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District of visit of week of fashionable dress of our country international is commercialized

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:09

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Introduction:The current year of week of fashionable dress of our country international follows stylist the butt joint that buy a hand first, roll out DHUB platfor...

The current year of week of fashionable dress of our country international follows stylist the butt joint that buy a hand first, roll out DHUB platform to try commercial be born, this one international is famous fashionable dress week is already mature run mode to begin to carry out in home eventually.
When the fashionable dress week of our country also can resemble international appearance of Zhou Na of 4 big fashionable dress, show top fashionable design not merely, can you still satisfy the tiring-room that buys the home to order goods demand? The week of fashionable dress of our country international that kicked off on October 25, will begin to try —— of commercial be born to buy mobile phone compose to will go out with the commercial channels such as bazaar first at present “DHUB design collects ” platform, drive stylist to follow the butt joint of the market.
Begin commercial be born
Invite stylist of butt joint of the orgnaization that buy a hand
Was about to reach the 2015 Chun Xia our country that hold in Beijing D·PARK during November 2 on October 25 week of international fashionable dress has had 14 years of histories. The week of fashionable dress of our country international that as stylist of our country dress association sponsors, it is the object that the industry pays close attention to with media all the time, it regards the mainstream of industry of garment of an our country as arena, fostered large quantities of outstanding stylist. But, with international week of 4 big fashionable dress pays attention to the operation means of commercial be born to compare, the functional instantly of week of fashionable dress of our country international is increasing depend on revealing with agonistic choose.
However the current year, week of fashionable dress of our country international is in first the corresponding period of fashionable dress week rolls out DHUB design to collect platform, try commercial be born.
When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, statistic of organizing committee of fashionable dress week, design of DHUB of the current year is collected will 76 stylist follow with ginseng of designing institute school in the center, in the center abroad (contain our country Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) stylist 23, domestic stylist 53. In the meantime, DHUB introduced 36 orgnaizations that buy a hand, include You Lun of Lian Kafo, I.T, UCCA Si Yi art tastes a gleam of such as the shop to buy hand gather store. In addition, include harbor of bank of store of trade of new smooth scope of operation, nation, cheek the orgnaization of Zhuo Zhan of shopping centers, Beijing, 57 commercial channels that should wait inside when the net also appears on coefficient.
Zhang Yan of controller of DHUB of organizing committee of week of fashionable dress of our country international makes known his position, DHUB aims to finish stylist to follow market butt joint, angle of downstream on catenary of get through industry link does beneficial dug to follow an attempt.
Notable is, the commercial be born of DHUB place character, besides letting stylist take force market, also mentioned serve for company of traditional home clothing. Benciken decides DHUB to invest limited company to cooperate with IBIC international brand, design the foreign a gleam of of IBIC control Great Master resource to show company of our country clothing, output its to design a service, do individuation to develop plan for domestic clothing company.
Capital is vacant wait for broken
Stylist does poineering work to compare financial group hard to run
Instantly, no matter be the week of London fashionable dress that has a pioneer to follow innovation consciousness extremely, still develop business to the week of new York fashionable dress of acme, week of 4 big fashionable dress does not have international one exception has capital to intervene.
Actor or actress brand of his international vogue invests company president Yang Dajun to tell a reporter, in mature fashionable market, one angle, fashionable industry tycoon will be initiative week of intervening fashionable dress, disentomb actively newly emerging force; Another angle, financial group can use capital to till make its design development to be the brand that market prise must not estimate,run stylist of a new personality with fund company.
The reporter obtains an information, with exemple of Zhou Wei of London fashionable dress, lu Yiwei publishs a group (LVHM) annual metropolis denounce is gigantic endowment week of assistance London fashionable dress, disentomb at meantime stylist of new fighting spirit, for the group layout makes reserve in the future. Place of Topshop of well-known fast fashionable trademark belongs to England group Arcadia is sponsorred for a long time prop up technically the orgnaization Fashion East of young stylist, every season can aid financially new personality stylist. And the precedent that financial group invests stylist directly with fund company is to be able to be found everywhere more. If the row already published the Jimmy Choo that IPO plans recently, be taken a fancy to the earliest by financial group of parent company Joh.A.Benckiser Holdings namely, use capital to run then, do beautiful, medium promotion, employ a group this word of Jimmy Choo of each resource general made market prise from stylist name of 700 million pound extravagant brand.
Yang Dajun says frankly, this property with guild of —— of organizer of fashionable dress week is relative also. Fashionable dress week of abroad is in those who establish beginning to face the market to hold water for fashionable dress industry namely, it is to commercialize operation completely; Week of domestic fashionable dress is by guild the organization is initiated, having the official color of dense. To this, zhang Yan makes known his position, as the first time practice, DHUB first from introduce buy hand, commercial channels to design service proceed with with grafting. DHUB will be in in the future fulfil angle of commercial be born to do maintain hard, pursue the pattern that brands of a variety of the stylist that finish commercialize.
The analysis thinks, before ten years, industry of spin of our country dress in the ascendant level, resource deficient, view is narrower, guild is in give aid to it is enterprise, important to introduced international resource angle to rise prop up. Arrive at present, development of estate of our country garment is relatively mature, domestic stylist level can be rivalled with international person of the same trade, the fashionable dress week of our country also arrived really when need changes.
Instantly, week of domestic fashionable dress returns neither one to be able to introduce capital intervene directly, but the butt joint that this follows the market to finishing stylist is crucial. Yang Dajun says: The dress bloc with a solid actual strength invests “ directly or buy, a fashionable fund holds a knife to be in charge of the market running directly, the force that depends on oneself with stylist exhibits the dress passivity that gives his to await market opportunity to compare, here difference can be almost the same not only between. ”
Expect industrial fund
5 minutes publish beautiful denounce endowment 100 thousand
Chen Jing of stylist of independent brand Fiona Chen Wang Yicong of stylist of static, Land all makes known his position, they can follow market butt joint to fashionable dress week very expect, new brand, independent stylist people what need most is capital support. Build from dance beauty, to ask model, makeup girl, make cost follow public relations cost to dress again, one is published show coming down to cost is common occurrence 100 thousand yuan, this needs the independent stylist brand that give aid to to returning, it is one disaster after another undoubtedly. Involve the operation cost that faces the market in the round again, pressure cans be imagined.
“ and should finish a brand to change manage, need profession handler makes market strategy, this also needs industry capital to give professional, stylist is good at doing originality and not be to make the market after all. ” Yang Dajun thinks, fashionable industry of home had grown Lv of take an examination to establish fashionable industry to develop the level of fund, and should commercialize run, by investment group or fund company are initiated.
It is actually between the cycle of 2014 fashionable dress of Chun Xia Shanghai on one year October, organizing committee of week of Shanghai fashionable dress already combined foundation of answer star commonweal to sponsor ” of large award of vogue of Xin Rui stylist of our country of · of commonweal of “ answer star, stylist of assistance bear the palm does beautiful. The personage inside course of study thinks, should accomplish truly with market butt joint, it is difficult also to sponsor beautiful field only make good, but this still is a good beginning.
Before a month, should hold news to publish when the net when can announcing to will enter dress field, with stylist of our country dress association reachs the strategy to cooperate, dug is numerous the move that counters integrated capital also is a when capital intervenes beneficial attempt.
No matter capital with why be being planted means infuse, fashionable dress week is the start that capital intervenes, not be terminal absolutely. All finish commercial be born by the platform of fashionable dress week, commercialize operation, capital professionally to run need to follow companion of photograph of stylist all along.