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Spin from international home exhibit special spin economic inflection point

Published on:2014/8/8 11:30:40

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Introduction:Exhibit the barometer that can be an industry, representing the newest trends that the industry grows, the home spins an industry not exceptional also...

Exhibit the barometer that can be an industry, representing the newest trends that the industry grows, the home spins an industry not exceptional also. A few days ago, when with textile guild chairman Yang Zhaohua accepts a reporter to interview, our country home makes known his position, home of our country international is spun exhibit, in years of these 20 years, the home is spun exhibit exhibit an enterprise to build for numerous ginseng not merely removed a product to reveal, the platform that market sale, commerce extends, it is the process that since the country in was being witnessed spins industry reforming and opening, develops flourishingly more, and the home spins economy to change the process of the breakthrough.

Go the spot, see trend of clear brand trend

Run data to show according to newest economy, the country in first quarter spins the current year the industry moves overall and smooth and steady, industry profit lasted better growth, growth quality all promotes somewhat with overall beneficial result, special it is be expert at property production value grows gradually below the state of decelerate, benefit is added fast still be in compared to the same period promotion, body reveals an industry to develop way occurrent change. The home of statistic of national statistic bureau spins an industry enterprise of 1942 dimensions above is finished advocate business Wu income 61.97 billion yuan, grow 8.7 % compared to the same period, accumulative total achieves profit total 3.17 billion yuan, grow 14.2 % compared to the same period, add fast relatively on year the corresponding period rises 3.1 percent. With this at the same time, according to custom statistic, the country in first quarter spins the current year the product exports 8.4 billion dollar, grew 4.4 % compared to the same period.

Through going out to what the analysis of data can look first quarter, in domestic angle, domestic economic stability grows overall situation to was not changed, the home spins a product to regard daily consumption as things, demand is relative relatively stable. In international angle, economy of main developed country still lies tend anabiosis level, come on stage quickly plus near future the State Council increase imports and exports of exit drawback, hurried to upgrade wait for measure of ” of “ firm exit, and the RMB is actual and effective the stimulation that exchange rate devalues, exit will be added henceforth fast or will pick up somewhat. In addition, from just in succession each Qiu Dongxin of old brand tastes finished order goods the ” of “ military successes of the meeting will look, the home of the current year spins an industry to will greet ” of warm winter of a “ . Below such economic prices, the home of international of the 20th our country that is about to hold at was in Shanghai on August 27 is spun exhibit just meet meantime, its arrival can be our country home to spin open of course of study Home “ new undoubtedly, the new era of new life ” .

Come nearly 20 years, home of our country international is spun exhibit go in the home to spin industry forward position from beginning to end, the concept all along such as the terminal innovation that its propose, product innovation is affecting the home to spin a brand. As the Asia the largest home spins professional platform, sponsor square all along to devote oneself to to be built together with the enterprise up force. Here, professional audience can personal the distinctive glamour that experiences the home to spin an industry, agency can pull the cooperative brand that the hand longs for day and night, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to win person money of two flourishing double gain business chance. Can say, home of current our country international spins the optimal arena that exhibits the enterprise outside already becoming country to show actual strength to follow to have the trade grand meeting of public praise most.

Each are exhibited meeting, sponsor square with one one's heart invites numerous domestic and international trafficker, buy the home, agent. Of nearly 140 thousand square metre exhibit more than 1000 an area, ginseng that come from a few countries to follow an area to exhibit enterprise, more than 40 thousand major to buy the home, professional media reporter that crosses 100 to be here assemble, home of the development that witnesses an industry, our country spins the prosperity of the market. By right of do for years exhibit experience, home of our country international is spun exhibit the trade platform with spun an enterprise to give main for the home, shark of dream orchid, Fu Anna, Luo Lai, Jin Ling, mercurial, civilian light, Sha, La Siyu, violet, triumphant fill brand of actual strength of …… each industry, was on the arena of domestic and international commerce stage by stage through fertile soil of this one party.

In the meantime, companion spins the bitter fleabane break out of the industry to exhibit as the home, chinese home spins group to grow quickly, area brand is mature with each passing day also. Spin in the home of our country international of the current year exhibit on, hai Ning, Yu Hang, tung countryside, carry on is promoted, lake city, Nantong, bank the home such as bridge of city, Gao Yang, Pu Jiang, Xi Qiao, Yang Xun, Xiao Shan spins group to will be weighed in order to extend conglomerate form in succession, show the brand image of group, enterprise jointly. And, the current year joins each group that exhibit to follow dimensions with industry measure, and ginseng exhibit an area, have on one year quite relatively grow considerably. The sea has 143 homes on Xu Cun one year to spin enterprise ginseng to exhibit rather, the current year will achieve many 170, will occupational 2 positions that exhibit a house partly, although exhibited an area to increase a lot of, but the ginseng that still satisfies all following day to add hard exhibits industry measure; The current year of Yu Hang area has ginseng of many 160 enterprise to exhibit, ginseng exhibit an area to make an appointment with 15 thousand square metre, very more than going up one year to increase; Xi Qiao will exhibit the curtain of more than nearly 10 enterprise the product of sell like hot cakes such as cloth art. The ginseng of group company exhibits enthusiasm also again confirm home of our country international spins the brand appeal power that extend.

In addition, expand of the market increasingly as our country, suffer heavy visual range to spend all following day to add in the world, more overseas businesses also hope to be able to be here look for arrives new business chance. Consequently home of our country international is spun exhibit the favour that is postponed business increasingly by international. Review the 19th home to spin exhibit, the world well-known company that comes from the country such as Belgian, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, India to follow an area, in by a definite date 3 days exhibit on the meeting, to join the characteristic product that exhibited an audience to explain amorous feelings of region of full of different, also home of have the aid of spins the strong platform that exhibit, sought their new opportunity in our country market.

Advancing trade collaboration point of view, home of our country international is spun exhibit from beginning to end do one's best, reforming every year: The newer, limits that enrol business enlarges the means that enrol business, all when the diversity of the collaboration that enrol business, service that enrol business follows is entered, aim enough conformity has been used exhibit meeting resource, continue to do exhibit can upgrade, exhibit the higher demand of the enterprise with contented ginseng.

Current, to having actual strength, have famous spent home spins a business for, joining the target that exhibit already was simple no longer stay in reveal go up with communication, they hope to be exhibited through joining more, obtain vaster development space up in the horizontal stroke, spin the home the product to follow an industry inside different the other product photograph of the domain is united in wedlock, increase integral competition actual strength, take the route that poor dissimilation develops. Current, everybody spins “ ” already was tendercy of a kind of development no longer, however a fact, when undertaking industry conformity, the company that has actual strength can borrow this to show itself more, and home of our country international is spun exhibiting is the optimal platform that the enterprise shows ability.

In exhibit meeting, understand the home to spin reform incline to

Exhibiting the can mainest function is commerce, this is to exhibit the spirit of the meeting, also be to exhibit can not get the main reason that replace. In all trade situations, exhibiting can be most of economic material benefit, because extend meeting time short, suffer numerous. The enterprise greets many professional audience in this meeting in a few short days, its economic benefits is very considerable, to wanting to extend channel, for the company that adds person energy of life, exhibit the sexual price of the meeting to compare highest. The home that many ginseng exhibits spins company controller to make known one's position, attend an industry to be exhibited greatly or the business is current relatively advisable and the choice that be realistic. Although current domestic and international economic situation rises and fall errant, but no matter be the manufacturer outside domestic manufacturer or condition, ascend body all sorts of major or omnibus exhibit the enthusiasm of the meeting and do not have place to drop with, this follows market of instantly whole world low confused the situation that reachs the pressure such as supply and demand of domestic economy, talent to expand to form bright contrast. Ginseng exhibit can study the method enrolling business with other preeminent company, understand the advanced experience of angle of new product, new technology, know new traveling trader, the market space with new seek, widen new sale channel, and sponsor just be in exhibit what hold during the meeting a series of symposiums, also be rare study opportunity, it is a when the industry rises oneself accomplishment first-rate way.

Yang Zhaohua makes known his position, august 2014, the home of our country international that has taken 20 years is spun exhibit, extend the good progress state of the meeting to last ceaselessly, will anew sailing, spin with new era, new home, the development strategy of new life is guidance, pay attention to study industry more, study an industry, tighten and hold the development of the industry will develop tendency henceforth, spin the home exhibit make develop domestic and international the commerce platform of two markets, reveal an industry to develop the window of newest achievement, strengthen the link that goes up to communicate downstream, make larger contribution to finish the home to spin our country dream.

Spin to the home exhibit the development chance that faces in the future to follow a challenge, yang Zhaohua points out: Want to accomplish fixed position clarity to change. Consume the change of demand, lifestyle as compatriots, the demand that spins a product to the home also is being changed, because this is exhibited,take a situation, what henceforth the industry grows is different level, continue to adjust, in order to get used to the demand that the industry expands. 2 should accomplish sale data to change. As the rapid development of Internet times, use new technical method, undertake enough mining to exhibiting the data resource that can accumulate 20 years, promotion work efficiency, give a basis to postpone next development of the meeting. 3 should accomplish management to be changed subtly. Exhibit meeting general to be in will come a few years li of farther conformity each resource, produce an advantage amply, the key makes an a science management, accurate fact apply, detail is perfect, run significant group. 4 should accomplish service individuation. Exhibit meeting general to strengthen service consciousness ceaselessly, direct with what the enterprise needs to be, be aimed at each demand, use modern method, the individuation that finish serves.

“ has a dream hopeful ” , appear in the future with what this word will explain the home to spin an industry most appropriate, and the home is spun exhibit to all enterprises, since chases the place of the dream, also be the platform of a dream that finish. Yang Zhaohua says: “ spins what 925 ’ of ‘ plan to finish as the home, 935 ’ of ‘ plan carry out, chinese home spins an industry to will welcome better progress period, also spin for the home exhibit the development space with gave better. In the past brilliant already made the history, look into in the future, we are confident, expect to be greeted. ”