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Home Cheng Yu spins the asset that start to recombine the each other austral Wen Zhoucang to protect couplet to keep a problem serious

Published on:2014/8/8 13:20:22

Keyword:The home is spun, investigation, state, printing and dyeing, weaving, spinning, cotton
Introduction:Lukewarm state city knows a person of academic or artistic distinction to spin an enterprise to fill house home to spin a group to step the first pace...

Lukewarm state city knows a person of academic or artistic distinction to spin an enterprise to fill house home to spin a group to step the first pace that asset recombines. On August 6, group flourishing space, Home Cheng Yu spins group assets to recombine the ceremony that start to be held in Wen Zhou, president of group flourishing space holds a president concurrently to ever went up religion, company tall valve and strategic investor in all nearly 100 people attended a ceremony.

Begin on one year, on the net about " Home Cheng Yu spins capital catenary to rupture, the company closes down " message all along continues. Yesterday, people net [- 2.39% capital grind newspaper] meet an urgent need of risk of business of the county austral cite dark green deals with chief word says related the office: Home Cheng Yu spins the problem of the group to be exposed in this the beginning of the year, capital catenary occurrence insecurity, but different at Wen Zhou city enterprise of a few be or get out of danger, this group did not march estate domain, however area of industrial investment sortie is too large, cause difficulty of company capital have enough to meet need finally.

According to " daily economy news " reporter understanding, home Cheng Yu spins a group to recombine process debt, property right recombines, recommend 3 level such as strategic investor, instantly is recombining in the debt that start, already the ten lane of investment orgnaization Shanghai that come from Shanghai invest development limited company to intervene work accordingly.

Cheng Yu plans to introduce strategic investor

Public data shows, home Cheng Yu spins a group to establish in March 1996, instantly has 13 the home is wholy-owned reach control share company, involve production of pily treatment, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, bedding to wait for whole industry catenary with the sale, the worker amounts to 3500 people, capital total amounts to 1.5 billion yuan. Instantly, the company sells a site to spread all over 27 province, city of countrywide, municipality, share many 800 brand shop or shop to join in with many 1000 retail shop.

In July 2014, the reporter ever went to austral Zhejiang dark green Home Cheng Yu to spin area of place industry garden to be visited on the spot. The reporter discovers in the spot, inside the plant area that Home Cheng Yu spins relatively empty swing. The dweller of plant area periphery and pedlar also make known his position to the reporter, plant area it doesn't matter person pass in and out.

To this, on August 7, chief of division of company of bureau of letter of the classics austral dark green is being accepted " daily economy news " when interviewing, make known his position, factory all along is being produced, still have " hematopoiesis " function.

Spin the reason of capital catenary occurrence insecurity to Home Cheng Yu, wen Zhou medium and small businesses promotes article of mind of conference chairman week to make known one's position, it is the order after international banking crisis decreases; 2 it is domestic money market after tightening up, this enterprise is smoked to borrow by the bank, protect couplet to other company each other again, the fund that drag in reachs a few yuan; 3 it is an enterprise blind dilate.

"Introduce strategic investor besides the plan, still will adopt a worker to hold means. Instantly recombines plan in still be being made. " chief of afore-mentioned division of company of classics letter bureau make known his position.

After asset recombined the conference that start on August 6, ever went up religion wait with Zhou Dewen the two industries survey that saves investment of county of Chibi city, charr in Hubei is spun toward Home Cheng Yu before leaving, evaluate asset to follow debt situation, recombine a plan to undertake fulfilling his duty to investigate in the round to make.

As we have learned, home Cheng Yu spins two enterprises that invest in Chibi city to all be spin enterprise, one is to build a business, instantly workshop is adjacent and finishing, equipment already also was purchased; Another is the company that its buy.

"Asset recombines want one pace to go, this is the experience with a photograph long comparing. The enterprise arrives today such, had shed last blood, wanting bring back to life is very difficult, but we do our best,the business with so good help walks out of predicament. Still doing at present fulfil his duty to investigate, understand family property accumulated over a long time to need 7~10 day probably. " Zhou Dewen makes known his position, "A lot of enterprises march life and death is fatigue period, need society more and more understanding, care. Need society more and more understanding, care..

As to indebted state, each Fang Jun with " in still be being investigated, inconvenience discloses " for, reject a response.

Local enterprise each other protects couplet more austere

According to reporter understanding, in Cang Na, spinning what because each other of each other enterprise protects couplet,protect occurrence capital difficulty so like Home Cheng Yu is not a case.

Association of the entrepreneur austral dark green, Cang Nayin brushs association of entrepreneur of harbor of the guild that pack, dragon to wait for much home unit to all make known his position to the reporter, at present each other protects couplet to keep a problem more austere.

Mr Li is opposite secretary-general of association of the entrepreneur austral dark green opportunely " daily economy news " the reporter makes known his position, each other protects couplet, one gives a problem to be able to produce implicative effect. Because the bank is smoked,have a few companies borrow cause capital catenary tension, appear management difficulty.

Before paragraph time, the net passes the Long Gang austral dark green to 36 enterprises close down. To this, association of dragon harbor entrepreneur undertook denial. But " daily economy news " the reporter understands in be visited on the spot, the luck in 36 companies list instructs a group really already stop production.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, lucky teaching group is in court already the lawsuit of end a case is amounted to many cases 30, involve folk loan of leasehold, bank amounts to many yuan 8000.

Public data shows, lucky teaching group is a company that pursues stationery production, luck is had to instruct a group below the banner (the United States) limited company, Su Qianrui teachs model course of study limited company, Shanghai luck the harbor in teaching industrial limited company, Wen Zhourui to teach imports and exports limited company, Wen Zhou builds luck of engineering limited company, Jiangsu to teach industrial limited company to follow Shanghai, set limited company of Canadian international real estate in Canada.

Additional as we have learned, cang Nayin brushs the industry that pack (lucky teaching group brushs the guild that pack for Cang Nayin standing vice-chairman unit) the pillar industry that regards Cang Na as economy, the front is facing the awkwardness that does not have growth 3 years.

Cang Nayin brushs staff member of the guild that pack to make known one's position, "Each other protects couplet to keep problem photograph than many, some industries appear because of the other industry such as sortie estate, finance management difficulty.

A personage of local know the inside story that does not wish to disclose a full name makes known his position, in Cang Na, the business that teachs a group to because have each other,protect couplet to keep occurrence problem so like luck still has many 20 at least.

" daily economy news " the reporter understands from Cang Na court, came in January 2014 in April the middle ten days of a month, the court austral dark green accepts economic finance kind case 1677, the amount of experience record label 1.249 billion yuan, present blowout state.

To this, classics of the county austral dark green believes chief of bureau company division to also admit, each other of the enterprise austral dark green protects couplet to keep a problem more austere, the company that faces management difficulty so is not little, but specific figure inconvenience discloses, "Turn borrow fund can short-term have enough to meet need, do not solve a problem can truly. Do not solve a problem can truly..

At the same time this controller makes known his position, the enterprise of Cang Na 80%~90% has each other to protect couplet to defend action, this is problem of a bequeath, assure catenary cuts off very hard, can change a space with time to the enterprise only, walk out of predicament slowly.

Keyword:The home is spun, investigation, state, printing and dyeing, weaving, spinning, cotton

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