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Chemical Fiber Machinery

Chemical fibber equipment: From high yield efficient trend is energy-saving province industry

Published on:2014/8/12 13:22:54

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Introduction:The new product that although international of 2014 our country spins loom,exhibits on instrument exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition is not much, but...

The new product that although international of 2014 our country spins loom,exhibits on instrument exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition is not much, but the technology of chemical fibber equipment progresses,still be be obvious to all. Overall for, current exhibited the system of chemical fibber machine that exhibits on the meeting to reveal automation, energy-saving wait for new characteristic, used machinery to also cause the attention of the audience with fiber of time difference dissimilation, special type.

Automation province person is window

In industry whole state bad situation falls, the tall to automation degree, pressing demand rate that reduces the facility that use worker worker is in spin enterprise continue to promote. Make a comprehensive view these a few years spin what machine development can look to go out, couplet of couplet of cotton spinning degree of finish, fine sth resembling a net, belt is collective fall the spun yarn of gauze grows a car be the first to be affected takes on rose to reduce the heavy responsibility that uses worker worker. But from current exhibit what can look on the meeting to go out, the automation that chemical fibber equipment also begins to pay attention to a product follows the managing function that use worker worker.

The machine of winding of new-style WINGS POY 1800 that case of horse of Europe luck Kang Ba exhibits, can produce 12 silk cake at the same time, adapted to be able to produce the history of 10 silk cake at most only. WINGS POY new model manufactures efficiency in promotion 20% while, type of the generation before covering an area of area ratio is contractible 75% , the demand that use worker worker decreases 60% .

Limited company of whole set of equipment of machinery of spin of Shanghai Pacific Ocean rolled out head of winding of TCTQ299-150 automatic switch, this winding head is opposite filature speed, turn means of alar drive-box structure, drive, control means undertake innovating while, systematic obligate communication interface follows industrial aether net RS485 interface, finished high-powered, high yield to give the seriation of the product. Head of winding of this automatic switch is prevented fold means agile, adopt Electromechanical unifinication control, adopt switch of drive of servo electric machinery to rotate, adopt circumgyrate form automatic switch means, can shorten coil completely the tube follows the switch time between empty canal, reducing greatly while waste silk is measured, reduce labor intensity, promotion manufactures efficiency.

Without Xi Hongyuan limited company of Electromechanical science and technology rolled out chemical filament to fall automatically roll, carry a system. This system has the character such as efficient, low cost, solved bring about high speed winding pitch of workshop a confusion of voices, artificial fall demand of big, jockey increases a labor strength wait for a problem. Carry out in this machine design oneness, oneness, modular thought, sort of product spare parts is little, replace a gender tall, can go to the lavatory the user undertakes according to effective demand module is combined, form automation of personalized chemical filament to fall a feeding system, can raise the automation level of working procedure of the line after chemical filament is produced, promote a product quality, reduce labour cost, the market competition ability that produces a business to promote chemical filament further aids a helping hand.

The difference is changed still get attention fully

As the development of chemical fibber industry, chemical fibber enterprise, special it is to be in enterprise of a few medium, small-sized chemical fibber, change a requirement to the difference of the product taller. These enterprises develop a many new products in domain of former unripe filature not merely, and secondary material (coke bottle) wait for the enterprise that serves as producer goods with each passing day gradually much, these equipment also emerge as the times require gets quickly popular following popularizing. But, because the otherness of regenerated fiber raw material is very big, applied life to make known his position with the function to mechanical equipment so higher demand.

Current exhibit on the meeting, limited company of whole set of equipment of machinery of spin of Shanghai Pacific Ocean rolled out PPS equipment of special filature equipment, PPS special aftertreatment and craft of PPS short staple, equipment follows factory software to wrap. Equipment of this PPS filature has characteristic of 3 old techniques: It is high temperature resistant, the extruder of PPS special screw that anti-corrosive, special structure designs. Filature casing designs temperature to be 0.6 million Pascal for pressure of 350 ℃ , design, at the same time pressure vessel of give attention to two or morethings designs technology of production of OK and contented filature bear control structural demand. The 2 filature component structures that are character of applicable PPS raw material follow spurt filar board design. The filature pressure that package structure can satisfy filature craft place to ask is in with stock the uniformity of going from place to place inside housing, the viscosity character that size of gush silk hole can satisfy sex of raw material content than the design with long way follows the demand of spinneret drawing. 3 be gush silk aperture is reasonable arrange distributing. This distributings the cooling wind that assured sufficient capacity is enough and penetrable, achieve the result of even refrigeration. Annulus airs the commutator of cooling device airs the premise of the wind force that requires in place of can contented craft, leeway, wind speed falls, obtain the uniformity condition of wind speed.

Limited company of machinery of Han Dan baronial chemical fibber exhibited KR/HD340 is new-style filament sticking gum is successive filature machine. Its collect filature, draft, second birth, bath, size, drying, winding 7 working procedure at an organic whole, have a structure novel, appearance is spun beautifully, high fast, big package, without contact, broken filament little, operation goes to the lavatory, run the good point such as reliable, efficient low cost, safe environmental protection. Filature speed achieves 160 meters / minute, filature variety is wide, comfortable spin density achieves 60 cent spy ~400 branch is particular, automation rate is high, market of domestic and international sale is very good in last few years, export only amount to many 50.

Trend of development of energy-saving environmental protection is clear

As the rapid development of Chinese economy, special it is in recent years people increases to environmental protection continuity, company of production of chemical fibber equipment is developed in the product also be in in experience contented and downstream enterprise is opposite utmost energy-saving, fall the demand of bad news product.

Current exhibit on the meeting, the new generation that without Xi Hongyuan limited company of Electromechanical science and technology rolls out falls automatically resource of silk of bounce of canister high speed can change rate tall. This machine is adopted full automatic fall winding technology follows nicety of electron of canister switch technology, high speed online tension feels a technology; Fall automatically tube unit, fall canister system adopts pneumatic control, follow in unripe head fall during the canister, pneumatic sucks silk of filar plant automation bundle, winding silk reachs set value, carry out fall automatically canister program, finish fall automatically the gauze, operation that change a canister and movement of automatic unripe first class, the user is achievable nobody turn production. It adopts odd electric machinery to finish winding of across of high speed nicety, compare with traditional mechanical winding, small to filar generation injury, finish agile canister gauze geometry to shape, electronic nicety prevents protruding fold, the function such as winding tension control, density of layer of inside and outside of the tube that finish is consistent, promote unreel rate, promote unreel, coloring and weaving quality apparently. It applies electronic winding to shape technology, have noise small, get used to high speed, production efficiency is tall, fixed length is accurate, utilization rate of finished product silk is advanced characteristic. This machine undertook improvement to heating up box, can reduce loss of quantity of heat substantially, achieve the goal of economic energy resources.

Heng Tian is versed in in polyester fibber the development of short fine equipment develops all along to go in the front row of course of study of domestic person of the same trade again. Current exhibit on the meeting, the product that the company rolls out adopts CAD technology, three-dimensional emulation technology, finite the advanced technique such as yuan of analysis technology, actual productivity is achieved everyday 220 tons. Ton fiber uses up reach home even international is advanced level: Power consumption 145 kilowatt hour, vapour is used up low go to 750 kilograms, desalination water is used up under 0.61 stere, cooling water uses up 51 stere, refrigerant use up under 25 stere, industrial water uses up 0.6 stere.

The head follows the winding of type of cam slippery shuttle that Zhengzhou China entangles company of chemical fibber science and technology is revealed double turn head of winding of type of ala coming back, be close to or reach the level of foreign congener product. Its press filar roller, with chuck axis synchronism, reduced CR to be injured to the attrition of end silk and filar layer, promoted unreel to cross end to lead, suit fine day especially / the production of poriferous silk, reduced broken end, broken filament.

Efficient development tendercy does not change high yield

Although market of dimension of instantly difference chemical fibber is remarkable good at groovy fiber market, but the big package that groovy chemical fibber seeks, high speed, efficient because produce,do not have can decrease and produce a change.

Current exhibit on the meeting, filar machine basically uses the elastic force of high speed of polyamide fibber of double ingot group that the company that jump over a sword develops at polyamide fibber beforehand orientaton silk (POY) is out of shape through heating have low flexibility can draft is out of shape silk (DTY) , twist S the double silk form a partnership that twists with Z is become when treatment without odd torque silk. Opposite at equipment of odd ingot form a partnership, in exactly like the crop below speed can be finished turn over times.

Holiday of the JWK3626 that exhibits via abb company in advance polyamide fibber twists be out of shape engine is main use at in machine after filament of fine Dan Jinguan add play working procedure, highest and mechanical speed 1200 meters / minute, comfortable spin fibber number 22 minutes special ~110 branch is particular, special suit to produce fine day poriferous silk. Holiday of this polyamide fibber twists be out of shape the development window of machine has 4: It is RPR pneumatic unripe head, when spinning the fine day silk under 22 cent spy, success laying a head leads photograph comparing tall. 2 it is to use RPR winding system, winding shapes acceded the advantage of RPR, it is easy that mesh follows unreel less. 3 was to adopt the energy-saving electric machinery that connects a form continuously, cancelled synchronism to took join to reduce the noise of end of car head car thereby. Finished the low cost, feebleminded bad news, diversification that gets used to client production. 4 was to adopt unique roller powder technique, adopt seal wire of drive of odd electric machinery dish, reduce specific power consumption substantially, eliminate the mechanical stress when seal wire, reduce spare parts loss to follow upkeep costs considerably.

The ZWT612-180 winding head that Heng Tian is versed in the company is developed again can promote an unit produce substantially can, with traditional 1500 ingot axis winding head is compared, the unit is produced can promote 20% ; Adopt advanced functional design, assure filar character already, POY of the path after be helpful for again is machined. The product is adopted active the design that press roller, chuck axis follows when the movement that press roller accurate synchronism, reduced CR to be injured to the attrition of end silk and filar layer, the quality that promoted silk and unreel cross end to lead, suit fine day especially / the production of poriferous silk, reduced broken end, broken filament to wait undesirable tasted occurence rate. The product uses the roller that press silk to exceed hello, press roller not merely active, and can undertake exceed feed set. Exceed suitably to CR in winding experience hello, can improve the pulling force of winding area silk, improve filar cake to shape thereby the result that reachs unreel.

Keyword:Chemical fibber, automation, fiber, polyamide fibber, the market, chemical fibber machinery, state, filature machine, weaving, filature component

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