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Does Yamaxun open hypostatic inn what to development trend show fully?

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:08

Keyword:Mobile phone, samSung
Introduction:Recently, occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, yamaxun is planning online shopkeeper to set the first hypostatic retailing shop, this...

Recently, occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, yamaxun is planning online shopkeeper to set the first hypostatic retailing shop, this hypostatic retailing shop will be opened in new York Manhadu 34 streets, will shop in American holiday begin to do business in season.
This is the news of an amazed making a person, yamaxun, the global celebrity of electronic business affairs, falling from the line when the whole world turn to on-line moment, why can it turn to the line to fall from the line? What is the driving force of backside, the what change of retail industry to reflect again? One shark listed a few possible reasons, and one by one undertakes an analysis.
Yamaxun sheds hypostatic store fortified point as content. This is most the explanation of follow a rational line to do some work well, because Yamaxun just rolled out the deliver goods that be the same as day to serve in the near future, because this kind of service is very tall to requirement of effectiveness for a given period of time, set hypostatic shop can of short duration puts what client to buy the goods with tall frequency, and need not send often from storeroom deserve to send a station. Come from this meaning say, hypostatic inn of Yamaxun is similar to change trains storehouse the action of convenience perhaps storehouse.
In addition, inn still can serve as this substance of Yamaxun to raise a point oneself, the user can choose to be carried oneself when shop, arrive next this substance him inn engaging the load.
If shed foothold to do not have as content,the question with this current and only reason is necessary set in so flourishing downtown, this place is located in Manhadu, follow adjacent of photograph of general merchandise of Caesarean edifice, Mei Xi allegedly, put storehouse to perhaps be expended from the Dou Tailang that raise a point as of short duration, because cost is too high really. But, although electronic commerce industry flaunts him line to go up, Internet, but content shedding is dye-in-the-wood line actually partly below. If be the word that spreads hypostatic inn foothold as content, the development tendercy that divulge is the diversification that content shedding covers a form, it is customer demand (rapidder deliver goods rate) change.
According to report of dispatches from foreign news agency, yamaxun besides sell goods besides, also maintain a service in sortie. For example you bought mobile phone of a SamSung, some weather is bad, you can refer demand for service in Yamaxun directly, yamaxun's express member can take in your home, the express after fostering cordial relations between states next comes. In other words, yamaxun also wants to make the money of maintenance, because this service is,make money. Open a hypostatic inn to serve as the foothold of the service, also be necessary, can accept the application of goods of client exchange a purchase, can let a client take his to maintain good facility oneself, the maintenance that still can popularize oneself serves.
If be the word that regards a service as foothold hypostatic inn, the development tendercy that divulge is the dilate that Yamaxun manages border, it is electric business from objective the dilate to the service.
This is most one of live matters of the letter, although Yamaxun is in the United States widely known, but be not can let every American be convinced follow accept. The technology of because American is right new advance guard still is photograph comparing is conservative, the hypostatic store that adds the United States is retail very develop, convenience inn, big supermarket very develop, mode of pure on-line operation can encounter Yamaxun bottleneck. Open a hypostatic store in downtown at that time, let people go too transient to be able to see, it is the fascia that a best brand popularizes, can promote Yamaxun the promotion of the brand, stimulative public to Yamaxun this is planted electric business of lifestyle approbate.
In addition, yamaxun also is a terrace that sells people goods only not merely, it also has its product. For example Yamaxun's Kindle, still bought manufacturer of machine top box to wait recently, the imply that has resembled an apple a bit. Compare an apple the sort of lofty the experience inn that go up, yamaxun beforehand appraise also wants to try experience type sale.
If be the foothold that regards a brand as experience of promotion, client hypostatic inn, the development tendercy that divulge is electric business in these year bottleneck was encountered on the foundation that replaces hypostatic store, need is badly in need of strengthening brand promotion, client to experience on outspread foundation further.
The last reason, that is Yamaxun want set up shop to sell a thing really, this substance inn will have local area user to buy the goods with highest frequency, can let an user be bought into the door not merely, still can let an user issue sheet on the net, next the express of hypostatic inn permanent member deliver goods comes, can achieve the rapiddest deliver goods rate.
More important is, big data function of Yamaxun, the hypostatic store that can let its leave follows common hypostatic inn different. For example, yamaxun can analyse Manhadushi the user of a few kilometers buys body shop periphery behavior habit, mining gives an user to buy the commodity list with top frequency, these ware are displayed with respect to the setting in inn, the line that has specific aim in order to accomplish leaves a sale.
Should be the most typical O2O pattern, although electric business is good, but still want be born. Say repeatedly like me, internet should follow actual confluence, the mouse adds cement just most have competition ability. Although electric business of Yamaxun is very fierce, but many moment are the limitation on the line only,compare big, must want the line that combines below the line on the line.
The tendercy of electric business development in the future is “ big data + fast content flows + O2O experiences ” , yamaxun steps the first pace of hypostatic inn, also be the development that considers dug O2O. Follow hypostatic inn in electric business actually besides condition of two kinds of industry, have state of a kind of course of study that has an outlook more, that is O2O. Fall with the line on the line, electric business follows hypostatic inn, also not be contrary, cooperate however, because O2O assembled the advantage of condition of two kinds of industry, can bring user experience better.
Yamaxun opens hypostatic store, to electric business of home, especially for the electric business of B2C, have caution sense extremely. Ma Yun follows Liu Jiang east people pace should be quickened on O2O.