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Can apparel product: Called so long intelligence or Low

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:02

Keyword:Mobile phone, batteries, sensor, LED
Introduction:Be in early 20 old before, people had begun to wait to intelligent glasses can apparel the research of equipment. Some closer year of intelligence tha...

Be in early 20 old before, people had begun to wait to intelligent glasses can apparel the research of equipment. Some closer year of intelligence that research and development gives can apparel equipment often can follow include the better, knitting craft that braids structural stability combines the gender, make intelligent dress, but why after 20 years today, when intelligent dress already moment of mark of full of beautiful things in eyes, apparel the father of equipment, director of lab of MIT mankind motivation, alaikesi · Peng Telan (Alex Pentland) still makes known his position, oneself need not can any intelligence apparel equipment? The reason is: All intelligence in the market can apparel equipment short of his requirement, change character, the intelligence of instantly can apparel equipment or very Low.
After be being bought madly first, wait for swing
See millet 79 yuan of RMBs intelligent hand annulus, we know intelligence can apparel not hard equipment has stood high above the masses no longer, in the life that walked into Everyman however, the intelligence of maybe instantly can apparel dress is not quite good still, but these follow intelligence, can apparel the knitwear of relevant, if all of leotard, T-shirt, Wei Yi, glove, cap sells first-rately,list. You can have more people to adorning beside discovery intelligent hand annulus or the equipment such as watch, dress intelligence T-shirt still is wearing the wool hat that shift broadcasts equipment with sweater, discover very easily also however, different the low price at hand annulus, the price of intelligent dress often can compare blame intelligence congener product is expensive give 30%~60% . Manufacturer earns enough money, agency earns sufficient stunt, next? Follow when consumer extremely is the guest bought madly after coming home?
“ report shows, most can apparel equipment is the shop sign that making health, the quantity of heat in living through continueing to record human body is absorbed follow those who use up those who will help us have healthy point of view to adjust. Say such product should be met this normally let an user fondle admiringly, but actual state is to have 1 / however after the user of 3 is buying 6 months to arrive 1 year, abandon applying. Very shock letting a person! ” the orgnaization controller that makes this findings report red · Lai outstanding think, cause instantly the reason of this kind of state has many, but because can apparel at present,main reason is of equipment coessential change too tall, and the function is too simple. If write down a pace simply to follow computation of combustion of quantity of heat,list, many mobile phones can realize these functions, not was necessary completely to adorn again annulus of an intelligence hand or watch, it is to wear a dress technically even.
Be called extremely guest net most Zhu Fei of ticklish trade news analyst also thinks: The intelligence that “ exists in the market at present can apparel equipment, say on firm sense, still do not calculate on product. It is little only the toy of partial pole guest. And as the toy, these intelligence can apparel equipment is irretentive attract extremely guest, with with the phenomenon that casts special and remarkable. ”
Intelligence + knitting face does not follow with the heart
Actually intelligence can apparel the confluence that equipment follows knitting craft is a kind of helpless result. Current intelligence can apparel the level of research and development of equipment, they cannot be called basically an independent product, also cannot finish economic benefits, because this returns these not quite mature intelligence to be able to apparel,the semi-manufactured goods of equipment passes knitting craft confluence to be in dress, become the T-shirt that contains function of some kind of intelligence, cap, glove, Wei Yi to wait, nondescript ground is hitting intelligence to be able to apparel the edge ball sale of equipment, became instantly numerous science and technology, intelligence and the outlet that want the knitwear of seek novelty.
Be on sale of Inc. of science and technology of wisdom of Taiwan love 剋 grows Kang Qi Shu to tell a reporter, have in the product of their company can completely cut off ultraviolet ray breathes freely fast dry underwear, also have the outdoors sweater that can absorb main beam ultraviolet ray, stimulative blood to circulate, have the Wei Yi that joined illuminative of solar energy LED to be able to monitor palpitant blood pressure more, but these products look in them,cannot follow “ intelligence ” two words relevant: “ says rigorously, these products can be called to contain the dress of element of science and technology only, can apparel with intelligence equipment is compared, still differ very far. But we often often can see however,be in market sale experience, the conduct propaganda of company of a lot of clothing this kind of product can apparel toward intelligence on lean. Actually some kind of meaning comes up say, they are to using the seek novelty psychology of consumer to follow to be able to apparel to intelligence of technology, equipment do not understand. ”
“ is other, we can monitor the Wei Yi of palpitant blood pressure this, just follow to athletic fan have fun at the consumer that monitors relevant data gives, not be the product that is aimed at research and development of senile disease patient of purpose, not be medical treatment equipment after all, because this can remove only probably the monitoring action of limits, if want very accurate data, still suggest to use special apparatus to check to the hospital. ” comes from the Huang Hongxu say of Inc. of science and technology of wisdom love 剋 likewise.
The medley result of this kind of drag somebody along kicking and screaming, cause not merely at present intelligence can apparel the ” of “ fish a list of things of equipment market far over “ bead ” , still let intelligent dress become a kind of “ not to have product of floor level ” , want to have the innovation of trifling material qualitative craft only, can lean toward science and technology, can follow relevant of science and technology lean toward intelligence, not merely promiscuous of consumer try listen, still disturbed the order of market price case of original knitting sprotswear: Decide high price, again tall discount, and real function follows a meaning and not quite of the letter over- , can be the toy that a kind of consumer amuses oneself only.
Low is not wrong fault be in what “ does not believe to cross ”
Existing intelligence can apparel the data of dress is not accurate, not be a new issue, but it is consumer does not buy not clear issue however. As a result of consumer beside can the intelligence of bring into contact with has a fever friend follows extremely settle or live in a strange places are too little, they can follow advertisement to understand intelligence of these so called “ to be able to apparel through the salesperson's commendation only dress ” , because this consumer alone buys the gift after experiencing personally,the intelligence that can clear data forbids can apparel dress, can have recreational effect only.
Home some is famous the website did a test, same individual hand is taking ring of hand of a few intelligence on wrist, ran of the person that check next, him silent counts pace number, follow the contrast noting number of hand annulus again. Discover finally, neither one is completely accurate, and the error is opposite bigger. Below the state that has a problem definitely relatively, these equipment can say is a toy, the data that gives out, do not have referenced sense. And the error that braids the monitoring equipment in dress to appear is bigger, because they often are only,set similar hand hoop in the person that apparel hind the position of back or arm, and contact degree cheek by jowl with cutaneous far not as good as hand annulus. The can monitor palpitant blood pressure Wei Yi that Huang Hongxu reveals to the reporter will check annulus to place what finish in the arm of arm upper part namely, and their batteries places the bag of a dress around test annulus in, the pocket buckles agglutinate to close with nylon, when reading access to occupy need mobile phone carries corresponding client to carry up and down.
Actually, how much doesn't consumer need to understand his heartbeat too, blood pressure how many, they think those who obtain is the data of the heartbeat before carrying order, blood pressure most, the analysis gives their healthy guidance, if the row adjusts athletic frequency to follow athletic kind, notice what nutrition absorb etc. This involves the foundation of the much angle such as software, hardware, operating system to prop up, and instantly, the technology that finishs this angle still attributes primary level.
But, having a fever friend looks, instantly or the show that have product of dress of a few intelligence can be encircled can nod. The row follows the contains chip shoe of hand annulus form a complete set like NIKE, with respect to the can better step that monitors the person that apparel dot getting power uses up a state with energy, but also need to follow the application software form a complete set on the mobile phone to apply, rise to improve the accuracy rate function of mobile phone application software, also be a product with better feedback of the consumer in product of dress of the intelligence on instantly market.
whole, intelligence can apparel the crucial technology challenge of the life that the product is facing sensor, batteries and blue tooth power comsumption. And can apparel intelligence after the product blends in dress, the difficulty of these challenges can expand further, in do not damage the premise of knitting clothings surface falls, undertake charge or undertaking debugging to sensor to batteries.