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The fast fashionable tycoon such as H&M, TOPSHOP weighs gold to encircle the inn that take a network

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:10

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Introduction:A few years ago, the quick style big shop sign such as library of garment of ZARA, H&M, actor gathers together quicken market of layout our country, l...

A few years ago, the quick style big shop sign such as library of garment of ZARA, H&M, actor gathers together quicken market of layout our country, let industry of our country garment suffer “ wolf came the concussion of ” . After several years now, these quick style began collective to make another thing again: Quicken market of layout cable business.
Before a month, march the electric business platform that H&M head of 7 years spent our country to move all product category his; Outflank of the line on the official flagship store that TOPSHOP of fast fashionable brand is in the England that did not set hypostatic shop in our country to still taste a net marchs our country market; And be in this month 13 days, the ZARA that has opened the store on him net opened official flagship store in day cat again. Fast fashionable tycoon is all-time to the heat of electric business warm up.
Review instantly a few big fast fashionable tycoons, its are in our country way of electric trade route is very similar: The shop on the network that opens oneself, wait for platform into the cat that be stationed in a day next, price of similarly hereinafter of the line on the line. “ they march electric business won't resemble in those days hypostatic inn marchs our country market changes clothing in that way retail mode. ” in analyst of Yi Guanguo border Zhuo Saijun looks, because want to have all regarding as,the sense that fast fashionable tycoon makes electric business give industry is, but for instantly, had not seen too much innovation.
Electric business proportion is still small
“ to H&M, this is us a of strategy of much channel sale important milestone. ”H&M big China and Magnus Olsson of general manager of southeast Asia division are such look upon H&M this second open electric business platform. Look in Magnus Olsson, the consumer of our country can pass computer of computer, smartphone, flat on-the-job He De is square, round-the-clock 24 hours of newest the latest fashion that buy H&M at any time follow household product.
The door inn that is in our country at H&M relatively has exceeded 200, TOPSHOP instantly did not open door store in home, so this second march to still taste a net to open flagship store, be considered as a curve to march by industry our country market. This oneself the definition is light excessive of vogue of “ whole world of ” of the first station still taste a net also really very to force, its are in the how-to hurdle with government-owned net the most significant home page, hit TOPSHOP flagship store technically.
Although each are being accelerated,break Qian Jin to join a network, but those who deserve attention is, electric business sells dish in the whole of this a few big fast fashionable tycoons medium or still occupy than very small. Intervene the actor garment library of electric business platform begins to be in from 2009 earlier naughty flagship store is opened on treasure. Fast sells group whole world the current year of Pan Ning of CEO of area of big China of library of garment of senior executive vice president, actor ever disclosed to media March, the sale on the line occupies whole of our country of actor garment library to sell about 6% the left and right sides, but this one scale adds hopeful in the future to 20%-30% .
2013 money year (cut is consummate a year on August 31) , turnover of area of big China of actor garment library makes an appointment with 7.6 billion yuan. Guard with this number beforehand appraise, its cable business year sale exceeds 456 million yuan, if cast aside,go up one year except its double 11 during cross the sale of 100 million, in fact, electric business is sold in our country of actor garment library occupy mediumly than not tall. Give according to watching international easily south the data that the reporter gives, dress domain B2C(did not contain the) that clean out treasure 2013, total sale of on one year is two hundred and fifty-eight billion one hundred and ninety million yuan.
To fast fashionable tycoon this is planted ” of huge “ touch net is actuation, zhuo Saijun thinks, this is its saw it is good that market of domestic cable business grows momentum, and industry of inn of the substance below the line is sufferred generally produce can superfluous impact, but instantly did not visit the place that has too much innovation, also did not see overall to its business has electric business special great help.
Fill 34 lines market is vacant
In view of early days many dress brands undertake going through electric business inventory, this let the electric business of garment industry still do not cast off the consumptive impression of “ low ” . Although be on the electric business platform of a few big fast fashionable tycoons,all set special offer area, discount of special offer product from 5 fold 8 fold differ, but its happen to coincide,holding to a bottom line: With entity inn is the same as valence on the line.
The sale on the line is having more distinct cost advantage, but fast fashionable tycoon implements the strategy that is price of similarly hereinafter of the line on the line however, this means its not to hope on-line oversell pounds hypostatic store. Look in Zhuo Saijun, although be price of similarly hereinafter of the line on the line, how does but be put in hypostatic inn,mechanism of two groups interior cooperate with with electric business, the difficult problem that how makes respective value the biggest change.
And retail expert king builds garment industry elder 4 think, this kind runs mode to be equal to fast fashionable tycoon is to be besides hypostatic inn only to the fixed position of electric business, much the consumptive demand that an inn will come to satisfy customer. One angle of “ serves store of substance of ability be not a patch on without advantage, another angle on the price, fast fashionable tycoon shows level to be in the development space of electric business domain beforehand estimate won't be very large. ”
Can the space that so quick style does electric business have after all how old? No matter “ is H&M, ZARA or actor garment library, its are in of inn of substance of city of a gleam of enclothing is enough, but be in,the layout of 34 lines city still is done not have very perfect, business of the cable that send force can help his had done the product of these 34 lines markets to enclothe. ” Zhuo Saijun thinks.
This maybe jab became medium the abacus of fast fashionable tycoon. H&M angle Xiang Na the reporter makes known his position, the row is like our stylist money, be aimed at the door inn sale that city of a gleam of appoints only, at present synchronous also put on sale means net inn the consumer of 23 lines city also can be bought through network channel; And household articles for use also is sell in partial door inn only, but can buy on net inn at present get, this is shopping experience of the person that offset is expended rise. “ more consumer hopes to shop through the network, the network offerred the important channel of a product that lets consumer buy H&M, it is complementary that hypostatic inn follows the shop on the net the channel that fill. ”H&M angle makes known his position.
Drainage falls for the line on the line
In fact, hypostatic inn still is the key of fast fashionable tycoon, even if the platform on the line also is issueing drainage for the line. On the APP of actor garment library, the reporter sees its gave behind the position of storefront is how-to, 2 dimension pile up the coupon that the APP on its line offers is special design, can apply in scanning of the ability inside hypostatic inn only, finish on-line to arrive thereby inn drainage. And MANGO is on platform of business of cable of its whole world, set a dress to search a function, should input number to be in an area with consumer only can search is in urban door inn whether have stock to its. MANGO also tries to direct discharge hypostatic inn. After next sheet on consumer net, can arrive appoint hypostatic inn engaging the load to avoid freight.
Accuse discharge whereaboutldirection
Wait for the platform that having great flow into the cat that be stationed in a day above all with other clothing brand different, fast fashionable tycoon intervenes the method of electric business is polarity, they are willing to build the store on their net first more. End ZARA opened net inn to march formally 2012 electric business domain, till its just enter the cat that be stationed in a day this month; And H&M is south the response the reporter is concerned when whether can developing the channel on increasing line, the centre of gravity of instantly of condition of its discretion the earth's surface is the consumptive experience that makes the shop on good net first, have no a plan to enter temporarily be stationed in other platform.
If “ enters the cat that be stationed in a day first, discharge accepts day cat restriction with the entrance, who all brands can encounter discharge is, who controlled an user the difficult problem that who dominated brand business. What ” starts from own report business to ” of touch net of “ of fast fashionable tycoon is careful, zhuo Saijun thinks fast fashionable tycoon is having flow the consideration of attributive authority. But Zhuo Saijun points out at the same time, if do own report business, the brand that relies on oneself inducts discharge with the product, also have very great difficulty.
Photograph of domain of business of the cable in serving as quick fashionable a group of people of same interest is compared early early rise actor garment library, its balance a dot in look for it seems that. South reporter discovery, below its official net sheet is ordered, need logs onto the ID that cleans out treasure, it is common that this means the government-owned net of actor garment library to follow store of day cat flagship of the technical tiring-room that cleans out treasure. And the APP that actors or actress garment library also has him, but order on APP, its page can turn automatically jump to day cat, this means the discharge of APP is oriented day cat.