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Wide hand in can open gong on October 15

Published on:2014/10/23 11:28:11

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Introduction:Ginseng exhibit discuss ” of “ get warm again after a cold spell: Exit development tendercy is progressively to good, extensive restitute ...

  Ginseng exhibit discuss ” of “ get warm again after a cold spell: Exit development tendercy is progressively to good, restore vigour to still need time
The 116th wide hand in meeting this morning (on October 15) in Guangzhou Pa continent exhibits a house to open gong. As we have learned, current wide hand in meeting outcome to exhibit an area to differentiate by 16 kinds of big commodity 51 exhibit an area, exhibit digit to exceed 60 thousand. Reporter of ovine wall evening paper understands in the spot this morning, suffer visit exporter to feel the market is in generally slow get warm again after a cold spell, confidence is increasing.
In the morning 8 when make, guangzhou Pa continent exhibit had gathered near the house numerous travelling merchant. Most travelling merchant chooses public traffic, subway stream of people is more, in an endless stream of road surface car, 10 when make, exhibit seek advice inside the house, negotiated atmosphere is very grumous already, business is purchased to still be in outside a lot of conditions that delaying pull rod case enter the arena in succession.
According to custom total arrange is newest published data, export of China of before the current year 3 quarters increases 3.6% compared to the same period, appear chase season improving posture, situation of imports and exports of trade of the abroad in predicting the four seasons is spent will take a favourable turn ceaselessly.
Regard our country foreign trade as one of barometer, wide make meeting scene, a lot of accept the exporter that interview to make known one's position, experienced exit really gradually to good development tendercy. Partial travelling merchant thinks, because a variety of unsure elements are affected, true get warm again after a cold spell still wants economy time.
Fosan defends bath company controller bridge gentleman explains, suffer effect of old economy environment, business of export of the current year is relatively insipid, but arrived to still last at present from the beginning of the year tendercy of an ascendant development, predict the fourth quarter will be ceaseless to good. And pursue building materials trade collect the young lady makes known his position, at present home builds an industry to be not stabilized relatively, they active transition upgrades, enlarge exit strength.
Business is purchased outside the condition people value “ our country to make ” ceaselessly mostly. One comes from Dutch to purchase business to tell Yang Cheng evening paper reporter, our country production value is relative on the low side, and quality follows a design to be able to be compared with old brand however, sexual price is compared is the main reason that attracts international traveling trader.
The message says, current wide hand in meeting general cent period is held. Was first phase to 19 days on October 15, ginseng exhibit commodity to wait with equipment of a replacement of electronic consumable, electric home appliances