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Banner of careful of Inner Mongolia black plans to produce per year project of black silk ribbon of 5000 tons of ammonia

Published on:2014/7/31 15:20:02

Keyword:Ammoniac black silk ribbon, fiber, dress, fabric, textile, fabrics, the market, spin net, socks
Introduction:Business company on July 29 the elastomer fiber that dispatch polyurethane fiber is a kind of tall flexibility, it is to get together catenary of este...

Business company on July 29 dispatch

Polyurethane fiber is the elastomer fiber of a kind of tall flexibility, it is to get together catenary of ester of amino formic acid paragraph material of linear high polymer is occupied form chemical structure the synthetic fibre of 85% above. Because ammoniac black silk ribbon has exceedingly good flexibility to follow very big extensibility, need to join only in many traditional textile a few ammoniac black silk ribbon, can make the class of fabric promotes greatly, favor so by broad consumer. Ammoniac black silk ribbon should be used extensively at bounce socks kind, the dress domain such as dress of bounce underwear, bounce, also be applied in great quantities in angle of medical treatment material at the same time, if make bandage, artificial skin, shield, surgical suture,wait.

Technology of production of fibrous of ammoniac black silk ribbon can divide by filature craft kind: Dry method filature, wet filature, reaction law filature follows melt law filature. Instantly, production of domestic ammonia black silk ribbon basically adopts technology of dry method filature, its productivity takes ammoniac fishing line about 90% of total productivity. Chinese textile exports rapid growth is the main force that urges demand of ammoniac black silk ribbon to grow quickly, because be in structure of demand of Chinese ammonia black silk ribbon, 70% with exit dress is relevant. Fabrics of black silk ribbon of instantly home ammonia carries dosage begins step up, this will become the main impetus that demand of ammoniac black silk ribbon increases stage by stage. Forecast demand of domestic ammonia black silk ribbon was controlled for 330 thousand tons 2015. The proportion that ammoniac black silk ribbon holds in fiber fabric will promote stage by stage, ammoniac black silk ribbon applies a domain to increase, market space is great.

The project plans to be built at developing zone of economy of Inner Mongolia Su Li standard, this developing zone is the provincial development that managing class organizational system, “ issueing administer ” of area of 3 a base, projects, administer area of project of chemical industry of call together of careful of industrialization demonstrative base, black, graph to overcome industrial project area to follow division of project of Na Linhe chemical industry for Mao Wusu desert respectively. Area of development overall planning is 3800 square kilometer, industrial project centers area area in the center 111.69 square kilometer. Reserves of ascertain of accumulative total of churchyard natural gas 1.2 trillion stere, natural gas is produced already can amount to 20 billion stere, coal ascertain reserves 52 billion tons, gross of water natural resources 775 million stere, pass displacement of authority of Yellow River water, already obtained batch year can collect water natural resources 126 million stere. Project region industry locates the chemical industry that it is coal, natural gas chemical industry reachs his downstream and careful chemical industry follows industry of economy of new material loop. Instantly, all already “ that finish makes the same score area of concentration of 4 industry project 8 times 3 factories stand function of ” basic form a complete set, have carrying capacity of industrial big project. Churchyard highway is formed basically with railroad network inside net form a complete set, inside and outside carries pattern perforatively greatly. Predict 2015, developing zone gross value of industrial output will finish 100 billion yuan, finance income finishs 10 billion yuan.

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Keyword:Ammoniac black silk ribbon, fiber, dress, fabric, textile, fabrics, the market, spin net, socks

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