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Jilin chemical fibber: 50 years of jointing and go up

Published on:2014/7/31 15:20:01

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Introduction:From 1964 bear new our country solves northeast people to dress problem mission sets out, build the chemical fibber group that has international compe...

From 1964 bear new our country solves northeast people to dress problem mission sets out, build the chemical fibber group that has international competition ability to 2014, the state-owned company that having 50 years of histories -- Jilin chemical fibber, with abiding inside raw power, creativity follows culture glamour, with market of colorful Asia of classics abb open up, achieve the technical cooperation that follows Europe, progressively to broader market outspread.

Do poineering work difficultly piece

Set sail in predicament

The midwinter 1959, a poineering maniple was risking severe cold to be since the tree of Songhua River bank that is apart from 15 kilometers of Jilin city " preparatory part of Jilin city man-made fibre plant " wooden shop sign. In September 1960, produce per year 3400 tons to stick break earth of project of glue short fine. The person that do poineering work people dwelling place basement, with the wind snow, fight the nature, not Wei all difficulties, one warms to solve motherland people to wear the dream that has worn sets sail from now on, one begins to wade to make the poineering journey of base of man-made fibre of new our country.

◆ interviews a person: Former keep in reserve of company of Jilin chemical fibber grows He Zhongyu everywhere

Tell about: Await in those days, what we live is ground basement child, those who eat is steamed bread of corn, winter night sleeps, want to put the brick on furnace to bake heat first, put below sole next, ability is asleep, shut-eye awakes beard and hair is Bai Shuang completely, steamed bread of corn of face of a corn did not eat, another freezes to put Tuo on the ice already. And, follow railroad special railway line without special lorry at that time, the person that do poineering work people rely on a person to pull pickaback namely, just get on project material to building site from the carry outside 3 kilometers. At that time, we with respect to an idea, take this project at once, at an early date put into production.

On April 19, 1964, kind and gentle musical instrument of filature workingwoman Tan walks excitedly most first pump of a filature, approach valve of the first music, the first bundle of white silver-colored silk spew and piece. In August, jilin city man-made fibre plant proclaims formally complete put into production. A modern industry that produces per year 3400 tons to stick glue short fine falls in long Bai Shan, Songhua River bank sets sail.

Achievement follows honor and stop without person of fine letting auspicious ongoing footstep, let them be full of passion however, forward new purpose set out.

On April 1, 1986, companion drives as filament project the strains of music accompanied by drumbeats of celebration in succession, jilin chemical fibber was finished from onefold short fine product arrives of filament product extend, those who strode great progress is historic one pace.

◆ interviews a person: Former keep in reserve of company of Jilin chemical fibber grows Zhang Taimao everywhere

Tell about: The worker of the company follows cadre team quality excellent, installation experience is very hard, 3 people work two people are dry, take out one person to start capital construction, the worker is hard-working.

From now on, filament sticking gum is bearing the weight of " Bai Shan " brand, the day our market with exacting and perfect conquer, hold market of European high end, be famous in the whole world.

Full-scale development piece

Advance in reforming spring tide

Accompanying the historical opportunity of reforming and opening, auspicious fine person makes the way of tough fight with be apt to with dare entering the mind that dare try, those who pulled open full-scale development is prelusive, set foot on " high rate, fast rhythm " the new range of development.

Power station of provide for oneself of 18 thousand kilowatt, 15 thousand tons stick glue short fine to move the ground is transformed, 900 tons, 1400 tons, 2950 tons, 5600 tons, extend of project of 2200 tons of filament sticking gum, all without exception is condensing the wisdom of auspicious fine person to follow sweat.

Quality of good to be caught from fountainhead product, 1989, build factory of auspicious Gao cotton pulp, made sure stable raw material is supplied. To May 2000, short staple sticking gum is produced can achieve 30 thousand tons, pick took product of our country chemical fibber highest honor -- " national silver medal " , become most first an our country avoids check product. Filament sticking gum is produced can achieve 17 thousand tons, have the honor to win " countrywide user is favorite product " , " product of our country famous brand " title.

Glue fibrous is stuck in extend at the same time, they stare at the acrylic fibbers fiber that allowed to conform with international, side with on beneficial of dimensions, synergism, make the purpose stride of enterprise of big chemical fibber.

Builder people battle severe cold, bottle the intense heat of summer, chip capital, grab plan, use 30 months time only, on May 29, 1998, project of 60 thousand tons of acrylic fibbers was finished cast makings drive successful, give qualification to taste, created domestic congener project to invest least, build time limit for a project the shortest, amount to produce amount to mark to wait for a lot of history the most quickly to record, acrylic fibbers be callinged is built history a miracle that go up.

Develop to stick oar of fiber of glue short staple, filament sticking gum, acrylic fibbers, chemical fibber to dregs of rice from single product product of 4 old series, from Jilin province chemical fiber factory changes make for Inc. of Jilin chemical fibber, arrive again on July 29, 1995, state-owned asset runs a market, trade of chemical fibber production, trade, building installs the group of Jilin chemical fibber at an organic whole finite liability company is registered hold water, all without exception is revealing state-owned spin the powerful momentum of great progress. During building go into operation 40 years to Jilin chemical fibber, the company is produced can achieve 203 thousand tons, the production value that finish 2 billion yuan, growth of tax of more primary than building a plant interest is 40 times closer, total assets grows 100 times.

In scored gain of economy of plentiful and substantial while, rich also with creation " with factitious this, from Yan Zhi factory " , " stress quality, start famous brand " , " dare enter dare try, be apt to makes tough fight " ; "Development deal with concrete matters relating to work, contend for achieve top-ranking " , " severe at be self restrained, wholehearted devotion to public duty " the culture thought connotation that waits for stimulative business development to have important history sense.

Change the drive of the advantage by right of dimensions of fiber of unifinication of catenary of industry of fiber sticking gum, acrylic fibbers, jilin chemical fibber is like a large ship of a chemical fibber, in the cleave through the waves in the ocean of spin industry, precipitant.

Innovation spans piece

Develop in innovation development

Taking the east wind that revitalizes base of northeast old industry, blow of Jilin chemical fibber the bugle call that mentions fast synergism, hold to " study innovation, seek outstanding " spirit of enterprise, doing big acrylic fibbers, do essence of life to stick the glue, strategy that makes industry of charcoal of the base of strong raw material, bamboo that become actor how-to below, introduce new element, pursuit cooperates greatly, development is new " silk " road, what Jilin chemical fibber welcomed scientific progress is epoch-making change.

Rely on bamboo pulp to dregs of rice, oar of bamboo fiber, hemp dregses of rice, the patent technology of filament of hemp fiber, Qing Zhu, up outspread industry catenary, produce an area to add in bamboo of Sichuan, Hunan, hemp respectively built base of natural fiber raw material, active dug bamboo, hemp but the development of second birth raw material. Of emerge as the times require " Tian Zhu " bamboo fiber, with its natural fight bacterium, prevent ultraviolet ray, moisture absorption, softness, but the good character such as degradation is known as " fiber of 21 centuries health " , spin bound " the 5th element " , green that led spin the industry changes, finished the shirt-sleeve butt joint that follows national strategy. Established day bamboo alliance, make joint-stock source, synergic development, through development of 10 years, allied member goes to 103 by 24 development, become base of industry of fiber of our country bamboo, initiated the beginning of pattern of trade of our country spin, have the honor to win first " large award of achievement of innovation of government of countrywide spin industry " .

To mark international, high level is outspread. Introduce world-renowned German favour to block company Gao Yanshen to spin filament to only the technology built 5000 tons to spin filament project continuously continuously, the filament sticking gum that enterprise of have the aid of accumulates for years produces experience, product quality achieves international to take the lead in level. Jilin chemical fibber expands dimensions dominant position, cheat with Italy special the company is joint-stock build 150 thousand tons of differences to turn project of acrylic fibbers first phase, acrylic fibbers is produced can achieve 240 thousand tons.

March " 925 " , jilin chemical fibber orders the put forth effort that burgeoning industry regards development strategy as dream of practice spin powerful nation, rely on the resource advantage of big acrylic fibbers, big industry, initiate is wet 2 footwork polyacrylonitrile base industrialization of carbon fiber former silk manufactures patent technology, november 2011, national torch plans industrial project to produce per year project of 5000 tons of carbon fiber former silk to build go into operation.

During building go into operation 50 years to Jilin chemical fibber, the company is produced integratedly can achieve 470 thousand tons, make the live thing with top-ranking whole world base filament produces base, the throughout the country's biggest bamboo pulp dregses of rice, Yuan Sisheng of bamboo fiber, acrylic fibbers fiber, carbon fiber produces base, 20 many provinces of popular home, city follows the product inferior, Europe, beautiful, blame 10 many countries follow an area.

Innovation of science and technology is the fountainhead flowing water that the company grows. The company built center of national level technology, built workstation of workstation of first academician of Jilin city, postdoctoral scientific research, produce technical advantage amply, developed hemp of coloured, flame retardant, Lai, accumulation of heat in succession, fight equal difference having a ball not to turn new product, obtained patent of own property right more than 30, fill multinomial home is vacant. In enterprise of countrywide spin raw material exclusive together " base of raw material of textile of function of our country health care " medal also settle Jilin chemical fibber.

Try solid tactic piece

Gallop in transition journey

The company grows because of responsibility, the strategy because liability raising of things to a higher level, had walked along the Jilin chemical fibber of 50 age, created another miracle, laid solid development foundation. Facing internationalization, informatization, commercialized billowy spring tide, new round company competes, it is the competition that horizon, concept follows wisdom. Auspicious fine a large ship will be challenged in torrent new tall, brave the wind and waves; Stand proudly in storm bibcock, hoist the sails Yuan Hang.

Operation strategy

According to " tamp convention industry, accelerate an enterprise to upgrade transition " strategic conception, jilin chemical fibber base oneself upon at " conformity is optimized, promotion efficiency, inside drive of the couplet outside develop, double round " working train of thought, adjust structure of property right, industry, product actively, run capital, asset, fund actively, will decision-making power, executive force, action force is united in wedlock effectively, continue to promote work efficiency, management efficiency, management efficiency, internally deep ploughing, strengthen technical research and development to follow extend, continue to promote produce and sale rate of contribution of interest rate of rate, wool, new product; Cooperate extensively external, strengthen a technology to follow channel combination, promote tie yield be in harmony, produce endowment union of union, produce and sale, follow the double round drive of capital through the technology, the enterprise that finish upgrades transition follows development new breakthrough.

Industrial strategy

With the technical dominant position that the resource advantage of base of industry of fiber of bamboo of Asia of acrylic fibbers fiber's largest the quality dominant position with top-ranking whole world of biology radical fiber, dimensions dominant position, our country follows carbon fiber is rely on, jilin chemical fibber holds to traditional product high grade change do tall, dimensions changes product difference do wide, unifinication of catenary of new product industry is done long, make stereo change product structure; Model brand characteristic, increase brand value, consolidate the industry is allied, extend diversity to develop a space, towards build the stride of goal of chemical fibber group that has international competition ability.

Technical strategy

The commerce that holds to industrial alliance runs mode, compose builds the industrialization collaboration platform with top-ranking international, devote oneself to to surround construction of catenary of new product industry is produced effectively learn to grind cooperative new mechanism, accelerate innovation resource to share the move that reachs technical positive result to follow change, own innovation ability follows promotion industry industrial key competition ability, development of group of the industry that finish follows industry of bamboo, carbon fast health can maintain development.

Talent strategy

Follow poineering base of innovation of talent of high administrative levels with workstation of academician workstation, postdoctoral scientific research, chief technician workstation " 3 stations one base " to learn platform, career of profession of farther program worker, strengthen stair talent team to build, in order to study the culture that the spirit of innovation, encourage innovates, breed bring up team of talent of a high quality, with the worker from drive, rise oneself, innovate oneself, the sustainable progress of the enterprise that finish.

Culture strategy

Inheritance follows promote Jilin chemical fibber " consecratory, respect course of study, responsible, innovation, self-discipline " 5 kinds of spirit, take concept of mutual confluence, joint development, make brand culture, sincere letter culture, management culture meticulously; Create value for the client, aid a client to walk along influence success, finish the win-win that follows a client to be entered in all, build the win-win of person look forward to, atmosphere following come to an agreement that mutually beneficial shares, let a worker have mutual affinity with the enterprise, what the life all enjoys below the sun that follows warm in the enterprise is melting.

Keyword:Chemical fibber, fiber, the market, spin industry, stick glue short fine, man-made fibre, stick glue fiber, propylene nitrile, textile, fiber raw material

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