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Why does country show hard extravagant brand? The awkwardness with native land cheap =

Published on:2014/10/23 11:28:10

Introduction:Rare be short of a gender to follow is extravagant internationally the mainest feature that tastes place to abide by, lack these, the property of the ...

Rare be short of a gender to follow is extravagant internationally the mainest feature that tastes place to abide by, lack these, the property of the brand also will transform subsequently. However “ produces big country the figure of ” however all along is cloggy our country mainland is extravagant the development of the brand, native land brand of “ our country faces the biggest difficult problem is brand image, the form of our country brand seems industrialized product, textile, science and technology to change the image of the product, and rather than is extravagant taste ” .
“ our country is very difficult those who have oneself is extravagant of the brand. ” this is person of most our country it seems that extravagant to mainland the view that the brand develops. “ homebred ” is cheap in the impression in many our country people, a series of negative vocabularies such as quality difference, mountain fastness. Our country mainland is extravagant article the brand is being returned not by the world different before the people of culture setting is approbated, had been denied gradually by compatriots, so that many compatriots are not clear is extravagant brand, our country mainland is extravagant the difficulty of development it may be said of the brand is heavy.
the our country stylist that imitates level to walk along power maturity stage by stage to the course, promoted the international high administrative levels of industry interior 30 of reforming and opening years to communicate, the eye shot of our country stylist was opened already completely, stylist of large quantities of one new fighting spirit also got international gradually approbate, but, do not get the historical fault of changeover, the our country that compressed stylist and possible development to rise is own and extravagant the brand development in home space, extravagant article grow of soil lack make our country leaves have truly those who have international force is extravagant the brand still differs very far.
Why does country show hard extravagant brand?
“ is extravagant the article that tasting is aristocratic estate, they are riches and honour is costly, they are to have delegate of figure of noble of position, powerful. ” royalty all through the ages is extravagant tasted consumer, extravagant the history of the brand, accompany those who follow a royalty noble to promote decline, kadeya, Difanni, count, Baogeli is to be royal and custom-built gem brand only. However, the latter-day revolution of our country, let however once our country is the biggest extravagant taste relative of close country of emperor of consumptive group — people, exited historical arena thoroughly, once served for its subsequently the most hopeful also become contemporary and extravagant the ” of “ old name of the brand also is in vast and mighty historical revolution change trains changed its high attitude, shake the body turned into from company of privately owned pattern state-owned company, serve a group be forced to change the historical inheritance sex of the story that makes its brand original was cut off by aeriform ground. “ extravagant the history of the brand often is about a hundred years, and have successive inheritance sex, without the edification of a kind of so long-term history, it is to be not gotten can forging piece can conquer the ” of the brand of consumer. Because this is communal,the impress olden name of the enterprise lost in-house mechanism to develop the environment that depends on, cause old name company the in-house mechanism that external environment manages with oneself is different, this limitted the development of old name company greatly, from this also with respect to nip off on traditional sense extravagant tasted inheritance sex.
Actually the tea of our country, china, jade article containing a lot ofthose who abound is extravagant taste gene, ever a few when, can have porcelain of an our country, once was many England the dream of genteel personage, the china of profit of essence of life of our country work becomes Europe for a time brownstone extravagant article. Can say craftsman is extravagant the person that taste made the first ginseng to follow. In ancient time, our country never lacks the artisan that has craft, technology of jade carving, ivory carving, carved lacquerware, metal, filament, cloisonne enamel, carry goods of filling embroider, cloth with soft nap, silk flower, gold lacquer to enchase, bird of cloth with soft nap, glassware, it is to be worth the handicraft of emblazon to live absolutely very, they also are the craft that can become the famous embroidery that is approbated by Chanel like Lesage at present. However, the catastrophe of an arise suddenly 1966 sweeps across the whole nation, many old actor got inequitable pay, the century on together with 80 time, in all spring tide that look to money, civilian handicraft art is weighed defeat with the position of craftsman frequently, inheritance made the dead acupuncture point that civilian manual art grows. Although certain our country is extravagant,taste get army the precious sex of the handicraft art that the brand had realized to our country is close to eradicating and in extravagant article in making perfect, but save much very hard also already be lost or be about to the traditional handiwork of be lost is artistic, common saying says of “ nation is the ” of the world, it is the OKest to was lost the element of make public nationality also means our country extravagant the brand lost particular our country element, this also is mainland of cloggy our country extravagant one of main reasons that taste development.
The awkwardness with native land cheap =
Rare be short of a gender to follow is extravagant internationally the mainest feature that tastes place to abide by, lacked them, the property of the brand also will transform subsequently. However “ produces big country the figure of ” however all along is cloggy our country mainland is extravagant the development of the brand, the expert thinks, native land brand of “ our country is faced with the biggest difficult problem or brand image, the form of our country brand seems industrialized product, textile, science and technology to change the image of the product, is by no means extravagant taste ” . The figure of national brand can bring about a brand directly the figure in consumer heart. At present the whole world divides the work already very clear, our country regards development as our country home making this link can increasingly earn scanty profit only, also caused the our country inadequacy on link of innovation of science and technology from this, our country more and more just regard abroad as high end extravagant the acting labour of the brand, the ability of innovation research and development that the watch is a product on high-end brand at present is backward, the innovation of own brand designs deficient. A high end is extravagant of the brand make the labor power with need devoted and much business, material resources follows financial capacity follow development, ground of have a definite object in view undertakes the research and development of the fixed position of the brand, product follows sale begin, the each other that makes the enterprise builds lasting stability with consumer thereby wants a relationship. But many our country enterprises lack this patience, follow jerry ” of “ of fixed position angle to make in product research and development especially mountain fastness, imitate be full of brand of so called high end of not little country, but this appears not the determination with strenuous brand of high end of can incentive home, they regarded themselves as it seems that vogue quick pass the time in a leisurely way is tasted, the design research and development with independent brand also was laid aside subsequently, the brand that runs so then will have enough vitality very hard. Another angle the consumer to our country, production ” of “ our country became it seems that not so the word of glorious, even some of person wants to see imprinting on commodity only these a few words can keep away from, wait for a product in bag of dress, box especially when buying. For example, the brand of high-end fashionable dress of our country, its whole lacks brand sale concept to follow good luck, lack native land fashionable distinguishing feature, eager for quick success and instant benefit is flooding market of brand fashionable dress, this also brought about consumer to buy “ mainland appeared in consciousness = is cheap the concept of ” , they aux would rather will buy so called international through a few covert channel extravagant the goods of Gao Fang A that tastes a brand, also not be willing to back the homebred brand that is the same as administrative levels, unavoidable and impure a few societies buy the issue that the idea discriminates against with the brand among this, just of a few undesirable businessmen is stared at allowed this party condition, devouringly angle had short-term interest income, this also made an impact native land and extravagant the one big main factor that brand development expands.
In realise our country is extravagant while the brand develops the external condition of hardships, the development that we also want to realize any brands should have generation cycle, abroad is numerous and famous extravagant the brand is a process of the hundred years development process that is a few centuries even, ferment without enough time, it is to be not gotten can precipitate piece extravagant taste a brand, and our country major high end is extravagant the cycle that the brand founds namely ten years, most also with respect to ability restrospect to 30 years. What because this is in close phase our country,have is extravagant the brand can say only become to trying hard true extravagant brand. So “ our country is done not have extravagant this kind of view of brand ” also is validity thering is no lack of, extravagant after all taste the inheritance sex with the most exquisite sterling blood relationship to follow internationally, each extravagant the backside of the brand should have a withstand this to relapse the story of deliberate follows enough expensive reason, but was not this at 2 o'clock,in one day can be accomplished, this is to need what the effort that is person of a few generation even just can reach to pass a few years. Of our country extravagant the brand should be beyond escape history fault try hard again look for goes out more distinctive and have cosmopolitan characteristic, with base oneself upon at the world extravagant taste brand cavalcade.