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Every guest: Lower his head to do small and beautiful

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:03

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Introduction:Eventually, every guest still sells answered a shirt. The every guest that was born 2007, to as it happens of the current year 7 years, all previous c...

Eventually, every guest still sells answered a shirt. The every guest that was born 2007, to as it happens of the current year 7 years, all previous classics rise abruptly quickly after defeating PPG, the ox of every object forces model, it is not short of iron pink, but, from sell a shirt name, to the character loss that sells even scissors, 7 years after itching at present, it also is not short of black pink.
I am iron pink, also be black pink, chat simply.
Force the brand of case is modelled
Shirt, it is every guest leaves the masses first impression, to me character, also be the deepest impression however.
Go to an university from high school, off year does not have what gently to like, look when idle " reader " " young abstract " these two magazines, every guest goes up from this of appear, actually, most advertise on the magazine that begins to love to look in the youth, first are not every guest, congener be like the PPG that is Shanghai, go bankrupt at present that, shirt of PPG business affairs, ever had sought hegemony shirt market period of time, but be given put sb out of the way by shirt of Wu of every travelling merchant later, from this, " reader " go up advertisement also by two consistent, turned every into the guest completely.
Average young people, met every objective so, and, myself, subliminal think the thing of every guest, wait for a magazine with the reader that thinks in those days exactly like, it is a bit temperamental thing, by at present the word says, that has namely force of case.
The impression with the deepest to every guest masses, beforehand the popularity that appraise is every object, every object called a kind of phenomenon at that time, at that time, just when small gain is red, …… of freedom of the “ love network with the spokesman cold Han that every guest asks, love I am Han Han, not be whose Dai Yan, represent him ” only, the language pattern that socialization changes, personalized expression, the instant hits small young brainwave countless, I also am.
Professional analysis not quite meeting, so a pile big, want to convey every guest only, I follow at that time exactly like in young young person, it is to have good opinion more after all, become oneself slogan only, simply the delegate of light person of 80 the year after next.
Really general product
But, good impression cannot eat when the meal really.
Also be ability realizes later, think formerly have force the every guest of case, also be an enough and common commodity only, resemble ever thinking to have intention most " reader " , in the end also is an abstract magazine only, say by other person, take an implied meaning with respect to 14 place ah.
Do not have other meaning, say oneself are in simply the process of every guest.
The network that becomes oneself buys a habit from can clean out treasure to change only, every guest already became an impression seemingly is a brand, but kind of terrace cleaning out treasure that actual what sells, small to scissors, tape measure and plastic slipper. Those who buy is one so-called it is every guest explodes the snow ground boots of the paragraph, not be three-piece suit of guest of all sorts of the literary tide T-shirt that the every guest in growing is good at, shirts, Wei Yi, every these, then, can conceivable result.
Force case fell down.
The commodity quality that takes is not poor, but bad also, simple namely, and clean out edition of the copy on treasure boots of numerous ground of a few yuan of snow exactly like, be apart from him heart to force case every guest is differred mediumly too far, at best, the popular goods of dependable quality that also calculates to sell well just.
Forgot to say, the problem that because shoe measures is wrong,returns among, exchanged one inferior goods.
At that time every guest, exert all one's strength want to become a big shopping platform, but the product is given priority to with him product again, be in again at the same time had modelled platform of a V+ , how can exert all his strength again, the situation has been caused, PK can be clean out treasure formidably, more devoted, can lose more only, pay attention to in what platform follows flow, sure constitute pair of product quality at the same time but close,accuse, with me exactly like, be forced case is attracted likewise come over, there is not happy shopping process in every guest at the same time however, beforehand appraise is very much also.
There is a wolf before, hind the current situation that has a tiger
On September 1, the every guest that has gone through inexorable doom returns afresh, official put on sale advocate make a shirt, 9 are edition of cultivate one's morality of auspicious country military, publish meeting around, on small gain, age publicize in exert to one's utmost with Xu Xiaohui, say like many analytic personages in that way, way photograph compares “ millet ” , oneself experience a test, hungry sale, although,still have devastate body ……
Be not sale group public figure as, not quite the real sale effect that knows these after all how, just arrive from September 1 today 9, look at the data of this shirt today, without sale number, the query is counted 615, the comment is counted 219, see the word that comments on number only, a when look at garment of day cat Han Dou to abandon at the same time common explode the sale data of a long T-shirt, double number of squares occupies pure contrast, han Dou's comment is measured of 500, lunar sales volume is close to 2500 roughly, not quite hopeful.
After boots of ground of wherefrom double snow, I had not bought every guest thing again, have 3 years of many time, 3 years time goes, all corners of the country in electric business, do not go up early also of every object in those days.
Say the market of market of platform of dress cable business first, early also not be every guest the year's harvest is best in those days, at present dress cable business has matured amply, before one day the largest proportion that the cat occupies B2C by force to go up, before paragraph time watchs international data easily to show, day cat is occupied than 74.3% , beijing east follow to be tasted only can part 5% the left and right sides, every guest is only occupational 1% , market proportion is equal to discharge, current, proportion of smooth platform market this, before one day cat, Beijing east taste only meeting these big alligator, jian hou mian still has other platform to divide the market proportion that go with place of website of other trademark oneself.
Should defend this proportion of 1% different meaning, but more severe case still is in, had been pure website cable business no longer at present, the comprehensive already comprehensive arrival of mobile interconnection, the current year in July, the data of CNNIC is current, mobile phone online number had exceeded Pc port significantly, there is the market proportion of full amount before, the market that end moves without the mobile phone after retains hair power, want to be seized from tiger's mouth-jaws of death feed, which are so easy. Besides mobile interconnection the existence of this big tiger, chase after those who be at the back of every guest, more than still one this angle.
Altogether at present guest sale advocate lay millet pattern, simple it is freeboard sex price than, but millet is a mobile phone, the mobile phone is in home has been industry of a standardization, let them understand the content that freeboard sex price compares is in to the long education of the user, can altogether the dress industry that the guest is in, those who face is an user education is so not high, what accepted occupation standard also did not become is actual, freeboard sex price is compared after all which.
Everyman, does he understand Akesu grows cotton of cloth with soft nap to follow the class difference of common cotton? Where is the class nobility that understands Japan avoids very hot craft to dismiss very hot technology with our country the occupation standard with accepted …… was not become, expenses of user education cost is very sure big, should be in this angle break out of an encirclement, difficulty is not general say.
Immature proposal:
Today, on September 9, every guest is so-called lofty go up shirt of Ji Guowu edition is formal also put on sale, specific evaluation remains to look, but, put in the every guest of eye shot 's charge again, in its the website explains is: Fast fashionable brand, from advocate push platform to arrive recursive brand, the every guest courage that puts in masses eye shot 's charge again is very great, at present platform square a few alone overall situation face has been formed, in the times of mobile interconnection, small and beautiful choice have not cannot recovery succeeds greatly.
Tell fast fashionable brand, at present electric business makes the same score Taichun greatly each, brand of dress quick style very quite much, the impression in brain is deeper, of Han Feng Han Dou garment is abandoned, of linen-cotton wind have mattress graceful, of ethical wind have crack silk, the GXG of men's clothing waits these a moment.
As to fixed position of every guest brand, I follow user education through development of business of 7 years of cable, I think the likelihood suits most, what move a gender a bit namely is light style of literary, tide, individual view, fixed position problem, alien is bad to say, but I think, below current dress environment, should look at accurate brand only this one administrative levels, a few smaller every guest, it is not difficult also to should come forward, after all, go out early, become famous early also.
Other a problem is worth to ponder, the garment abandons the Han Dou that afore-mentioned saying, mattress graceful, crack silk, GXG although these fast fashionable brands have website of him cable business, but its follow other platform of each big cable business has close together and the connection of deepness, do not say other, those who do not circle, have cat of the day that clean out treasure from beginning to end this are big alligator.
Want to make the quick style brand of an eligible maturity, in the electric trade situation of instantly, do not circle day cat absolutely, want to regard a platform as existence before every guest, cleaning out treasure day cat to follow it is competitive relation, his dress nature is not gotten in can going out clean out treasure at present, can saying already at present is fast fashionable brand, every guest should be met this in occurrence day cat.
It is conjectural only.
To every guest, cat of the day that clean out treasure is sure it is a pain, but perhaps, the the biggest, most prospective change also is in this height, can low its exalted head, go condescend in former days the commercial law of adversary, low, that market proportion of 74.3% opened wide original gate to every guest, hold high from beginning to end, that with respect to alone oneself the proportion of 1% , want to develop the market again, most the outcome that fear is that history repeat: Continue the devoted, ending that continues to lose.