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Hydrophily is not weaving cloth to drive high-end industry to use market development

Published on:2014/7/31 15:20:47

Keyword:Fiber, be not weaving cloth, fabric, weaving, research, propylene nitrile, the market, state, weaving, textile
Introduction:Follow the promotion of standard of living as corporeal abundance, the demand that people follows character to go up in the amount to be not weaving p...

Follow the promotion of standard of living as corporeal abundance, the demand that people follows character to go up in the amount to be not weaving product is higher and higher also, in the meantime, means of new technology and new production also is continueing to satisfy drive this kind of need even, cloth of hydrophily blame weaving develops quickly below this height setting.

Blame weaving cloth is in the application that things of dress, indoor things, medical treatment, wholesome, health care and industry use product angle continues to increase, hydrophily is not weaving cloth product to also get applied more extensively in these domains, and will use a domain to get developing in high-end industry with rapidder rate surely. For example, the travel that many water thorn manufacturer prick cloth to make with water uses domestic instantly if can finish instantaneous,compress towel bibulous, bibulous inside extremely short time expand and begin become wet towel, apply more convenient. Answer relatively with this, hydrophily can index and test method, if instantaneous is bibulous, bibulous uniformity, water retention, protect wet sex, guide fully ability in swimming, wet sex, of the function target that also can become evaluation hydrophily to be not weaving cloth or technical content reflect. From the point of long-term respect, the fiber that China is developing all sorts of special functions quickly (include tall bibulous staple, exceed the breed such as absorbency fiber) while, the method is arranged after improving existing close water, in order to get used to the need that international development follows people, make application of cloth of hydrophily blame weaving more extensive, general.

Fibrous hydrophily can be included hygroscopic with water imbibition two angle meaning, so fibrous hydrophily mechanism also involves moisture absorption to follow bibulous two angle. Moisture absorption, bibulous cloth of weaving of very supreme and bibulous blame serves as one-time things, the economy that has traditional textile to cannot be likened to follows performance dominant position. To spinning cloth of weaving of blame sticking a way, regard the polypropylene dispute polarity of raw material as the structure, crystallization is spent taller and without close water base, spin weaving of blame sticking a way so hygroscopic difference, use as must undertake arranging when wholesome material in order to improve its hygroscopic. When close water is arranged, gift a kind of method of sex of function of cloth of weaving of of all kinds blame, it is to develop new product to follow an approach that contented market asks to functional sex.

Two kinds of 1 close water arrange a method to improve wetability of surface of blame weaving cloth can

The target that close water arranges is the effect that makes the fiber surface of scanty to hydrate produces close water, when alone should contact horn to be less than 90 ℃ , liquid (here advocate if water) ability is OK and wet the surface of solid, then complete spread out is in solid surface. So-called benefit is wet, the gas that is solid surface adsorption is the phenomenon that liquid place replaces.

The wetability of fiber surface and water imbibition basically decide the chemical structure at fiber macromolecule follows crystallization condition, whether does hydrophily exist on macromolecule namely base group and hydrophily base round amount. Fibrous water imbibition basically depends on small hole, aperture follows the wool fine small opening between fiber inside fiber. In fact, improvement is not wetability of surface of weaving cloth fiber can the method has many planting, substantially can be divided it is two kinds, one kind is to pass modified of filature phase fiber to obtain moisture absorption, wetability can; The 2nd kind is to connect the method that arranges afterwards to undertake modified to fibrous surface, obtain thereby suck wet wet function.

Modified of filature phase fiber

Filature modified is be being made in synthetic fibre is to make fiber has hydrophily in experience can. General metropolis has good hydrophily after fiber modified can, and the effect is even and lasting, application is convenient. But can be opposite sometimes fibrous physics function produces an effect, change the technology experience of filature, enlarge the difficulty of filature.

1. Polymer element structure kisses to hydrate law. This method may bring about fibrous structure to produce change, copolymerization is puissant the crystallization ability that weakened polypropylene, mechanical to fibrous physics function has undesirable effect. Because of this hydrophily monomer join should right amount, the promotion that this kind of method measures to fiber moisture absorption also is very finite.

2. With law of copolymerization of graft of monomer of close to hydrate. The choice has the monomer of hydrophily or polymer serves as straight catenary, in the graft on fiber macromolecule, can gift hydrophily of blame weaving fiber can. For example after radiate of electron of polypropylene fibber classics, with acrylic graft, and the chemical structure that polypropylene element boils practice did not produce apparent change, fiber attenuate, increased the acreage that compare a list, water imbibition promotes substantially. Craft of irradiation graft law is simple, economic the sources of energy, machine without low temperature of the infection, achievable photograph that be not fluid. Often also had adopted latex of amine of acyl of oxidation benzene armour to cause acrylic acid or methylic acrylic acid, graft arrives on polypropylene, guide hydrophily monomer, promote fabric wetability.

3. With hydrophily polymer compound filature. Before filature, add hydrophily substance in high polymer fuse-element, undertake filature by groovy filature method next, get hydrophily fiber. For example, can tell polypropylene acerbity ester kind undertake derivative, get together glycol ramification mix in all with propylene, also can mix polypropylene in all with certain modified polypropylene, get hydrophily fiber.

4. Coarse, abnormity changes fiber face. With the porous small Kong Jubing that this kind of craft makes Xi fibrous hole is led taller, exterior accumulating is bigger, promoted fibrous water imbibition greatly, also can shape in polypropylene fiber when, those who use the volume in experience of polymer brilliant change is contractible will produce small hole. The Coolmax fiber of American Du Bang company is the opposite sex polyester fiber that a kind of cross section is a triangle.

Modified is arranged after fiber surface

The surface that processing law is being arranged after fiber surface kisses water modified is pair of fiber or fabric undertakes hydrophily is arranged, the essence of processing is to want to add compound of a hydrophily in fiber or fabric surface, in last basically below the state with original and characteristic fiber, can increase fibrous hygroscopic with water imbibition, achieve hydrophily of promotion fiber surface can target. Instantly often applies hind a few other processing of the exterior graft polymerization that the adsorption that arranges a method to basically include hydrophily to arrange an agent is originallying to become monomer of film, hydrophily and fiber surface.

1. Close water arranges agent adsorption to originallying to become membrane method. This is a kind of will close water arranges an agent even and solid adherent form hydrophily thereby in fiber surface arrange a method, it is the main treatment method that undertakes to synthetic fibre fabric hydrophily is arranged in recent years. In this kind of method, it is to choose to be contained already commonly kiss water radical group to contain cross-linking to react again of luscious group arrange an agent to undertake arranging, the close water catenary in the center paragraph give hydrophily can, and cross-linking reacts luscious group forms film in fiber surface, promote the fast property that liquidates an agent thereby.

In addition, also can choose to let contain the water-solubility polymer that kisses water radical group to form a system with a right cross-linking dose, control cross-linking agent follows the response rate of water-solubility high polymer, make the one part of water-solubility high polymer kisses water radical group to withhold thereby in fiber surface, make fibrous hydrophily gets ameliorative. Polymer of commonly used water-solubility is starch of cellulose of polypropylene acid, polyvinyl alcohol, water-solubility, dissolubility to wait commonly. And cross-linking agent is a few can follow lively sex base the group is like amino, hydroxyl to wait produce reaction and the material of cross-linking, the colophony that be like 2D. This kind of method besides use outside kissing water to arrange at convention, more and more use at product of tall water imbibition arrange treatment.

2. Method of exterior graft group. Benefit of law of exterior graft copolymerization makes with all sorts of methods hydrophily monomer has graft group in the surface of synthetic fibre, in order to improve the hydrophily of synthetic fibre. Graft polymerization is to use initator or high-energy radiate (electron beam, ultraviolet ray) illuminate, or handle with plasma, make fiber surface produces free radical, make hydrophily monomer dissociate is on free radical next have graft group, form the abiding new face layer that has water imbibition to follow antistatic property thereby.

Experience of treatment of 2 enough union is knocked decide high bibulous dose to add chroma

The bibulous data that people used in the past has the fiber such as paper, cotton, hemp, the bibulous experience of this kind of material is to rely on its wool spy to use, the 10 times ~20 with bibulous ability self-prossessed alone times, and the effect that defend water is poorer. And high bibulous dose is the ionic network that forms by high polymer electrolyte, have kiss water radical group in great quantities and measurable cross-linking and not dissolve at water. It not merely bibulous capability is high, and bibulous have a youthful look is become pressurization of gel even if, water also won't separation and go.

Sort of high bibulous dose is various, product configuration each different. Classified method also has many, it is with method of raw material, close to hydrate, cross-linking according to place the method follows product pattern commonly 4 kinds of means undertake classified. Can divide by raw material origin for the following 3 kinds: Modified is amylaceous kind, modified is amylaceous kind include acrylic acid of content of hydrolyze of nitrile of amylaceous graft propylene, amylaceous graft amine of acyl of propylene of salt, amylaceous graft, amylaceous carboxyl is methylic compound; Modified cellulose kind, basically include acrylic acid of graft of content of hydrolyze of nitrile of cellulose graft propylene, cellulose the carboxyl of amine of acyl of propylene of graft of salt, cellulose, cellulose is methylic compound; Synthesize high polymer kind, basically include cross-linking polypropylene acyl amine, acrylic ester follows polypropylene of acerbity salt, cross-linking content of hydrolyze of copolymerization of acetic acid ethylene, polyvinyl alcohol follows copolymer of acid anhydride cross-linking to wait.

If press classification of method of close to hydrate, can separate the group that is hydrophily monomer, hydrophoby monomer follows the hydrolyze of fat radical with the copolymerization of hydrophily monomer, cyanogen radical; Can divide by cross-linking method in following to hydrophily polymer for cross-linking agent cross-linking, noumenon cross-linking, radiation cross-linking, guide hydrophobic group group or crystallization substance texture; Can divide by product configuration for pulverous shape, fiber shape, piece shape, filmy outfit follows spumescent.

Because high bibulous dose is cross-linking material, reason cannot be adopted heat the treatment means that melts to dissolve with solvent. Instantly, the treatment means that majority is not weaving enterprise domestic and internationally to adopt is become bruise of high bibulous dose powder first, distributing equably next at base makings surface, reoccupy one layer radical makings covers, make high bibulous dose is placed between two layer radical makings, for example diaper, sanitary towel, medical what the product such as cushion adopts is this kind of means. But anion of alone of this bibulous agent follows blame ion two sort, in the center anion is bibulous although the bibulous multiple of the agent is tall, but be able to bear or endure saline sex is poorer; The bibulous speed of ion of and rather than high bibulous dose is lightsome, be able to bear or endure saline sex is better also, but bibulous ability is inferior. So, the product of high bibulous performance that produces through these two kinds of means is not actually " high-powered " .

With this at the same time, the suction of cloth of weaving of tall bibulous blame fluid function deserves to compare besides fiber of the craft route that chooses with place, main body outside concerning, the chroma that follows high bibulous dose also has very big concern. From the point of the function of cloth of weaving of tall bibulous blame, the chroma of high bibulous dose has been jumped over higher, but hinder to reach the limitation that manufactures technology at the function of itself of high bibulous dose, the chroma of high bibulous dose is not gotten too can tall. Because chroma crosses tall meeting to make high bibulous dose forms aspic glue state, cannot apply in manufacturing technology, and also can raise cost; Density is too low an end that short of expects, the chroma majority of the high bibulous dose that instantly home company adopts is in 0.05% the left and right sides.

The investigator of university of German Berlin industry announced a kind of new way -- dipping process. So called dipping process makes high bibulous dose dispersive juice first namely, be brushed through besmear next or the means besmear of spray is in fabric surface, or the macerate in putting fabric in this kind of dispersive fluid, in making high bibulous dose secures the space in fabric. Type of this one party or will become those who add high bibulous dose is the newest, most authoritative settle way.

In the meantime, still can cooperate to adopt copolymerization to wait for a method with polymeric reaction, make kiss water group diversification, or follow compound method through mixing, achieve at the same time give attention to two or morethings is able to bear or endure saline sex, absorb speed to follow the target that draws multiple. In light of the data that publishs according to investigator, the raw material of the high bibulous dose that can adopt this kind of way basically has ethylene kind synthesize raw material and starch, cellulose to wait for a few kinds.

In addition, if the production of will high bibulous dose experiences the treatment that is not weaving product with water imbibition,experience union to rise, should this also is a kind of convenient, efficient treatment way. For example, amylaceous graft acrylic acid high bibulous dose is after hydrolysis, can arrive than easy blot out fiber kind on matrix, and after stoving not dissolve, can adopt the macerate that is similar to warp size to machine means consequently. If cross-linking polypropylene is acerbity kind of high bibulous dose, if do not add cross-linking agent when polymerization, and when macerate, coating is machined rejoin cross-linking agent follows hurried to change an agent, undertake in drying experience chemical reaction realizes cross-linking next. Theoretic tell, means of this kind of treatment but leave out depart, drying, smash with make take the process such as dispersive fluid, reduce cost thereby.

Hydrophily of fabric of weaving of blame of assess of standard of 3 multinomial tests can

Follow through kissing water tall bibulous after arranging, need undertakes assess to arranging the effect. Instantly, the method that evaluates close water to arrange basically has capillary effect, regain, water to diffuse with index time follows an area. The opinion is high bibulous the index that arrange advocate if bibulous rate follows relatively bibulous rate. Method of a few kinds of tests explains below.

1. Capillary effect (abbreviation wool effect) test method. Cut sample classics to the list that is 5cm for 20cm, broadwise, after the balance in the air of 80% is 24 hours for 10 ℃ , average relative humidity in average temperature, determine in capillary effect again the test on device, the height that capillary effect rises with the water level inside 30 minutes (Mm) makes known his position.

2. Regain determines method. The balance in the air of 80% is sample 24 hours for 10 ℃ , average temperature in average temperature, in oven of the park after saying to weigh, 110 ℃ carbonado to constant weight, computation gives regain.

3. Water diffuses time tests with the area. The condition of 80% is to fall for 10 ℃ , average relative humidity in average temperature, get on cloth tile take up in a beaker, in be apart from cloth cover to make an appointment with 1cm to be in a water (0.05ml) , begin to time, diffuse on cloth cover till water to when having specular reflection till. This time diffuses for water time, record the area that water diffuses at the same time.

4. Of bibulous rate and relatively bibulous rate determine method. The quality with say to take a small preparation good is the blame weaving cloth of M1, put into 250ml beaker, join 100ml to go ionic water, take out after 10 minutes, squash with certain power, eduction adsorbed water, call its quality M2 after that, say to take same size quality to be not weaving cloth for the blame water imbibition of M3 again, make its enough and bibulous, after be being taken out, the power that uses same size squashs, call its quality M4. Calculate according to following formula next. Relative to bibulous rate =A-B.

5. Protect ability in swimming to check a method. Fabric is had tall hygroscopic, namely once human body perspires, fabric can be absorbed very quickly, make the skin lasts relatively dry. According to this one phenomenon, many scholars think, admirable fabric should have taller water retention. Determine the method of the quantity that defend water is like DIN53814. This method is immerse fiber 2 hours above, squeeze after those who make is enough and bibulous dry, in the with 3500r/min speed dehydrate on centrifugal 10 minutes, say quickly to be written down again for W1, fall in 105 ℃ next dry 1 hour, say to be written down again again for W0. × of water retention =(W1-W0)/W0 100% .

□ Liu Jianyong (professor of college of industry of Tianjin of article author department)

Keyword:Fiber, be not weaving cloth, fabric, weaving, research, propylene nitrile, the market, state, weaving, textile

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