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Week of Shanghai fashionable dress: Promote our country to design force

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:01

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Introduction:Fall October, week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xiaru is made an appointment with and come, in promote our country to achieve design power ...

 Fall October, week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xiaru is made an appointment with and come, in promote our country to achieve design power formerly, breed give aid to outstanding stylist, aid the foundation that promotes development of own brand innovation to go up, will continue to introduce new internationalization collaboration pattern, have both with mainland of “ base oneself upon of ” of international eye shot multidimensional publish pattern to follow “ originality design to pay equal attention to with commercial be born the characteristic fixed position of ” , build with respect to platform of activity of culture of diversity trade brand.
Week of Shanghai fashionable dress during 2015 Chun Xia activities, will hold popularity to develop tendercy to publish, international brand is revealed, major exhibits the multinomial activity such as meeting, authoritative match, presenting domestic and international newest vogue to design a concept, lead while tide develops tendency, model fashionable magnetic field, the resource of dominant position of catenary of industry of the series connection since play, aggregate industry, main effect that heightens absorption affinity of Shanghai city vogue.
Achieve spirit to follow commercial scene formerly
The independent stylist brand with distinct personality already became the ginseng that distinguishing feature has alone on week of Shanghai fashionable dress to follow main body gradually. Those who deserve attention is, as home market in recent years consumption upgrades, special the billabong that is elite consumption group, make this entirely of ” of “ stylist brand read aloud increasingly be current. Those who follow is corresponding, independent stylist and its group are in the experience that adjusts with the market more ground connection is angry. Afore-mentioned change are in Shanghai during 2015 Chun Xia work publish fashionable dress week, will get reflecting Er of humble of silk of Ma of Marisfrolg(of brand of famous fashionable dress of —— our country further) the stylist brand ZHUCHONGYUN that rolls out will be week of this season fashionable dress work is published pull open prelusive. City of Ji Cheng, Ban Xiaoxue, Guo Zifeng, leaf Wei, Ji Ji, Li Dengting, change eaves of Chong of height, gold, Liao Xiaoling, Qin Xu, Yang Guanhua, revive, reveal on the crossover of week of Shanghai fashionable dress start design concept formerly.
In day of special performance of week of fashionable dress of wide in April 2014 reputable reputable, the “ pillar that harvests enthusiastic echo a day of ” , this season will be ceaseless in Shanghai fashionable dress travel special performance publishs Zhou Jin. Pillar will be in different the in designing force discriminate of level singles out 7 stylist, share their brand story. Include in the center: Advanced Ji Xiu follows Guo Yiran day in field echo by stimulant Zhang Da, ever revealed in pillar most first the Su Renli of a series, Liu Xiaolu, qi of the Chen Anqi of Fresh Air of new selected ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state, Feng Yu, and the stylist king seaquake of renown shake London. Open beautiful space, pillar still seeks power 3 to deserve to act the role of stylist: Square, Song Yang follows Sun He the static state that Zhou Yuan has newest series in the VIP ROOM by beautiful field is revealed.
If say the stylist brand of full of vitality, be in continuously individual character while gradually the market fractionize fixed position of clear oneself, so the attention that commercializes operation maturity to innovate to the design relative to taller commercial brand, make week of this season Shanghai fashionable dress what show the another new scene that go out. The brand of DECOSTER, Prolivon, OASIS, MF, AKCLUB, This China and foreign countries that stresses design feeling, this season will be shown those who give pair of originality detail is excelsior, in recent years these brands had been formed publish fashionable dress week beautiful follow to be tasted newly those who order goods meeting photograph is united in wedlock is benign run mode, enhance the market competition ability of the product effectively. The ” of clothes tree of “ of brand of high quality female outfit that Ben Jixin comes on stage follows ” of “ peotry anthology, also perform the show through providing craftsmanship reveal, fulfil the mission with its inheritance aesthetic east.
The dug of the sale channel on stylist brand line is in recent years very popular talk endowment one of. ——“ of platform of the sale on line of brand of stylist of new fighting spirit will be rolled out during 2015 Chun Xia work publish week of Shanghai fashionable dress still street ” , publish DANNY ZHANG, life to be in left, REINEREN3 cooperative stylist brand takes beautiful money, spot honored guest can pass scanning shop directly 2 dimension code marchs the platform on the line, taste T stage newly in relaxed income bursa. In addition, the LA CORDE of brand of light excessive men's clothing that manages with mode of electronic business affairs, after coming back winning high praise from week of London fashionable dress, also will exhibit charm on week of Shanghai fashionable dress.
The culture that serves as Shanghai follows fashionable bid, shanghai new scope of operation also the development that all along devotes oneself to to drive our country to start a design formerly. Regard stylist brand commerce as the specific practice of be born, the stylist that afore-mentioned very much mentioning already shopping centers of vogue of settle new scope of operation, exhibit through be between fashionable dress cycle beautiful the each shining more brilliantly in the other's company that sells with commodity, help stylist brand blends in the market better. Good industry reached since demonstrative action
The arena that new personality comes forth in large numbers
Establish oneself up to now, week of Shanghai fashionable dress insists to push new, devote oneself to to be those who have talent to grow model stylist gives reveal with promotion platform, help them obtain what industry pays close attention to and accept the market to examine, open a phase better thereby. And old practice proof, the ” of “ Xin Rui that cuts a figure on week of Shanghai fashionable dress at the outset, already became mainland not less to design the firm rock in midstream of force at present.
Week of this season Shanghai fashionable dress appears the face that has stylist of increasing new fighting spirit, times feeling expects your person. Be like young 90 hind stylist of Yang Zi of author of stylist article Hao Tian, ANNAKIKI, MOODBOX author of brilliance of the rising sun of the Qin Dynasty, Awaylee plum osmund, JONNY FU author pays stylist of strong, TNC Chen Jialun follow Zhang Jiajun, be graduated from London the Shengmading central. On one the beginning of the year gives thatched cottage to admire namely Jing 4 men's clothing stylist Hu Xin grants this Ji Ye general continues the geometrical style of her develop a school of one's own, come on stage once more reveal make newly.
Design the source of the flowing water of newly emerging force as our country, the characteristic that student writing show is new personality of mining of platform of week of Shanghai fashionable dress board piece. Week of this season fashionable dress, university of Shanghai project technology is Sino-French the graduation that the student of plan division institute will bring the furnish when dust humble to move · static ” to give priority to a problem with “ is beautiful, at the same time project technology university will follow New Zealand the design new personality of the engineering college explains Aodageli jointly they wish to the happiness in the future scene.
Speak with the world in Shanghai
In prop up energetically while native land design follows a brand, week of Shanghai fashionable dress devotes oneself to international brand mainland as always to turn published promotion. Photograph of much source culture grasps photograph be in harmony is the history gifts of this Shanghai city idiosyncratic, also formed week of Shanghai fashionable dress to include likewise open platform is characteristic. Week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xia general hand in hand brand of abroad fashionable dress emerges international fashion new trends. The A Erbai of Alberta Ferretti(of Italian well-known trademark that spins empress ” to found by “ snow is special - Feierdi) will display in lake of peace and tranquility of new scope of operation on our country head is beautiful, the still the Ervine in devoting oneself to a link is changed VDS SHOWROOM that lands beautiful field of new scope of operation likewise, the abroad brand gather that this VDS season will carry 4 Europe Xin Rui stylist to hold an a new force suddenly rises is beautiful.
Week of Shanghai fashionable dress during 2015 Chun Xia activities, in static the Shanghai that brings a district exhibits a center, will hold reveal published project ——Shanghai International Fashion Showcase(SIFS) in the light of international brand. Review at the beginning of establishing, week of Shanghai fashionable dress devotes oneself to international brand to be in our country of the market introduce, and the development that designs a level as home, increasingly mature native land stylist and brand become beautiful field protagonist gradually, but the platform function of international of link of fashionable dress week never has abate. With pure ground answer field of quarter abroad show is different, at present international brand is in Shanghai of fashionable dress week appear on the position that presents a culture confluence. Native land brand follows abroad big shop sign is in same platform forms a dialog, also granted increasing option for consumer at the same time. During coming 22 days on October 15, hall of friendship of Shanghai exhibition center will greet Diesel, Giambattista Valli to follow Ermenegildo Zegna brand of 3 big international, appear to kick off with vogue the school is right, high those who order whole world of film of the Shang Wei when making fashionable dress show reach to publish is multivariate mobile content. SIFS project will make international top class fashionable dress regale, of vogue of Asia of farther establish Shanghai position, internationalization of week of Shanghai fashionable dress publishs platform effect to also will get increasing again.
Raise urban vogue absorption affinity
Adjust as continuity of domestic industry situation perfect, the fashionable absorption affinity that week of Shanghai fashionable dress brings for urban place follows collect effect to be shown stage by stage, of all kinds vogue also is in in succession with trade activity the corresponding period of fashionable dress week appears on Shen Cheng:
Skin of line of business of shoe of famous brand of international of Shanghai of the 4th TheMICAMshanghai provides the shoe job that had appeal force to follow consequence most to 26 days of Asias on September 24 and —— of leather goods exhibition exhibit, already exhibited a center to exhibit satisfactorily at Shanghai. Zhou Zaizhan meets this second Shanghai fashionable dress the activity that spot the corresponding period conducted “ design dress of Shanghai of new power —— to design school couplet to exhibit ” in the future, let social all circles pay close attention to the mainland in the future to design newly emerging force.
Came 17 days on October 15, exhibition of dress of style of international of Shanghai of the 4th Mode Shanghai will exhibit a center to hold at Shanghai, the precipitation that passed 4 follows accumulate, mode Shanghai will be invited with the more professional service, audience that has specific aim more it is a foundation about, march for brand enterprise the market gives efficient optimized channel platform. Mode Shanghai exhibits the show of gather of fashionable dress brand that attends to still will present to carry place of below the banner 11 brands to bring by American Edge Showroom.
Came 22 days on October 21, fashionable center will hold Shanghai international to follow with “ inheritance blend rich meets the Hui Luoyu of “ of week of 2014 Shanghai fashionable dress that ” gives priority to a problem ” height forum, and —“ of special performance of AMP of Tsinghua be in charge of is sweet know to coagulate advanced and custom-built work publishs ” .
On October 24, total final of contest of model of 2014 Shanghai international will detonate the eyeball of expectant once more. Be worth what carry is, current total final is comfortable meet international model contest holds 20 years, photograph of fire of fashionable banner firewood is given, classical will continue in this height with inheritance.
In addition, be like the On Time Show that is about to hold in 800 show, when hall Showroom Shanghai, DFO Showroom, VDS Showroom, FDC is exhibited and fabrics of our country of the first vision exhibits PREMIERE VISION CHINA the trade activity related a lot of and of all kinds fashionable industry such as ” , and the Qiu Dong of X-change new scope of operation that region of new scope of operation will hold is fashionable the fashionable originality activity such as market of world of prize-giving ritual of style of classroom, Style TV 2014 Top Style, 2014 Knew Style Select, also happen to coincide the choice appears on Shen Cheng between fashionable dress cycle, spend to raise the major of activity of whole of week of Shanghai fashionable dress contain Troy to bring positive effect with the brand.
Regard aggregate vogue as the platform of culture industry, industrial catenary each link photographs establish ties is the main function of fashionable dress week. For this, week of this season Shanghai fashionable dress is brand-new upgraded the government serves manual, the of all kinds vogue of the corresponding period of fashionable dress week trade is exhibited, fashionable activity information and brand information collect synthetic copy, do one's best follows the public figure of inside and outside of course of study that follows week of attention Shanghai fashionable dress to give increasing advantage to join.
The success of week of Shanghai fashionable dress holds the support that cannot leave all circles partner to follow with enthusiastic ginseng, week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xia advocate figure is honoured very the ground invites international to exceed a standard Dai Yan of force of Ji Lili bend, new scope of operation of special acknowledgment our country, costly mobile phone is gotten army elegant salon of Lai of Europe of brand Vertu, Paris is exclusive, beautiful car of brand of Bao Lian new York, DS, Suo Ni (our country) limited company, 100 things (our country) new scope of operation of limited company, Shanghai bright. In the meantime, special also express gratitude costly mobile phone is gotten army brand Vertu follows Shanghai Heng Longan field (Plaza66) is right brand of international of week of Shanghai fashionable dress is published (SIFS) project bid supports energetically. In addition, by week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xia work publish the evaluation group that the partner forms, isogon of modelling of the design style that will part to exhibit stylist, brand to joining during the activity, whole, fashionable originality, theatrics is spent undertake comprehensive evaluation, produce of all kinds award according to voting result stylist of bear the palm, and at week of Shanghai fashionable dress 2015 Chun Xia VIP give on late banquet announce.
Healthy, orderly zoology environment is casting of platform of fashionable dress week the foundation with respect to vitality. Start a design formerly in promotion, give for brand of China and foreign countries more on the road that optimizes a service, come from industrial catenary the have a common goal of each link person people gathering together gradually at Shanghai this international is metropolitan, make the Asian style that grabs an eye for world place jointly.