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The abstruse beauty method that transition of cotton spinning course of study upgrades

Published on:2014/10/23 15:17:45

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Introduction:Cotton spinning industry is sufferring before the situation with come the most difficult 3 quarters 20 years, profit of industry of complete province ...

Cotton spinning industry is encountering the situation with come the most difficult 20 years

Before 3 quarters, profit of industry of complete province cotton spinning drops compared to the same period 14% above. Since 2008, complete province cotton cultivates an area to reduce 2.7 million mus, 1/3 of cotton field shrink. And the corresponding period, limited company of things of beautiful medical treatment of branch Jiang Ao completes outlet 171 million dollar, grow 8.6% . Does the method that transition of cotton spinning course of study upgrades where? The reporter walked into abstruse beauty company to have seek by inquiry recently.

Cotton spinning industry thes land is swarmed with famished refugees, and why does abstruse beauty go against situation act vigorously to enter?

"We make foreign trade make one's fortune from Shenzhen, the product is purchased in home, sell toward the international market. " Cui Jinhai explains, 1997, shenzhen Ao Meijin is entered industrial, buy plant of underwear of branch river city, change the line of production exit uses complete cotton medical textile.

Big market needs outside, wave industrial chain. River of branch of abstruse beauty take root, invest construction to take off early or late float, spinning, weaving, medical product of dressing, terminal disinfects production line, make whole industry chain, additional cost continues to rise. Current, branch river Ao Meicheng is home medical enterprise of textile exit bibcock, year exit forehead exceeds 280 million dollar.

Comment on: Needing outside is spin industry take off " engine " , but of low additional cost " popular goods of dependable quality " find out a road hard already. The market needs to be drawing beyond, perfect industrial chain, industry of medical treatment spin uses terminal product the dominant position with additional high cost, digest pressure of cost of industrial catenary front effectively.

Technical innovation, industrial robot leads contemporary make

Had seen spinning labour rides a bicycle in the workshop?

In workshop of abstruse beauty spin, 3 spinning labour is riding a bike, perambulatory 34 Germany import air current spinning machine. "A person provides 12 machines, time it is 1 kilometer, by bicycle ability is businesslike. " spinning industry says.

12 air current are spun, add up to ingot of annulus of 50 thousand ingot to spin about, a person is in charge of well?

Recipe is industrial robot. See every spinning machine go up only, two robots patrol back and forth, encounter a line spin annulus stop wiring, 5 seconds, thrum has been received. Spin round of yarn to tangle full hind, the robot pushs his automatically fall, send through conveyer belt appoint the position.

Because equipment upgrades, production line of abstruse beauty spinning decreased with n 13.5% , 10 thousand ingot are measured with labour far the industry under 65 people is average level. "Textile mills produces per month 1400 tons of gauze, be equivalent to 200 thousand ingot, add administrator gross 120 much people. " Cui Jinhai says, coequal produce can traditional spinning production line, it is factories of 1000 National People's Congress at least.

More than spinning, abstruse beauty production line still is transformed in the round upgrade. Take off bleach production line to be full automatic computer control, energy-saving section water; Manual fold gauze piece, upgrade the fold production line that is automation; Build ETO sterilization workshop, asepsis product is more competitive. In recent years, abstruse beauty invests technical reformation capital 1 billion multivariate, labor cost drops 75% above, product class continues to climb with additional cost litre.

Comment on: "1000 people gauze, cloth of 10 thousand people " , the labor that cotton spinning course of study is a model is concentrated model industry. Should rise to cost pressure, cotton spinning course of study must strengthen technical innovation to follow promotion, in promotion labor productivity, reduce cost to go up, achieve significant breakthrough.

Accrual is shared, industrial group from gather together march toward assemble

"Rely on abstruse beauty, develop the Supreme Being yuan; Much weaving, weave good cloth. " Yichang emperor yuan medical on the new factory building of data company, catchphrase is conspicuous all the more.

"Gauze is supplied by abstruse beauty, cloth reclaims by abstruse beauty, we are the supplied materials processing factories of abstruse beauty. " the Supreme Being yuan Wang Yuping of company general manager says, "More important is, 50 million yuan when replace facility, completely abstruse beauty borrows us. Completely abstruse beauty borrows us..

These 50 million yuan, it is abstruse beauty " borrow forcedly " to the Supreme Being yuan.

A month of abstruse beauty makes an appointment with 3000 tons with cloth, but in branch river, include the Supreme Being yuan in all 3 suppliers, alone is produced 500 tons can. "What they use still is ' 15 ' during those who finalize the design 1511 have tatting opportunity. " Cui Jinhai says, to purchase raw material cloth, run new continent, take assist this world, issue Nantong, farthermost run to Qingdao.

Replace facility to invite these 3 vendors, cui Jinhai is taking them to attend Shanghai to spin rich to meet, the advanced company of visiting Jiangsu, Shandong. Of the shock, 3 bosses placed real difficult problem: Investment is large, risk is high, do not have money to do.

Then, abstruse beauty loan 150 million yuan, for 3 suppliers " shotgun changes prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun " . "Can weave 1.27 meters wide cloth only before this, changed air-jet loom at present, can weave 2.15 meters wide cloth, rotate speed from 180 turn mentioned 600 turn. " Wang Yuping says happily, not merely weaving quality rises significantly, and crop promoted 4 times, the worker decreased however 13% .

Abstruse beauty still takes the lead established weaving management committee, 3 supplier ginseng follow in the center, the item such as collective and decision-making production, price, quality, harmonious production is managed.

"The interest is shared, danger is carried in all, hold a group in the arms to manage, assemble develops. " the group of industry of medical treatment spin that a home takes the lead in, rising abruptly in branch river.

Comment on: Industrial group is not simple enterprise gather together. It is a key with abstruse beauty, mode of win-win of cooperation of company of dug of group of industry of spin of branch river medical treatment, formed relatively stable cartel body, utmost produces intensive effect, hold a group in the arms to answer industrial cold winter.

Keyword:Cotton spinning, spinning, comment on, weaving, the market, spin industry, spinning machine, textile, yarn, weaving

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