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The home is spun together cotton spinning printing and dyeing

Published on:2014/8/11 11:17:23

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Introduction:“ makes joint-stock source, cross bound confluence, technical innovation ” , home of printing and dyeing of cotton spinning of “2014...

“ makes joint-stock source, cross bound confluence, technical innovation ” , home of printing and dyeing of cotton spinning of “2014 whole nation spun technical butt joint to communicate meeting ” to give priority to a problem with this a few days ago, choose upriver spin fiber, fabrics development, printing, catch whole processing technique to spin product photograph union with the home. So, integrated resource, form whole industry chain, stimulative cotton spinning, printing and dyeing spins the joint development of the industry to become resonance with the home.

Product development must is with science and technology prop up

In last few years, the home spun an industry to march to send exhibition period flourishingly, the product is satisfying people basic physiology demand while, consumer pays attention to sex of environmental protection, beautiful, function to follow more and more can maintain development. Institute of equipment of military supplies of the General Logistics Department of liberation army of our country people Dr. Shi Meiwu is reporting middle finger goes out, the home spins a product is the couple that follows art scientificly, the development need of the product is with science and technology prop up, principle of reasonable use science, development is contented different the product of demand. But be used at the industry relatively,use dry goods with dress for, the researcher that pursues family expenses dry goods is little, content of technology of family expenses textile is low. Below this height situation, must the enterprise takes seriously jointly with the researcher, force of infuse science and technology, cooperative research and development, will promote a product additional cost, enhance company competition ability.

Institute of technology of profession of Zhejiang spin dress teachs Jiang Shuyuan to spun the influencing factor of fabrics character to make a specification to the home, analyse in development cause the home to spin a product different make known his position to settle way after the reason of the problem. She points out, in last few years, the home spins a product to present style diversity, colour gorgeous, design is happy bright and blended in the ethical culture element with different each district, this becomes the main development that a few years the home will spin a product henceforth possibly also to develop tendency.

Fabrics is carrier, fiber is a foundation. Fibrous characteristic decides the home spins the property of the product. Instantly, use the product is spun in the home sort of medium functional sex fiber is various. In communicating an activity this, limited company of Suzhou constant smooth chemical fibber was rolled out hollow degree of fiber that can achieve 70 % , have admirable moisture absorption to follow warmth retention properties; A kind of new-style biology can fiber product gets everybody's height pays close attention to, the product that produces with this fiber can accelerate blood to flow, have very good effect circularly to promoting the blood of old people.

Dress of saline city rising sun complementary makings limited company follows coact of limited company of science and technology of Hangzhou flying nimble to develop a photograph to become small capsule, this small capsule joins the home to spin fabrics, when the person is resting, the small capsule in the textile on the bed follows the temperature of human body through inductive environment, the intelligence that finish adjusts the effect of temperature, build bed of easy human body — to taste the micro climate that — environment place forms.

Fiber-optic colour brings visual new experience

Printing follows coloring technology is to affect the home to spin the element with product vision the most immediate effect, printing affects a quality that spins a product directly with the stand or fall of coloring technology. Project of our country spin learns to catch adviser of full professional committee the development that Wang Jiyong promotes printing technology with union of much territory technology made special subject report for the problem; Shanghai is strange the core technology that dilatancy of severe Jin Rongxiang of manager of printing machinery limited company understands opportunity of printing of true colour plain net follows the issue that the attention answers in application.

Gu Ren of president of baronial and electric limited company is opposite Changzhou technology of digitlization numerical control undertook demonstrative, the application of numerical control technology can avoid the error that causes by factitious element, promotion printing allows to spend with colored essence; Zhejiang fills vise general manager of limited company of hair spin printing and dyeing to considered grand to explain to treatment is arranged after how passing pair of fabric to undertake, make textile has different function.

The home spins a product to regard terminal as consumable, aim to be able to bring consumer beautiful, comfortable, cheerful feeling. Project of our country spin learns the home to spin Gong Jianpei of professional committee chairman to set out from design respect, elaborate the home to spin a product to be in the main effect that builds angle of comfortable household environment; College of Zhejiang grain industry teachs gold quick to say palpability will be fiber-optic use excellent in spinning a product, through fiber-optic different time glow will complete design colorific change; The home spins professional committee swallow of senior engineer Ji Jiadong, Yellow Sea parts with in technical reformation of business of short-haired pelt towel followed towel printing technology to make special subject report for the problem.

This the activity reports besides special subject besides, still organize an expert to undertake discussion with enterprise delegate, the design that the problem that the application in discussing to basically spin a product in the home with functional sex fiber, home spins product printing to follow the existence in acquiring whole technology, home spins product fabrics to organize a structure follows a few angle such as expression to be main content.

Home of printing and dyeing of cotton spinning of 2014 whole nations spins technical butt joint to communicate can be the collect cotton spinning that project of our country spin learns to be held first, printing and dyeing the technical communication that spins 3 link to be an organic whole with the home is met, resource of conference general upper reaches, technology is effective and integrated, spin terminal product butt joint with the home, spin new product development to spin company competition ability to give strong support with promotion home for the home.

Keyword:The home is spun, fiber, printing, printing and dyeing, cotton spinning, fabrics, textile, spin weaver Cheng, printing machine, dress

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