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Textile get warm again after a cold spell is carried fast polarization aggravate

Published on:2014/10/23 11:09:40

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Introduction:After all previous classics sent exhibition period to the gold 2008 2001, after all along is in financial crisis slow anabiosis the spin industry of c...

After all previous classics sent exhibition period to the gold 2008 2001, after all along is in financial crisis slow anabiosis the spin industry of condition, begin to anabiosis quickly at present. But with this at the same time, industry polarization also is in farther aggravate.
ROE raises refractive industry get warm again after a cold spell
According to going up card signs up for information count, 2013 year A spin garment trade is total ROE (net assets yield) for 7.9% , go up quite of year of the corresponding period 3.6% increase 4.3 percent, and on one year ROE of industry of 3 quarters spin increases 1.32 percent only compared to the same period.
As conclude appear on the market a of company profit ability important and financial index, of ROE rise considerably, or the evidence that refracting a spin industry to quicken get warm again after a cold spell.
From the point of particular company, of A of Lu Tai of bibcock of the base of the world's largest lubricious weaving production, lubricious industry that spin cloth annals showed 2013, finish business income on one year 6.478 billion, grow 9.78% compared to the same period; Net profit 999 million, grow 41.17% compared to the same period.
Lu Tai A says in annals, of gain ability rise, main because of price of cotton of long fine hair rise and the promotion that exports order value, caused company wool interest rate to promote nearly 4 percent, interest rate of wool of the fourth quarter increased 7.49 percent in the center.
Not come singly but in pairs. The outstanding achievement that color of China inspire confidence in sb spins bibcock of lubricious yarn enterprise on one year is very beautiful also beautiful, finish business income to follow net profit respectively 6.24 billion, 200 million, grow 8.86% compared to the same period respectively, 120.72% . The company declares where one stands, main profit from seizes market opportunity, rolled out at the same time those who accord with market demand is new article etc.
Since on “ one year of second half of the year, whole spin industry has get warm again after a cold spell truly, this is main at present the home spins body, on business of dress, fabrics. Liu Shijie of chairman of guild of ” Shenzhen spin tells a reporter, industry get warm again after a cold spell is main economy of profit from developed country anabiosises remarkable, increase to spin dress demand, together with company expands sale in domestic market to extend plan of research and development of strength, product, expand electric business energetically, widen sale channel, and in-house cost control.
The reporter combs discovery, outside removing afore-mentioned companies, on the much home company such as share of 100 grand east, Jia Linjie, bright and beautiful dragon one year net profit all is finished turn over times, home of clean of ormosia share, dream is spun, district of Hai Lan's home, visit person grow 73.78% compared to the same period respectively, 70.91% , 35.58% , 31.53% .
The summary of old survey of spring of federation of our country textile industry that holds recently is met on, pily survey group points out, the couplet in passing can is opposite since Feburary the survey discovery of and other places of Shandong, Henan, Heibei, Hubei, Chongqing, spin enterprise whole moves smooth and steady, ratio of the start working after major company division is normal, order is relatively sufficient and smooth and steady growth.
Polarization is farther aggravate
But, the backside that whole flourishs, what enterprise of part of unpleasant however attack by surprise manages difficulty is miserable.
One appears on the market company tall valve makes known his position to the reporter, from the point of industrial catenary, upriver market is produced in relatively can superfluous, this is main because of before a few produce per year can outspread too fast. And from the point of trade overall situation, although industry whole is smooth and steady,growth, bibcock appears on the market enterprise outstanding achievement soars, but most medium and small businesses still steps forward dimension difficult.
Come from the spring investigation report of industry of spin of our country cotton also show, because active pily policy reachs major nation store inventory need year after year is digested, and each cost that continues to rise, duty is lost reach capital pressure, it is relatively difficult to have partial enterprise develops, special it is a few medium and small businesses live the environment has further exasperate evidence. With this at the same time, the big company that majority has actual strength is going to perhaps plan, go to southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, United States investment of and other places builds a plant.
The ‘ of industry of spin of “ China cotton walks along ’ , policy ‘ forces ’ comes out. Tall brave says vice-chairman of guild of spin of cotton of ” our country.
“ industry since 2008 all along is in anabiosis infirmly condition, instantly still is in adjust period, and continue as what adjust, industry polarization will continue aggravate. Wang Qian of editor in chief of network of the first spin enters ” tell a reporter, industry of whole before this spin was in the circumstance of total profit basically 2008, and after this, industry become divided begins to show.
Bark advancement points out, situation of instantly spin trade is, one angle, in a certain domain or the backbone company that some angle has distinctive competition advantage, outstanding achievement maintains fast growth; Another angle, the spin enterprise of ” of those “ in a popular style, especially because medium and small businesses lacks competition ability, lack market price authority, management circumstance go from bad to worse.
" spin trade situation was analysed 2014 " the report points out, 2014 is spin industry a year when be worth to expect. From the point of macroscopical economic situation, the possibility of up-and-up of hopeful of environment of domestic macroscopical economy is larger 2014, spin industry surmounts the likelihood bottom to wander march growth phase, in international the case with overall economy not quite good environment falls, should not appear only the phenomenon with exasperate environment, or it is a good news. So, strengthen industrial structural adjustment, advance industry transition to upgrade, raise ability of industry ego innovation to follow can maintaining development still is spin industry the theme 2014.
“ spin industry is adjusted period will maintain to 2015, after this, the industry will march rise period. ” barks advancement says.