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Below the thinking operation line that how uses electric business retail

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:06

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Introduction:Y is chief inspector of business of a cable, others fries O2O in heat when, he runs logic in the depth that considers a few backside patiently however...

Y is chief inspector of business of a cable, others fries O2O in heat when, he runs logic in the depth that considers a few backside patiently however, realize finally gave a reason: If leave the line zero sale field to regard as website of business of a cable, from free WiFi, electrovalence shop of autograph, business is optimized, guide buy Pad, wait to sale of system of get through of ID of reserve data unifinication, user, CRM, small letter, of its backside running logic is interlinked actually! Have O2O capacity sell a thinking that can use B2C store completely to come operation!
At first view rises the pass train of thought that this is not a letter, after all the inertial acknowledge according to average person, this is two kinds of disparate commerce run logic. Y says, o2O is the retail digitlization below the line upgrades substantially, the operation index that operation place of website of a B2C must pay close attention to everyday, map leaves retail operation to the line, you can reach as above conclusion.
E.g. , does the user data analysis related indoor Wifi fixed position have with B2C operation thinking why to concern? Index did the core data that Y tries to must pay close attention to businessman of a report everyday to tear open solution:
1.UV follows discharge origin analysis. Online go up in operation, UV basically is used the visit comes before having how many user at the analysis, browsed how many page, thereby can accurate conclude passenger flow changes. Normally the state falls, the flow with steady quality follows change rate can push cipher out to sell a state roughly. Forecast a net in time to buy sale amplitude according to the change of discharge accordingly, of the letter below most state over- . The unusual wave motion of discharge, reflecting the problem that company sale action may exist is error even. Quite under, retail all along is a black box below the line, below most state, alone brushs calorie of one split second that makes money in the user, ability can generate an order data, it is relatively slow to the metabolic perception of passenger flow, cannot accomplish real time feedback.
The discharge of Internet is much and miscellaneous, special when the beautiful money that is extensive buys discharge, generate invalid flow more easily. Normally metropolis process sheds B2C website one paragraph quantity quality tests level, analyse a what flow thereby accurate to oneself essence and sexual price is compared appropriate.
Will tell to Internet tycoon BAT, because they mastered much discharge data, even can the draws consumer individual Internet atlas with accurate essence. All of course all tracking is the Cookie that the basis puts in your browser.
And because radiation radius is finite,traditional business exceeds, it is so important to may feel UV is done not have with discharge analysis, but O2O is project of union of false or true, the discharge of O2O also is met certainly after incline to is much and miscellaneous. In the meantime, the MAC-ID on user mobile phone is the Cookie in the browser actually, once incorporate with source of other big data,analyse, the businessman below the line also will master the behavior a collection of illustrative plates of consumer accurately, line of real time prison leaves store operation case, allow sale to offer great help with individual character service for essence of life undoubtedly.
2.PV, jump out to lead with click method analysis. PV is an user the browsing deepness in the website, also design with structure of website oneself information at the same time close together and relevant. The user PV number in the website is larger, introductory retention period is normally longer, the website is taller to the viscosity of consumer. But at the same time we also need and the page jumps out to lead analyse together, if be on the analysis of page of certain visit method, jump out rate is exorbitant, the information that also introduces an user to cannot find his to need inside short time and escape.
Online go up in operation, page heat can reflect the attention preference that gives an user, each his are clicked can be monitored, the core of operation is to continue to optimize material to follow show pattern, and clicking method analysis to be just like is one shops decision-making tree, can accurate see the user is in which crotch node generation jumps to leave or buy deed. Experience is bought on whole web, can buy funnel with undertaking an analysis, from → of “ home page the search follows → of page of detail of commodity of classified page → to shop final order of → of page of settle accounts of car page → refers page ” , the retention period on every measure page follows jump out to lead data to need careful analysis.
Correspondence leaves retail operation to the line, advocate if move what the string follows distribution,optimize a problem, but before is to depend on artificial experience to conclude almost, seldom what data analyses is prop up. The indoor Wifi of instantly can have accomplished the limits fixed position of 3~5 rice, can relatively exact definition area of a heat. As the reasonable deploy that exceeds equipment of li of fixed position of relevant and indoor Wifi in business, be can obtain the view of forms for reporting statistics that is similar to GA(Googleanalytics) in real time, can undertake the line optimizes processing with layout scientificly moving.
3. Change rate. Change leading is the main index that measures website of business of a cable to manage a case finally, below the state that guides without large sales promotion or massive flow, it is basic and constant, wave motion is very small. Once change,lead produced change suddenly, was to give an issue certainly, because this report businessman is thinking way everyday,promotion is changed rate. Change actually rate get sales promotion sort of design, commodity, reveal the effect, shopping method to optimize wait for much element combined influence.
The inn below retail before this line is to cannot be analysed change of rate, can spend the analysis after having a thing from the level ground effect dimension that sells benefit finally only, and the mainest index that spends with factitious dimension by oversight. The eye of a subclass that can regard every shop below the line as the website on the line accordingly or special subject page, follow with this comparative visit quantity buy an amount, can install for storefront similar change the business early-warning target of rate.
  4. Analysis of new old user follows old user answer buy rate. Of new old user occupy than, the faithfulness that reacted the user follows operation commodity to website brand spends a question. Electric business loves to be pushed through sales promotion message commonly send, and gift card or discount ticket, will rise answer buy rate, it is the place that is interlinked with the operation below the line on the line. But, the old user operation of electric business is more elaborate, if the row is aimed at certain group or time paragraph, can roll out a few special subject, will pass on old user.
In putting a line to leave retail operation, sell for the most part field or make the way that change with full-court, lack the design of sale special performance of specific aim. Generally speaking, 50% what the order of an evening sells to be able to hold round-the-clock sale below the line, draw near especially the hour of put up the shutters is old user more in patronage, but the setting with shopkeeper necessary lack identifies with special subject the setting is done answer, also cannot increase the shopping experience of old user.
5.ABtest follows fair exposure rate. All electric business websites are in go up to be tasted newly or new function when, can do AB test. Basic it is the user flow that gives a 5~10% through cent, 50% give A the page, 50% give B the page, follow the analysis that changes rate data through user behavior data, go up finally in order to decide line which page. Assume you discover correcting of the home page that clean out treasure suddenly, and the home page cleaning out treasure that your company works in the same place did not change, it is this reason.
Exposure checks advocate if solve the list logic of commodity to follow sort issue, special it is to commodity deepness follows the smooth Taiwan businessman with bigger width. Because many long end product cannot gain enough exposure and “ is thoroughly sunken ” , often can depend on only the “ of operation personnel buys hand eye ” . On B2C website, connect regular meeting to give all light exposure that taste a fairness newly, after carrying exposure change the sale strategy that decides commodity with sale data to locate, if the row explodes money goods, brunt sale commodity, dozen fold commodity, long end commodity to wait.
Put the business below the line to exceed operation, corresponding is it is commodity exposes a problem, special the shopwindow that is a brand is displayed. Shopwindow is displayed can the graph of home page focus of website of analogy cable business, the most immediate goal is “ attracts eyeball ” , stand or fall of its success or failure is undoubted very important. Generally speaking, brand trade is fairer this how to display, have oneself method, and retail channel business is joined less very basically with in the center, cannot accomplish real time to move actor namely.
Current, the fixed position technology of indoor WIFI can solve location directly but testability problem. User ID(MAC-ID) , the user marchs the time of location, the user leaves the time of location, the analysis of these 3 data, can analyse the action that the user is checking area accurately.
Cite a simple case, 32 when operation of the website on the line has a focus to pursue commonly annulus sow, of each person clicking a preference is different, electric businessman can raise those who have spacing place to apply efficiency accordingly. Leave operation to the line with this map, whether can the behavior contrail according to the user, make dynamic attune actor or actress with layout to using a line?
6. Follow with discharge origin, PV to UV click method, node to change lead the overlay that follows to change policy of operation of data of rate, new old user, sales promotion finally to put in 5 dimension such as data to spend data with media to analyse. To electric businessman, everyday the data that military situation analysis basically relies on this 5 old thinking to spend will do an analysis to follow push act, adjust instantly the following day strategy follows deploy. This is Internet is updated in real time, the tool of half step tantivy is propped up.
This also falls for the line actually retail gave a train of thought, o2O regards business of a cable as the tool, the most principal port is counted in real time namely follow business index early-warning according to monitoring, then passes sudden shift actor, effect of the level ground that finish follows turnover rate rise.
We can make a tentative plan: Online below retail after the thinking that had the B2C on the line follows ability, general manager sits in the office among them, the real time that can examine countrywide door inn changes rate condition, once certain shop appears the abnormal wave motion of data, he grows with respect to the store that can tell this store immediately, whether does analytic problem go was in commodity puts a problem to go up, perhaps can do sales promotion special performance to wait a moment immediately.