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Company of antimonial printing and dyeing exceeding bid stops ground of Shanghai potential fountainhead, be restricted to produce

Published on:2014/8/11 13:19:54

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Introduction:“ too Pu He ” , because join too the lake follows yellow Pu Jiang and get a name. This Dong Taihu rises on the west bank Suzhou city Wu Ji...

“ too Pu He ” , because join too the lake follows yellow Pu Jiang and get a name. This Dong Taihu rises on the west bank Suzhou city Wu Jiang district, east the river that follows to Mao river connects on the west and enter Shanghai area, the area with best water quality of ground of fountainhead of upper reaches of river of yellow riverside of churchyard of sea of strung be thinkinged. In the process after incident of ” of dead pig of river of Huang Pu of ” of infection of water of “ golden hill, “ , be in too the fountainhead lake with riverside river new open up, already was regarded as to settle one of tired feasible program that Shanghai waters.
But, shed 15 villages and towns of 3 provinces city too Pu He, resisting on the way on the way that company of estate of cross-strait numerous multitask affects, still facing a lot of difficult problem.
According to reporter understanding, this second, too what Pu He faces is outside delicacy the content of ” of “ antimonial element that has hearing exceeds bid.
The number that chief gives to the reporter related bureau of environmental protection of Wu Jiang area shows, on July 12, zhejiang angle bulletin gives antimonial content at detecting in sample of ground of drinking water source 5.02 microgramme / litre, standard of set limit to of summary prep above 5 microgramme / rise.
Subsequently, in still cannot affirm antimonial element origin completely, adopt when cogent and significant step solves a problem, wu Jiang place can is opposite temporarily only stop production of company of printing and dyeing, be restricted to produce, reduce pH indicator goal with reducing liquid waste discharge capacity to reach.
“7 informs overall stop production 18 days month, the announcement was restricted to produce on July 24 50% , as to when can just restore be produced entirely can, instantly is returned cannot and know. ”8 month 4 days, the controller of company of printing and dyeing that is located in Suzhou city Wu Jiang district explains.
But this is not long plan, industry expert thinks, administer too riverside river water quality, need couplet of 3 ground joint defense to accuse already, assure up to mark of provincial boundaries water quality, also need the method that downstream enterprise studies to reduce antimonial element content on encourage textile to follow craft.
Enterprise of printing and dyeing meets with stop production, be restricted to produce
*ST is new civilian said on July 22, suzhou of company wholy-owned subsidiary is new civilian the Wu Zheng that limited company of printing and dyeing receives office of government of people of Suzhou city Wu Jiang district to allot does 112 " the announcement that carries out stop production about antimonial to whole area experience enterprise " , because of occurrence wave motion of water quality of section of short for Zhejiang Province of near future river, partial index appears unusual, to ensure downstream drinking water is safe with all one's strength, the lash-up that press a province deals with the requirement works related the group, decide this day rises to implement measure of temporary stop production to enterprise of whole area printing and dyeing.
Chief of bureau of environmental protection of Wu Jiang area explains, incident traceable on July 12. That day, this bureau receives a bulletin, say too Pu He's downstream Zhejiang gives antimonial content to be 5.02 microgramme at detecting in sample of ground of drinking water fountainhead / litre, “ set limit to should be in 5 microgramme / litre the following. ” is in charge of person this.
According to national level appoint publish jointly with Ministry of Public Health " standard of sanitation of life drinking water " (GB5749-2006) , antimonial element content should be 5 microgramme / litre the following. In addition, basis " standard of quality of surface water environment " in surface water of drinking water of life of “ collect Chinese style source ground is restricted of specific project to be worth definitely " , antimonial content also answer under 5 microgramme / litre.
The expert with faceless requirement explains to the reporter, came 17 days on July 13, too Pu He is drinkable fountainhead ground detects in succession antimonial content rises to microgramme of 5.09 microgramme ~5.96 / litre, in detecting on the spot, march when centering sewage treatment plant, antimonial content is 210 microgramme / litre, the content when giving water is 80 microgramme / litre. But this says to did not get the government confirms, “ is not gotten can have so tall, this should not be fountainhead ground number this. Chief response weighs ” related bureaus of afore-mentioned environmental protection of Wu Jiang area, “ is other, detect the number gets possibly also the influence of a lot of element such as the instrument. ”
After receiving a bulletin, area immediately established Wu Jiang to include the working party of the branch such as environmental protection, irrigation works, check to affecting origin to begin a platoon. “7 month 13 days, the professional technology staff that we summonned filature, weaving, printing and dyeing to wait for an enterprise with coating opened an informal discussion. Advocate if two problems, it is production antimony is applied in experience, 2 it is to discharge antimony. ”
The antimonial content in because cannot take out the method of get effect instantly to come temporarily,reducing liquid waste, wu Jiang area adopted the “ that be called by enterprise of printing and dyeing of a lot of place finally the method that one knife cuts ” : Stop production, be restricted to produce.
Gotten document shows, office of government of Wu Jiang district issued an announcement on July 18, because water quality of section of short for Zhejiang Province of near future river appears,weigh “ fluctuant, partial index appears unusual, to ensure downstream drinking water is safe with all one's strength, the lash-up that press a province deals with the requirement works related the group, show a decision, rise to carry out ” of measure of temporary stop production to enterprise of whole area printing and dyeing at this day. In the meantime, censorial personnel returns bureau of bureau of environmental protection of city of hall of Jiangsu province environmental protection, Suzhou, environmental protection of Wu Jiang area to chase “ an examination, once discover the business that do sth without authorization produces, will move to delegate of its legal person lawfully send public security mechanism processing, ask to be in the administrative controller of area under administration to carry out duty ” .
" Wu Jiang daily " the report says, many company order did not realize local “ , was closed compulsively to stop ” .
Environmental protection bureau also is in county of downstream fine be apt to to be given out with day " about ordering company of loom of water of entire county gush (door) the urgent announcement of executive stop production " , call the near future index of section of water quality of section of this county have a common boundary appear unusual. Classics investigation, be sure liquid waste of industry of loom of water following spurt is concerned, to ensure water quality of section of have a common boundary improves, according to requirement of ranking and urgent announcement, instruct relevant company to halt production instantly.
To on July 24, office of government of people of Wu Jiang division allotted Wu Zheng to do 115 again " the announcement that resumes production conditionally about antimonial to whole area experience enterprise " , say to be aimed at the situation that at present water quality stabilizes up-and-up, combinative expert argumentation follows industry cry, classics research, sign up for equipment to upper section, decide antimonial to experience enterprise resumes production conditionally now, antimonial to whole area experience enterprise is pressed 50% produce can resume production, can adopt 2 stop of 2 annulus produce measure, specific annulus produce be restricted to produce plan to press down proper motion to make by each area, sign up for bureau of area environmental protection to put on record.
*ST is new civilian say, new civilian printing and dyeing is met from July 24 midday 12 when case restore 50% produce can, the announcement that the branch is in charge of related sequel general basis restores the time of overall production for certain. *ST is new civilian make known his position at the same time, still cannot restore the specific time of overall production for certain in view of instantly, this second stop production to the company the impact state of 2014 year outstanding achievement still cannot be forecasted. This company also did not reply the reporter asks detailed state cover a demand.
Each just understand to antimonial infection apparently not much. “ we are old revolution encountered new issue. Chief is right related bureau of environmental protection of area of ” Wu Jiang " daily economy news " the reporter makes known his position so.
The one maybe of the reason in the center depends on a standard be short of break, basis " spin catchs entire industry water to affect content to discharge a standard " , acquiring entire industry company to spin or produce establishment water to affect content to discharge be restricted to be worth, in monitoring the demand that follows monitoring, did not involve antimonial element to detect. Place is in the liquid waste that discharges to enterprise and sewage treatment plant, also did not undertake detecting to antimonial content. “ we think to antimony does not arise in link of printing and dyeing, this thing should be solved this from fountainhead, is not mere be restricted to produce to acquiring a plant. ” Wang Chao thinks.
Another angle of “ , follow rainfall of this locality of early days summer possibly also less, too riverside river water level is relatively inferior about, chroma nature is tall. ” has clerk of government of Wu Jiang place to think.
Region economy is affected or will show
Apparent, stop production, be restricted to produce measure to be opposite this with respect to condition not the enterprise of printing and dyeing of beautiful, do not calculate on interest good news.
*ST is new civilian at saying in annals 2013, as the buildup of consciousness of whole society environmental protection, country and place stricter and stricter and specific, country arranges policy of energy-saving environmental protection the standard promotes further, the pressure that the public opinion of social level organizes with international environmental protection continues to increase, course of study of printing and dyeing is facing significant pressure.
Chief king overtakes industry of one printing and dyeing (alias) tell a reporter, generally speaking, 6, 7, was an industry August off-season, be restricted to produce pair of enterprises to affect not quite, “ but the current year July accept the order opposite in former years is much abrupter, because this is restricted to produce an effect,still be very big, instantly wants defer at least a week, we still can receive the bill of a little old client, some photographs compare small order, or unfamiliar we dare not accept the client at all. ”
Wang Chao tells a reporter: Although “ is restricted to produce 50% , the worker of the half cannot go to work, but the worker's salary or issue as before, this also is cost of very big brushstroke. Hear some dimensions photograph compares small catching factory, the plan begins to client collection urgent cost, come so, to next only companies, loss a lot of profit. ”
Wu Jiang Li Yu of controller of one spin company (alias) tell a reporter: “ weaving also can produce antimony, weaving follows coloring link stop production, be equivalent to halt of whole industry catenary basically. And be restricted produce in the future, order shipment time is squeezed, sure bring about order incur loss through delay to follow client move, the order that can implement on time originally is current cannot consign, the client also does not get the supplier that can accept want delay consign to rise in price even again already apparently. Still having a few is foreign client, more involve airborne issue, the loss is very big. ”
Ou Chengze town builds Wu Jiang condition of go back to work showed when with deputy director general of environmental protection bureau Song Xiongying ever was accepting media to interview, in the center the accept canal that one of enterprises that are all go back to work must accomplish the antimony in sewage discharges chroma to be less than 0.1 milligram / litre (namely 100 microgramme / litre) , the chroma that sewage plant eduction goes to is restricted to be worth is 0.05 milligram / rise, in addition produce printing and dyeing even antimony may arise to discharge the high concentration link that exceeds bid to decompose in link come out, alone processing.
Enterprise of printing and dyeing is restricted to produce the effect of pair of Wu Jiang and even Suzhou region economy, also will show stage by stage. In studying a report, Ceng Yu discloses trade having ticket, output of company of printing and dyeing of instantly Jiangsu area takes the throughout the country about 9% , in the center Wu Jiang area is close 3 billion meters, occupy in Jiangsu than 60% , occupy in the whole nation than 5.5% . To Wu Jiang area character, serve as place two big one of industries of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class, the importance that silk spin industry grows at local economy is more self-evident. Statistical data shows, 2013, annual of Wu Jiang area finishs gross value of industrial output 385 billion yuan, grow 1.6% , business of dimensions above industry achieves production value three hundred and nine billion and fifty-five million yuan, grow 1.0% , and in the center silk spin industry achieves production value ninety-seven billion six hundred and forty-four million yuan.
Mechanism of linkage of Shanghai of river short for Zhejiang Province shows embryonic form
Before “ , spin industry ever was faced with ‘ with auxiliary industry ’ of Ren radical phenolic incident, caused intense social echo. Be faced with antimonial content to surpass the case of mark again at present, how to answer to incident of this kind of infection, should this program that has an effective. ” has industry expert to think.
Wu Jiang is located in south Jiangsu “ gate ” , be linked together cheek by jowl with Zhejiang, after from 2001 area of have a common boundary of river short for Zhejiang Province produces water to affect dispute to contradict with water issue, wu Jiang namely all-around the integrated punish that strengthened pair of area water environments. Save with Zhejiang for example fine the show that start city continent area, two ground government is held regularly namely treat corrupt joint meeting, was sure “ is supervised jointly, the working mechanism that combines office ” .
2012, both sides builds provincial and attrib border environment to combine across to execute the law jointly again working mechanism, when producing dispute of the infection that cross a boundary to affect an accident with the environment, two ground had done the investigation inside this area under administration to work to deal with with lash-up above all the job, report concerned circumstance in time to the other side, at the same time the organization spreads out across to execute the law jointly, spread out relevant investigation to deal with with lash-up jointly the job, to the environment illegal enterprise manages principle put on record to investigate by apanage, report processing result.
This second detect in Zhejiang angle content giving antimony exceeds bid, rapid bulletin, jiang Zhe the practice that two ground linkage reacts, be considered as profit from namely mechanism of early-warning of infection of environment of afore-mentioned joint meeting systems, water runs a system with lash-up.
Other, as we have learned, the environmental linkage mechanism of 3 ground of include river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai also is being formed.
Chief explains related bureau of environmental protection of Wu Jiang area, " couplet of joint defense of 3 ground environment accuses Qing Pu, fine be apt to, Wu Jiang linkage job implements plan " already sent token to beg an opinion to stalk of grain. This executive plan will be ensured with “ too ” of safety of environment of riverside river water attachs most importance to a dot, in principle too Pu He is coastal 5 kilometers area serves as both sides depth to be prevented jointly control area, “ is superintended through building 3 ground to cross environment of provincial boundaries area, infection prevention and cure, lash-up deals with ” of linkage job mechanism, the platoon that expands to affect hidden trouble to crossing environment of provincial boundaries area with this “ examines punish strength, severity hits all sorts of environments to violate behavior ” .
Monitor linkage mechanism according to lash-up, the environment should happen to break out incident inside one party area and when the development tendercy of safety of environment of area of influential other one party (be like too safety of water quality of ground of Pu He fountainhead is affected) , should give out accident early-warning to another for a short while, start combination to monitor program, seasonable bulletin monitors a result.
To downstream Shanghai, qing Pu water quality of section of provincial boundaries of Ou Taipu river stands automatically to already also was checked and accept at was being passed a few days ago. Automatic station can pass this water quality right too upper reaches of ground of drinking water source comes to Pu He the real time of water water quality is monitored continuously with long-range monitoring, seasonable monitoring upper reaches comes water water quality changes, early-warning is forecasted tremendous or catchment sex water quality affects an accident, solve the water that crosses canton region to affect accident issue. Cooperate hydrology to monitor at the same time, come to Jiang Zhe the flux of main infection content of water undertakes be monitoringed in real time, to affect content gross control gives scientific basis.