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Does dress crisis spread to 3 lines city?

Published on:2014/10/23 11:28:09

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Introduction:During National Day grows a holiday, two things cause author turn sth over in one's mind. One is 11 that day, the author attended the wedding of two f...

During National Day grows a holiday, two things cause author turn sth over in one's mind.
One is 11 that day, the author attended the wedding of two friends, income of the first friend is good, wearing at ordinary times also calculate decent, can be in bridal spot, the covers dozen of famous brand business suit that lose to follow his puffiness then figure that he just bought appears antipathetic, take off to go up alive century the figure of entrepreneur of 90 time farmer. Fine ask under just know, the marriage house that buys newly before spends light not merely his total saving, returned the money of provide for the aged of a parents to spend one most, can save a province in daily life then, and of be the first to be affected is marriage take, “ is worn after all so a few days of ” . Another friend although income is not high, but the custom-built business suit that bridal spot wore a value not to poor however, win a recognition, the author thinks he turned “ local tyrant into ” , fine ask be informed, his marriage house is rented. Since lining is of empty, face is about to do solid, “ house says to be able to not afford if using him, because this dress is about,buy a good ” .
2 it is National Day between long holiday, the friends of native place are talked about most is local room city. Should be located in Heibei most not long ago of 3 lines city because of building city crisis by place of the people of the whole country hep, the folk that road of long-distance running of director of company of bibcock of this locality real estate left ten yuan collects money black hole. With this at the same time, media also discovered house of “ place commodity puts a quantity to need the phenomenon that digests nearly 10 years of ” .
The happiness that estate business has a person of our country of ad saying “ from have a house to begin ” , but that friend to the author, the house is in those who bring him happiness, also brought life quality drop.
Money of the governable in the hand is little, consumption drops naturally. Garment industry from 2008 since financial crisis, all along wanders in dodder along ongoing, and estate market however process period of a paragraph of rapid development. Writer old home was controlled 2010 about begin to go in for sth in a large scale building, whole city became a major construction site for a short while. The city is in change the appearance while, also for no reason is much gave many unused sky rooms, office building to follow market. the friend plaints at that time, build so much office building to follow market, native mouth did not increase substantially again with income, who does so much business do? But the word says again, the collapse of building city dish can not mean those who consume the market to pick up. Real-estate industry affects building materials trade, die dish of brought chain reaction can cause income of this locality dweller to drop directly again, did not forget, before building city, writer old home is the famousest is rolled steel.
Actually, scan widely whole nation, the 3 lines city of each district in the main such. We are clear of course, crisis of this building city can go very quickly, but to clothing company, the crisis still perhaps will maintain go down.
34 lines market is taken to home is the breakthrough important place that the country surrounds a city for outfit course of study, resemble how stepping, special the shoe such as the pace takes athletic brand, do one's best adopts extensive position 23 lines market will develop expand. With this at the same time, broad in the strategic rear area that small town also is backtrack of domestic brand safety, the row is like recreational brand Zhen Weisi in last few years amount of inn of door of town of a gleam of keeps atrophic, amount of inn of door of 34 lines market is continueing to grow however. Current, slowdown grows in dweller income, below the state of development of building city deformation, 34 lines market this last stronghold, perhaps meet from in-house checkmate.
Allegedly, in the competitive domain of Liu Jingzheng of boss of actor garment library, besides the dress brand such as ZARA, H&M, still have an apple.
Of course, this is objective element, have everybody of a word the reader should have listened this, when the environment cannot be changed, change oneself.