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935 chemical fibber look at textile key

Published on:2014/8/12 11:18:04

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Introduction:935 ” spin develops our country “ forum is held in Jilin city at 8 days. Du Jue of chairman of reputation of union of our country textile ...

935 ” spin develops our country “ forum is held in Jilin city at 8 days. Du Jue of chairman of reputation of union of our country textile industry continent make known his position on forum, the 935 ” of “ of textile industry plan to begin early days survey formally already.
Du Jue continent disclosed the partial train of thought that the industry plans in the speech. He makes known his position, instantly spin industry is in slow in anabiosising, in the future the development of textile industry is to be based on revolution of burgeoning science and technology to be a foundation, specific and character, should change with intelligence, foundation of melt into of digitlization, information, it is the confluence that produces service line of business to follow manufacturing industry.
The personage inside course of study makes known his position to the reporter, in this kind frame of development train of thought falls, chemical fibber especially special type fiber, hopeful becomes join intelligence to change, the carrier of digitlization, informatization, also one of focal points that hopeful makes 935 ” of textile “ plan.
The reporter understands, special type fiber can be used extensively carry at national defence industry, aerospace, traffic, medical treatment sanitation, marine aquatic product follows the branch such as communication. Even if is in synthetic fibre domain, polyvinyl chloride fiber can use as industrial filter cloth, filmy, nautical take and the; such as swimsuit is too chloric ethylene fiber is comfortable use the fire prevention dress that follows firemen at making air man.
And be in same on forum, zhao Xiangdong of vice-chairman of association of our country chemical fibber casts the “ that gave chemical fibber industry to see the bottom says ” . He makes known his position, what chemical fibber market has been in 10 years to come is low, did not drop almost space. Look from instantly, busy season of tradition of second half of the year is worth an industry to expect, crop of annual of predicting the current year 43.5 million tons, total of growth 6%; profit is compared on year grow somewhat.
Zhao Xiangdong makes known his position, value in the future the development of chemical fibber industry. No matter be globalization fine demand, town,change what what arouse with agricultural modernization inside need latent capacity, return be applied domain to extend, be chemical fibber demand increase created a condition.
And the breed angle in specific progress, chemical fibber industry grows concentration “ in the future ” of dimension of chemical fibber of difference of ” of fiber of sex of function of ” of fiber of new and high technology, “ , “ 3 big fields.