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Automation of industry of our country leather becomes future to develop a tendency

Published on:2014/7/31 15:19:37

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Introduction:Focusing enterprise, confused of automation machine order crowded and to   1, 3, 5, 7 as order confused crowded and to, calmed a year of much numer...

Focusing enterprise, confused of automation machine order crowded and to

1, 3, 5, 7... as order confused crowded and to, calmed a year of much numerical control love Ma, the factory is abrupt and busy rise: Accept the order, get the materials ready, production, hire, work overtime, shipment, get the materials ready, accept the order again... according to Ceo kingdom authority explains, through 2012 full a year historic " trough " , since start working of the current year, downstream client follows automation equipment suddenly to release a rigid requirement to numerical control, order in succession make known to lower levels, upsurge to 56 months, cause workshop rhythm tension, factory date of delivery arrived 60 days by 15 days of platoons, be located in south Dongguan the exhibition hall prototype that the city fills garden of science and technology high, be ordered almost and empty.

10, 20, 30... the order of computer sewing machine that limited company of science and technology of automation of industry of water chestnut of Dongguan city name received make known to lower levels of many global client likewise, article of essence of general manager king is laughing to say to the author " the order that faces arise suddenly, unaware a bit really, alone works overtime, use up the productivity with the biggest plant, the delivery demand of contented client " .

Focusing is exhibited meeting, digitlization equipment collective is become popular

Be in what just ring down the curtain, the Asia's biggest leather industry is exhibited -- shoe of international of the 23rd Guangzhou kind, leather and industrial equipment exhibition (on 2013slg) , the author understands: Of relatively conventional device smooth talk, automation follows numerical control equipment is the current year one the biggest popular. Purchase business to be opposite with domestic and international agent energy-saving, environmental protection, decrease a province all sorts of artificial, soft hardware that promote efficiency very favour follows dear. For example collect energy-saving, environmental protection, reduce the chance of glue of numerical control gush that saves efficiency of artificial, promotion, the current year added 56 newly suddenly to postpone business newly, other ginseng postpones business enthusiastic showpiece the equipment with higher rate of of all kinds automation, if / of manipulator, old width of cloth is mutiple level,shoe of machine of cut of leather of machine of punching of computer sewing machine, numerical control, numerical control, numerical control is mixed control of printing machine, computer is automatic on machine of glue fore part exhibit a Trade Fair get together full person. Audience feeling is like one night between, whole exhibit of the meeting exhibited business to increase class.

Focusing code, of company cost rise taller and taller

The current year applies formally on May 1 " Guangdong province labor ensures censorial byelaw " , dongguan bead month of city of trigonometry convention manufacturing industry minimum wage goes up by 1100 yuan 1310 yuan, go up nearly 20% . If,unit of choose and employ persons pays laborer salary under new adjustment minimum wage level, via instructing complemental balance, exceed the time limit of unit of choose and employ persons still does not pay, will be faced with pay amount 50% above by coordinate one times add below pay compensation duty. Other, as city life cost taller and taller, enterprise " hardware one danger " wait for recessive defray to continue to increase, defray of average yearly salary has reached the specialized worker of company invite applications for a job 4-5 10 thousand yuan, also be namely inside the factory every add a person, the enterprise is about every year much defray 4-5 10 thousand yuan, industry employer is painful breathe out " action do not rise " .

Focusing industry, transition upgrades automation is general orientation

Guangdong saved the working report meeting that leather industry association holds to go up on April 26, director of honor of consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan area shoemaking Mr Lin Zhaojie is special in the report point out:

? Labor cost rises is a development tendency that must not counter.

? Salary attune goes up not merely fair happen in our country mainland, be in the area with cheaper cost of other past labor, instantly moves firewood agitation this to also spreading, in the center with Vietnam (47% ~ 68%) reachs amplitude modulation Indonesian (be the first to be affected of amplitude modulation 44%) .

? Traditional industry transition upgrades, automation is general orientation.

Explore the reason of these phenomenal backside, the author thinks, this is leather products industry after 2008 banking crisis, through a paragraph longer after period adjusts sure follow to protect oneself: One angle, the company of finished product production with downstream industry wants tarry order, protect next profit, home remedy type that cater to brand business to follow trafficker change diversity to follow satisfy higher and higher quality to ask, certainly will goes after the manpower that decrease a province, raw material, numerical control that gives perfect character to replace traditional handiwork with automation equipment, fall into disuse backward produce can, the enterprise that finish spans newly with development. Another angle, although the process crosses financial storm twice, travel already battalion steps forward dimension difficult, but upper reaches has actual strength to follow the equipment supplier that holds an eye concurrently (numerical control follows automation) , follow development through old promotion, the product is stabilized gradually with maturity, in cooperating the high grade client in the industry to apply, dug gives valuable manufacturing mode to undertake popularizing following duplicating, be accepted by more client place. Another, it is acting factory experience is transferred in lengthy industrial section in, demand substantial benefit very hard, every time migrates produce no less than childbirth (the classics that need one by one for many times labor pains) . Instantly adopts automation machine to replace hand is to reduce cost shortcut, can replace handiwork to follow equipment with the advanced manufacturing technology that reduces cost sure meeting promotion follows gain ground.

Classic case

With Dongguan one develops 20 old harbor endowment skin provides an enterprise to be exemple, one-time buy numerical control love Ma equipment of 5 numerical control (machine of typesetting of leather of 2 numerical control reachs + of machine of cut of leather of 3 numerical control relevant software) , explain according to company controller: Although we do not lack order for goods, but have tendency of a development at present, it is the sheet below the client tends reason, analyse to cost of acting industry company finer and finer, unit price falls not to rise only, add home to follow circumjacent neighbour to waiting for the person of the same trade to accept the order greatly, if do not have competitive advantage, be abandoned possibly by the client at any time. Also so, we pay close attention to new technology new technology very, active attempt follows application, follow character in order to promote production efficiency...

It is its below a few specific share, offer reference:

﹡ accepts the order: At present the sheet below the client is 200-500 more quantity, and return won't one-time make known to lower levels. Accordingly, in cater to grain diversity order to fall, effect of flexibility of mode of machine of numerical control cut is distinct.

﹡ budget: Have regular qualifications and record of service to follow the famous industry of actual strength as, our company can make a technology every year throw a budget with equipment, press turnover commonly the scale of 0.5% . So, beautiful 100-200 10 thousand on this kind of mode dug succeeds, it is worthiness.

﹡ dug: Regard the acting labour of high-end brand as the enterprise, our raw material is purchased certain quality control follows a standard, those who use is superior leather material, adopt love Ma " love cloud " (technology of operation of intelligence of much nucleus high in the clouds) actual can managing the leather makings of 6% , this is a mode that take the lead in, we are willing to spend bit of cost dug, popularize a factory then.

﹡ produces can: According to instantly mode application is analysed, 500 quantity is watershed, 500 above hit knife model to delimit, 500 use this mode benefit below remarkable.

﹡ choice: Why be love Ma? Love Ma other person of the same trade quite (adversary) , love Ma improves speed fast, cooperate to spend tall, the product upgrades capability is strong. Because this chooses.

As we have learned, digitlization of leather of this seed coat is cut into parts cut technical application, had gained ground more than 20 years in abroad, and southeast Asia is reached in home (include circumjacent neighbour) national close 5-6 year just begin to get attention following developing. This is meant, new round competition follows dispute, the investment that follows decide the issue of the battle domain of automation actual strength in high-tech at the enterprise follows actual strength. As conventional labour force concentrated model the labor law provision with new nation is revised with supervise carry out, a content that the strategy that promotion worker pay regards a country as with pay carries out, new cost of each round prices, raw material, operation rises, the enterprise must go after new manufacturing pattern to reduce cost, get used to new market environment.