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New science and technology brings experience wet regression

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:05

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Introduction:In SoLoMoPe times, human “ migrates greatly ” happens in only no longer arrive from the city countryside, and with more extensive, increas...

In SoLoMoPe times, human “ migrates greatly ” happens in only no longer arrive from the city countryside, and with more extensive, increasing yuan, more all-around, more fictitious kind moves. The industrial thinking that large-scale standardization production follows a sale, be based on “ big and complete, one-stop ”PC Internet thinking appears to had lagged behind, shift pays, big data, can apparel the advanced technique equipment such as net of couplet of fictitious system of equipment, 3D, content follows the brand-new commerce such as whole trench, T2O, P2P to think of already dimension created electronic business affairs 2 timeses.
Change is a normal
Somebody will be current the ski of market assimilate to of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, already the speed of all previous of uncontrollable slippery go by, must last again the balance of the body. Current, science and technology has the super charm ” of “ actual twist, all firm things all gone, all divine things will be overturned, everybody must want to get used to the market that changes at high speed so, this asks each shopping centers wants to be in while “ function balances ” , advance continuously continuously, as a result of all change Douyun is containing business chance.
Internet has had history of 20 years, why be today it is ability OK so fast engulf whole market? Because psychology of behavior of the consumptive logic of commercial connective consumer, spending, consumption, consumption is decision-making,be pattern of experience, spending be changed by “ Internet completely ” .
Once had seen some small video of retail group, a girl walks into a shopping centers, the placard of every shop can finish instantaneous to change according to the client's be fond of, walk into a commodity when you, your terminal can hint the pertinent information of your commodity is compared with the photograph of similar fund, push those who send other trademark to purchase a proposal, and after when you implementation pays, content shedding deserves to send in can sending you the home. All inn elaborate rows can be adjusted according to your be fond of even. Although the content in video is still half-baked, but revealed “ individuation absolutely,experience ” is in the appearance in the future.
Current experience, already no longer bureau be confined to does good storefront to display, open enclothe extensive shop, more rely on vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch to go only not merely tarry your client, current experience appears as a result of Internet, its experience is to offer better service to the user, its experience limits has marched all-around, include PC end, mobile end, more important is having usinging net of couplet of big data, content, O2O to finish gradually custom-built change a service. Face such change, shanghai collects Xu Hong of vise general manager of center of sale of Inc. of accept information science and technology to think: No matter “ is electric business or substance, cannot pass word of ’ of business of a ‘ actually, still want business, trade ” .
Science and technology learns business focusing at “ person ”
As commercial real estate the continuity that put an amount rises, electric business impact follows a brand coessential change wait for reality, this second process “ experiences shopping centers the ablution of wet ” is actually divert all energy “ person ” . Beijing is rich base be in harmony connects sea of Feng Yue of president of assistant of limited company of science and technology to say: “ mobile Internet includes mobile facility, what change truly actually is behavior, will tell from human respect was to change us to go dug distance, sealed and the method of wider world follows the mood, mood changed, the method changed, the person is willing to use a such means to go more the content that dug belongs to him, include the consumer in shopping centers, they are willing to see more in whole so large shopping center inside more and more information guide him to join with means with more and more activities, this is the major change that consumer produces. ”
Commerce is to want someone above all, somebody just can have the market, mobile interconnection technology not merely cogent develop anthropomorphize acme, need science and technology to pullback commerce more the essence of the desire of contented person comes up.
“ looks from our respect, a thing can recieve alone, it is a person. Of commercial real estate return at present accordingly can living, as a result of its somebody, because this person is our most valuable asset, we should continue to perfect an experience kind system. Wu Zheng of general manager of limited company of Tianjin of ” exultation city makes known his position. Face the customer that gains “ to consume dominion ” gradually, the SoLoMoPe that seeks diversity, individuation is consumed a group of things with common features group, wu Zheng makes known his position, the direction of their main attack has two. One is real experience, attract passenger flow, to complete poor alienation, satisfy the personalized experience of consumer, they offerred block of theme of ” of card of essay of area of ave of a “ . The 2nd it is to make APP platform, feed the activity such as bureau club through spreading out high yield section, fine, will scattered passenger flow becomes steady passenger flow, will steady passenger flow becomes a member, turn partial member into active member, come aggrandizement their relation with shopping centers, dig his demand, turn individual demand into drive by drive of total passenger flow thereby, continue to satisfy client requirement, create value for the client truly, greater value is created for shopping centers while.
Data is gotten must “ takes have ”
Those who carry complete channel extend, the concept that business encircles already no longer inside thousands of meters of limits of seat of bureau be confined to, in Internet times, the consumer of shopping centers can span in fixed trade group, corresponding, ” also had the class of person of the “ in Internet times to differentiate newly.
Former director of association of Taiwan shopping centers, show specification of honorary director Liu Yaodong to say: “ " Internet times " in the program, the person cent is 3 kinds, a kind of person is the dweller of Internet, he very the tool that how naturally understanding uses Internet, technology, no matter he can use what mobile phone, no matter he can use what software, this kind of person grows as a child in Internet in surrounding. The 2nd kind of person is called the immigrant of Internet, he is before this and do not have this kind of setting possibly, but be in current environment, pass sequentially study, forward Internet times advancement follows fumble. What the 3rd kind of person won't use Internet to bring is convenient, enjoy the labor insurance that is less than Internet to bring. ”
Get on to cannot passing a line (CK) for the browsing history that knows customer, shopping center that buys phone of ability of detailed list, consumption, address, the behavior data that the big data equipment of all sorts of high-tech can help shopping centers collect consumer, trade data, realize data statistic, essence to allow market of sale, fractionize, hire foster ability analysis.
According to Shanghai all of vise general manager of center of sale of Inc. of science and technology of the information that collect pay bangs 6 specifications, they are collecting data from time to tome 3 criterion will ensure the shopping experience of consumer. Most first a criterion is not affront, in collect any when client information, no matter be his behavior habit, still be individual information, we absolutely “ does not jump over Lei Chi half pace ” , won't the privacy of affront user, won't let him feel have be monitored, by investigation. The 2nd criterion is to be not disturbed, not alarm, basic and special little adopt a short message to push send, colour letter is pushed send, of APP push send. No matter add which product line,the 3rd criterion is, tiring-room data must be perforative, must be mutual can give complementary, no matter have independent character it seems that apparently, correlation rises every kinds of data follows other data.
Experience how contented client expects to be worth
It is the most important between inn that the door follows in consumer is an experience, while many brands give consumer to bring a surprise through the sale activity of diversification, promotion client expects to be worth, beijing is rich base the brand that the two example maybe that be in harmony understands of great capacity of Feng Yue of president of assistant of limited company of science and technology can give type of digital age experience shopping centers with enlightenment.
Most first a shopping centers that an example happening is in the United States, visit 2 Lou Naike shop when consumer, can receive an information, probably means says, the shoe of similar pattern in the Adidasi of 3 buildings inn is hit 5 fold, these consumer see a short message leave be able to bear or endure overcome inn. Feng jumps over the sea to remind everybody: For the person that “ offset is expended, receive dozen breaking news is a surprise. Can be if at this moment of 2 buildings be able to bear or endure if you come back,an information says the reappearance that overcome inn I am hit to you 3 fold, this moment normally many people won't come back. Because shift application has a very main character, the surprise won't appear the 2nd times, hit congenerly when the 2nd fold information to appear, consumer can become be accustomed to sth. ”
The shopping centers of Korea has an inn name is ” of “ volant shop, they designed the maize balloon that can send wireless signal, issue the signal of WIFI. Be put to fly to elevator when this balloon, shopping centers business door over there when, everybody begins to take a mobile phone to begin to scan to the big Huang Diao that flies in sky, take a picture, the content that serves as WIFI receives a point, the sales promotion that after consumer is received, can discover the place inside this shopkeeper field gives, dozen break news. Look seem average balloon sale, gave for consumer join WIFI not merely convenient, and was made can talk with what the person shares endowment, left very deep impression to the client.