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Clothing company " get an electric shock " this sensible thing

Published on:2014/10/23 11:32:01

Keyword:Mobile phone, the subway
Introduction:Business of clothing company report trades the forehead did not trade more than the head that the 10%   of amount are sharing in a hour, su Zhen revie...

  Business of clothing company report trades the forehead did not trade more than 10% of amount
The head that sharing in a hour, su Zhen reviewed business of our country cable to accompany the history that Internet rises abruptly with detailed number, from 1994 our country follows world interconnection, found Alibaba to Ma Yun; The first books that makes work from our country net " digitlization economy " , to day cat store most first double 11” of a “ is orgiastic, jackie sale of only store odd-numbered days accomplished Jones 5.3 million yuan, day cat is odd-numbered days inside 5 years sale accomplished 35 billion yuan of …… from 52 million yuan more and in this a chain of number backside, what Su Zhen points out a business of cruel cable of factual —— our country is cruel the clothing company of the way that grow and did not give electrify trader creates crucial value, of business of clothing company report trade 10% what the forehead still did not sell amount more than, “ even if the brand that electronic business affairs develops first-rately, such as outstanding overcome Jones to wait to also did not exceed 10% . ”
Online sale of ≠ of electronic business affairs
What is the electronic business affairs that you understand? After Su Zhen throws this question, the operation of business of clothing company report that be present person gave out with one voice this answer of ” of “ online sale, su Zhen's answer is “no” , the extension of “ electron business affairs had been increased, electric business pattern includes inn of goods shelves of inn of hypostatic shop, mobile net, Pc net inn, gregarious media, electron, social net and information system. ”
The row is like Adidasi to had used ” of “ intelligence screen in Europe inside some hall of hypostatic inn, exhibit hundreds pairs of shoe “ is at present fictitious on digital wall ” , sale statistic shows, after the shopper looked to reveal, be willing to buy price photograph to compare more tall and oneself more the shoe that like, than anticipating expenditure became much 60 euro arrive 70 euro; And it is in station of subway of Korea head Er, happy bought a company to also open a fictitious grocery store, beat the 2 dimension code that product place correspondence displays on next big screen with the smartphone, carry mobile phone close an account, inside 24 hours can deliver goods comes.
The problem that electric business should solve truly is online below
What “ cable business should solve truly is the problem of group of the operation below the line, how be passenger flow quantitative change guest allowance namely? ” Su Zhen points out, let what had gone before “ door enter store, enter store clinch a deal, clinch a deal later ” is the mainest task that group of the operation below the line faces. And in passenger flow of this 3 shares, the part that activations the most easily is that part guest that once had bought, electronic business affairs can solve this problem fitly.
The row is like small letter sale, su Zhen citing, wuhan wishs to still run the Edhardy brand shop with subordinate limited company, good friend of shop small letter reachs 500 people, guide good friend of small letter of the member that buy reachs 800 people, year individual sale achieved 2.6 million yuan. This is through was being registered different date of small letter public, follow shop order in order to serve date, subscription number, guide buy date to be solved respectively online trade, material is revealed, the need with transmission communication, interactive service.
The boss should join circuit of operation of business following report personally
Must change the experience technological process of operation of whole cable business, standardization, build join following system personally by the boss. To the group of electric business operation of clothing company, the greatest difficulty that face depends on “ boss knowing ” , su Zhen points out, if the boss does not know electric business, be opposite hard the resource with the most pivotal business provides support, below the state that “ does not have a person to be able to not understand completely in oneself hammer and tongs. ”
Clothing company will go finally power is great custom-built times
“ all getting on line business regards a channel as Internet only, still be the sewer in channel. ” Su Zhen points out, in the process C2c is big times of individual times, B2c big channel, O2o is big after retail times, business of clothing company report will march C2b is big custom-built times, namely in order to require a system of fixed quotas for grain production, will be in dispersedly different the individual consumption demand of time, space passes Internet gather together.