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The enterprise needs what kind of gregarious media

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:07

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Introduction:Because it is new,we pay close attention to new media is not, new media is the most essential base manage and do not have how much new content. After ...

Because it is new,we pay close attention to new media is not, new media is the most essential base manage and do not have how much new content. After all what is media? Media resembles system of one bushing road namely exactly like, have pipe, have inside going from place to place liquid, pipe is agency, no matter be TV, small gain, small letter, the benzine that flows inside, natural gas is the content that we say, many people say content is king, the author thinks, this one word is not complete and right, content is really serious, but content is not only is important.   
In the relevant course that runs an institute, the one most content of study is the description follows the action that forecasts a person about how substantially, no less than learns finance to be about to understand the investment that how goes forecasting a person is decision-making, when to buy, when to sell, if be to make sale, should consider consumer when to buy a certain brand, how much to buy, when agency depreciates.
The action that wants to forecast everybody truly actually very difficult, but have a few,big development trend is very good however those who forecast, before if forecast people to sleep everyday,be being listed, follow what business should be done after getting up, relatively easy, most person can look a mobile phone possibly before sleep, the habit encircles midpoint assist in the friend.
Without doubt, enough help of gregarious intermediary physical ability forecasts individual action, other an angle, the enterprise pays close attention to gregarious media, just do not pay close attention to the dot assist of people simply, however gregarious media is right the enterprise, having special sense. No matter be economic sale cost, still improve brand image, the tool effect that how produces gregarious media is worth an enterprise to consider deliberate.
Why does the enterprise need gregarious media
Why does an enterprise need gregarious media? Every enterprise has countless problems to need to solve, these problems had been when doing not have gregarious media, gregarious media just gave new tool. So does the enterprise do gregarious media to want to plan what to problem solve? If a few enterprises want to listen attentively to the client's sound through rolling out gregarious media,list, client of total before this hope calls actively complain, at present need not, the enterprise can listen attentively to the sound that the user keeps in small gain, small letter. In addition, a few enterprises need to offer better client the service, the client has malcontent place can direct and online complain. Other can sell more and more products through gregarious media, still can from the opinion that product innovation obtains over there the client.
It is in the view with a lot of the simplest enterprises, gregarious media still is media, and media should throw advertising namely. This is wrong think of a way actually, advertising in gregarious media is not beautiful money.
About a hundred years ago, a John of not famous department store boss has England a word is very famous: “ the money that I spend on advertisement, the half is wasted, the problem is me understanding what be dropped by waste is which half. Is this fact that he describes ” in is today to exist to still disappear? The problem still is, the enterprise made ad in media, but not clear advertisement is seen by who or heard however, the company does not understand consumer is bought, and just feeling is useful. Although the proprietor of an enterprise understands the likelihood has the advertisement cost of the half,was wasted however, whether can you still advertise ceaselessly? Meet of course. Why be able to avoid such waste? Pass gregarious media, can advertise freely not merely, people still can travel an enterprise to want the content of transmission of one's own accord, this achieved advertising result likewise, but whether can be this kind of idea of the enterprise finished?
All sale are communicated, no matter be advertisement or public relations, have the cost of two parts. The first it is media cost, make TV ad, want to buy ad period of time, make magazine ad, be about to buy space of a whole page, this is money wanting a flower; The 2nd part is to control cost, bought TV ad period of time, what video should put? The enterprise wants the try every means that employ a person to make video, if the row asks celebrity acting character, send the video of 30 seconds, this also should spend many money, especially the video of high quality. If the enterprise wants to pass gregarious media save money, is cost of this two parts can by managing come down?
Do not think beautiful money buys media ad, no matter be magazine, newspaper, TV, how does ability accomplish this? The research of a professor of the business school discovers Warton, if the enterprise hopes people travels your content freely through gregarious media really, the principle is the following two, the first, scarcely should talk about your product, do not want the product you to regard you as the key of content; The 2nd, should say people consideration talks with what be interested endowment, as window, why to do so? Have the aid of is interested talk endowment, people goes out the product information transmission related you, you want to eliminate media cost, the mainest task creates a people to be willing to talk about the condition of company product to follow good luck namely, and the character that showing a product at rack one's brains is so called perhaps sell a site.
The method of managing media cost
Go out from what case of very much classical sale can look, if the proprietor of an enterprise wants to omit agency cost, with respect to the thing that must talk about people to be interested, because talk about the thing that people is interested, should transmit ability to be able to act well in social limits, and if once talk about your product, the free transmission of consumer won't happen, this has become economic law approximately.
How to decrease as far as possible control cost? Can decrease ask celebrity to do Dai Yan. Dress brand actors or actress garment library did an activity, do not look for model to take ad, roll out a community however, the dress that library of garment of user dress actor is in this community undertakes mixing building, mix oneself next the effect picture that take uploads through mobile phone application, what other person can follow is interactive, a few otherer if the person is not willing to bask in his clad effect, can see the clad effect of others.
In the network community that builds in actor garment library, the user has worn a dress, place 3 movement through mobile phone application next, send 3 pieces of pictures, after uploading community, others can leave a message to you, also can nod assist, have fun at still can pass types of facial makeup in operas, push share gregarious network especially. It is an unit with each city, weekly root is chosen according to the quantity that nod assist when the champion of week, through the permission of champion, the picture of champion goes out to actor or actress everybody lets watch inside the hypostatic inn of garment library at present even. If you are a person that is not willing to share clad experience, you are conceivable others dresses experience can be searched only, if you are male,be being listed still is female, the age how, instantly lives where, you show loving care for which kind dress, include professional feature you can search, what such your ferret come is to follow your clad and similar crowd, these people are showing the clothes, all dresses have the opportunity that is revealed inside actor garment library, it is a few that when wear on model body no longer. And in this one case, these people are not celebrity, the user can be found very easily from inside network community follow the person with its body the most similar feature, their clad experience just is worth to imitate.
The ginseng of Everyman follows, help actor garment library not merely managing cost, and these civilian model did special and serious work, they created more and more value for each product, if same a shirt, did not pass such revealing, the likelihood is worth 100 yuan only among them in the memory of people, if the user discovers the temperamental feature of a certain person and him,can be very picture, he wears this dress very good-looking, and still get hundreds of support, this dress is then likely be worth 120 yuan in user memory, that is to say the value of a dress is no longer will create by manufacturer, these clients help company product create higher value, these people do not close not merely replace character cost, return a help to create more and more value, this calls evaluate the joint creation of the value actually, have a such mechanism. Because these each enterprise wants the business that do, let people feel this product has among them desperately namely as far as possible much value, and value is not to break away from specific attribute certainly.
Generally speaking, a product owns two kinds of property, the first perpendicular attribute, the 2nd it is horizontal attribute. What is perpendicular attribute? The thing with good more is perpendicular attribute. If the row buys a computer, computer CPU has been jumped over more quickly, the memory of computer has been jumped over greatly more, below other and changeless premise, if give a client to watch two computer at the same time, a computer CPU is slow, memory is small, b computer CPU is fast, memory big, does A follow B which product is more welcome? In other condition changeless state falls, whole world person can say B is better than A, this is perpendicular attribute. Other attribute of a kind of level, if the row drinks soda water, attribute is to contain pol, it is to contain sugar here much, it is to contain sugar here little, attribute the 2 content that are carbon dioxide, bleb is much, bleb is little. Have two bottles of soda water, a follows B, a soda water is sweet but do not have what steam, not very of B soda water is sweet, but steam is not little, two products which more welcome? The everybody on this world does not have unanimous answer, somebody loves A, somebody loves B, steam is too much may choke the dead, too sweet also meet sweet the dead. So after all which photograph is compared welcome, best answer is, not certain, see individual be fond of. Horizontal attribute does not have absolutely stand or fall, just have the choice that suits oneself more.
“ drive allows the figure transmission of ”
In recent years, “ is soft between the country of actual strength ” than going all out more and more turn white-hot, more countries are good at using gregarious media to improve native image.
Our country once was cost gigantic endowment national figure is broadcasted to publicize on big screen of American CNN and square of new York times piece, conduct propaganda piece in the delegate person that has our country all trades and professions. Whether does this one advertisement have a change to the view of our country to American? The investigation of a common feelings of people later shows, a person that before broadcasting, the United States has 41% is publicized to hold negative impressions to our country in this, publicize in this piece later rise to 51% , why to meet such? Publicizing piece in, the face of some people is too solemn, in addition also appeared the figure of astronaut, let American feel strain instead.
The example of another model is Japan.
Japan sufferred seismic sea wave 2011, after this 1 year, the tourism income of Japanese whole nation drops 36% , special hope reassemble goes to Japanese government the tourist of world each district, let people travel to Japan, but the actual state after people sees Japanese disaster through Internet, inadequate security, another ins disorder, to this, japanese government tries to improve image through gregarious media, attract a tourist to go to day of travel afresh.
Japanese sightseeing branch thinks, should this lets a tourist become travel ambassador. For this, japanese sightseeing branch developed a mobile phone application, after having this application, every tourist pats a picture to upload gregarious website through the mobile phone, this application can give free Wifi, after uploading a picture, this application still can monitor a picture to harvest how many assist on the gregarious website such as types of facial makeup in operas, each assist changes free Wifi of 3 minutes.
In this case, the clever place of Japanese sightseeing branch did not depend on doing so an application, founded however an incentive mechanism, had this to cover incentive mechanism, the tourist does the biggest to themselves interest the business that turn, also be Japanese government interest fitly the biggest when changing, this is being finished very hard at ordinary times.
Generally speaking, company profit is the biggest change and client increase is the biggest changing run in the opposite direction, the company profits, the client is about to have a deficit, and on this application that develops in Japan, a client makes a profit the biggest the business that turn gets most Wifi, just also has profit most to Japanese government. Had these pictures at present share, what the tourist searchs through searching engine is good figure, the support of the dot is more, be gone to more easily by the search. And time grew will come, the picture with many scrape up, these pictures have very high value.
Be based on afore-mentioned case, the author thinks, gregarious media is a new channel that disseminates information only not merely, many companies publicize his advertisement simply an editing and rearrangement one transfer to a lower level arrives small gain, small letter, hope netizen transmit, but this is the concept that the mistake understood sale, the enterprise wants plastic truly should not be message itself, want to breed a product to follow the connection between consumer however.
The essence of gregarious media is a person
What is farewell crosses a head to look gregarious media? Mobile phone application is not gregarious media, true gregarious media culture is not the method of level of a technology, however each other can communicate and the person that shares information, a flock of people show the result that wears the dress, another group of people learn, a flock of people film in Japan good picture, other a flock of person dot assist change their impression to Japan, this ability is gregarious media.
Still put in a lot of misunderstanding socially about gregarious media sale, the proprietor of an enterprise loves to ask how ability has increasing vermicelli made from bean starch, the small letter that draws increasing person to reach an industry comes above small gain account, this is a wrong idea. What the enterprise should do this truly is to consider how to make people mutual as a result of the brand of the enterprise contact, is not to let people contact the brand of the enterprise.
A few case that mention in front, accordingly some are done successfully, because had the mechanism that an incentive photograph holds,be, preamble alludes, japanese sightseeing branch did an application to let him people the increase is the biggest change, be opposite fitly Japanese government increase is the biggest change, this calls incentive photograph the look. Because this enterprise wants media of socialization of have the aid of to complete socialization trade really, must set the mechanism that this kind of incentive photograph holds, will ensure economic standard follows social standard inside the mechanism that in this kind incentive photograph holds differentiate clearly, each other do not have mutual interference, through social standard ability finishs free creation content to follow free transmit, and want a hoggish motivation with altruistic motive mutual conceal rises, often hoggish motive is inside of concealed, and altruistic motive is outside show, it is the appearance that pretends to help others apparently, but also be to helping oneself actually, the tourist goes to Japan, release the picture with Japanese first-class travel to give friends, apparently let friends understand Japan has much happiness, but it is for discharge of him scrape up actually, such people just are willing to do you to want to allow the business that he does according to your mechanism, the value that all socialization should assure to it promotes people really feels creation to follow deliver.
Because it is new,we pay close attention to new media is not, new media is the most essential base manage and do not have how much new content. After all what is media? Media resembles system of one bushing road namely exactly like, have pipe, have inside going from place to place liquid, pipe is agency, no matter be TV, small gain, small letter, the benzine that flows inside, natural gas is the content that we say, many people say content is king, the author thinks, this one word is not complete and right, content is really serious, but content is not only is important. In preamble, the author mentions more be not about content, however about this pipeline system inside, what motivation can drive these benzine, natural gas flowing, below the premise that had content, actually you devise what drive mechanism, be equivalent to following oil pump to drive these oil with what engine or natural gas will flow, drive is driven, be it is likewise important to be created with content, alone content and doing not have incentive system is this kind of effect that won't have own transmission. (the writer ties sale of market of institute of Fudan University government is assistant professor, doctor, be in institute of Fudan University government according to the writer by reporter Hu Shilong the thematic speech that campus of “ blue ink opens day of ” to go up arranges existing writings)