mark, fiber unqualified, lubricious prison is spent unqualified.
In July 2013, zhejiang saves industrial and commercial bureau to detect the 38 batch childen's garments of 23 market fixed position is higher domestic and international well-known trademarks shows, fraction defective is as high as 26.3% . SNOOPY(history exert is compared) , the PH value of ArmaniJunior product is unqualified, the product lubricious prison of 4 brands such as good child, H&M spends existence question.
In July 2013, industrial and commercial bureau reports Beijing 5 childen's garments are given by check off quality.
August 2013, bureau of Zhejiang province qualitative inspect is supervised to quality selective examination unqualified and check unqualified product undertook announcement, 12 childen's garments produce Wen Zhou a list of names posted up on the enterprise, nominal the check of Coccobirillo knitting underwear that Beijing blessing loves limited company of things of Bei Ying child to produce gives formaldehyde to exceed bid.
November 2013, industrial and commercial bureau publishs Guizhou Province newest sampling observation of clothing of current link children shows, 4 but close,become children clothing quality.
Media reported in September 2014: Industrial and commercial bureau expresses Zhejiang lukewarm state percent of pass of childen's garments sampling observation is 60% , unqualified project exceeds mark ” to wait in “ dissociate formaldehyde centrally.
In August 2014, the country pledges check total bureau is published, the current year is installed into profess to convinced first half of the year unqualified 12305, in the center baby child dress is unqualified 1442, the scale with PH unqualified value slants significantly big. In the brand of dress of before 5 entrances with unqualified most batch, FOREVER21, ZARA, H&M follows MANGO4 fast fashionable brand marchs entirely.