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Electric business spins an industry to the home violent concussion

Published on:2014/8/8 11:30:39

Keyword:The home is spun, spin industry, the market, the price
Introduction:Jinan Hu Licui of trader of market of cloth of 3 aperture bridge China, did nearly 10 years of homes to spin the retail business that follows cloth ra...

Jinan Hu Licui of trader of market of cloth of 3 aperture bridge China, did nearly 10 years of homes to spin the retail business that follows cloth raw material, already was to be mentally and physically exhausted at present.

Annual meaning is not first-rate on “ , the current year as hotel industry glide, many originally the big only business that curtain, bed tastes also was done not have. If pure support is scattered client, the current year agrees to pay truly this. ” Li Cuihua says. Many business door all makes known his position the situation of the current year is very bad, cloth raw material rises in price, market sale glides many. Face traditional home to spin an industry to step forward the situation of dimension difficult, home Luo Lai spins 3 spin tycoon, home of clean of Fu Anna, dream spins banner change sale mode, reach move of sale centre of gravity stage by stage electric business medium of communication. Home “ spun an industry to form old brand times at present, many famous brand products gradually tradition of slam the door sells pattern, close hypostatic store, have the product selling through electric business medium of communication, obtained the surprise that expect is less than. Accordingly, our country traditional home spins an enterprise to will compete in electric business domain in the future very turn white-hot, and the increasing production, medium and small businesses that sells the home to spin a product will face very serious challenge. Home of ” our country spins Luo Jingli of analyst of website of course of study to make known one's position.

Transition of traditional spin company steps forward dimension difficult is engaged in traditional home spinning the numerous enterprise that tastes production, distribute to follow business door exactly like with Li Cuihua, the day of the current year is uneasy.

A company controller of high density city that is engaged in textile tells a reporter, because the spin industry of high density the current year is affected by international economic situation, foreign trade exports order acute to decrease, instantly has appeared many small company closes phenomenon. These are engaged in “ the home is spun, the small company that the series spin product such as towel produces, get the limitation of the much angle such as capital, talent, district, mode, sale channel, when once face capital catenary to rupture,be being pounded with new condition, because prepare to be not worth,meet, resist hazardous capacity is poor, and experience deathblow. ”

Luo Jingli makes known his position, the spin enterprise that the current year advertises on their website first half of the year reduced 10 % . The home spins Jinan violet Wang Ming of general manager of sale limited company makes known his position to gazette reporter, they also saw the great advantage of instantly cable business. “ we get the impact of electric business is special and severe, especially the big environment influence to retail generation. Spin the small company in the industry as the home, business of cable of my hope transition, can be very hard. If the row allows the introductory cage, implantation time to new student brand, these to us it is extravagant article, accordingly we are in a very sad crossroad at present. ” Wang Ming is anxious very to the outstanding achievement of company the current year, business of hope transition cable will reverse the condition in the future. Electric business medium of communication becomes new competition to nod aggravate of “ industry competition and hypostatic inn to sell data to drop, urge a company farther to the loot of electric business medium of communication aggravate. Home of ” dream clean spins Pi Shiming of public relations chief inspector to make known one's position. Yang Zhaohua explains, the current year 1 to May general merchandise business exceeds a sale in, the bed is tasted drop 9.1 % . With this at the same time, the sale that day cat home spins a product grows compared to the same period achieve 110 % .

“ looks from the data of the website, before the rank 10 home spun a brand to had marched at present electric business domain, and the change as sale channel, electric business makes the important medium of communication of company sale at present. ” Luo Jingli thinks, through cleaning out cat of treasure, day, Beijing east in light of the sale that wait, compete or very turn white-hot. A bed tastes 4 to cover, want in hypostatic inn price 1000 multivariate, of the inn of substance of price some alone on the net 3 fold, for the sake of small profits but quick turnover, attract more and more customer.

Yang Zhaohua says, the current year and footprint many 200 enterprise, discover the bed tasted enterprise terminal April, namely hypostatic inn outstanding achievement drops below the line very fast, beyond the expect of many brand enterprises, some dropping achieve 50 % , the problem that introduces terminal is very severe. Of “ terminal glide, make a business further to the loot of electric business medium of communication aggravate. If instantly is capable,the home spins a business, stare at the look allowed electric trade. ” Yang Zhaohua says.

“ next year is told to spin industry is a very important year, how to carry the revolution of channel, sell growth continuously below the environment of benign competition, it is the Chongzhongzhi that the industry survives is weighed. Who can show itself in electric business competition, who can be won in the future. ” Luo Jingli says to gazette reporter.