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Each district home spins group rate is picked hit out home of 2014 autumn winters is spun exhibit

Published on:2014/7/31 15:19:07

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Introduction:? ? ? ? Bank the city exhibits a group: Ginseng postpone a business " complete " and " essence of life " ? ? ? ? Spin industry all along is bank the t...

? ? ? ? Bank the city exhibits a group: Ginseng postpone a business " complete " and " essence of life "

? ? ? ? Spin industry all along is bank the traditional industry of the city follows pillar industry, be versed in important place is had in already aid in its, in the influence with also have domestic and internationally certain. And be in bank in city spin industry, the home spins an industry to have important place. Come nearly ten years, bank city home spins an industry development is rapid and violent, emerge in large numbers gave a batch of homes to spin bibcock business, "Bank city home is spun " inside course of study times enjoy high reputation.   

? ? ? ? According to bank Zhou Gong of chairman of textile industry association shows the state, instantly bank city shares the home to spin a business more than 30, the home spins industry class photograph to compare all ready, involve towel by, series of cloth of bedding, carpet, curtain, uneducated person. Many homes spin a business, be like inferior smooth home is spun, cheerful home is spun, Home Hong Cheng is spun, Cheng Jin of Oriental rug, a person of extraordinary powers be being waited for by the group is bank city home spins an industry preeminent backbone bibcock company, for bank state city home spun the development of course of study to make outstanding contribution.   

? ? ? ? However, bank city spin enterprise is extroversion enterprise more, product exit proportion is larger, special it is the home spins a product, give priority to in order to receive production of foreign order treatment, gain is meager. From crisis of banking of Euramerican 2008 and other places since, international market depression, the textile of southeast Asia country such as together with India, Vietnam rises abruptly, price of raw material, labour force has international competition advantage more than China, chinese spin enterprise exports general be thwarted, export order decreases, bank the product exit that city home spins a business also got different the influence of degree.

? ? ? ? "Mode of the extroversion with onefold instantly sale, once the international market has what a sign of disturbance or trouble, suffer disaster likely. With this at the same time, chinese home spins consumptive market to be being increased gradually, many homes spin an enterprise to already was stared at followed home market this cake. " Zhou Gong says, to promote bank state city home spins estate development, start shooting " bank city home is spun " this piece of calling card, build new sale platform for the enterprise, increase home market proportion, spin in home of international of current our country exhibit on, bank city home is spun organize first time in order to extend conglomerate form many outstanding home to spin enterprise collective to hold round ginseng in the arms to exhibit, whole is revealed " bank city home is spun " elegant demeanour.   

? ? ? ? Zhou Gong points out, in this height second exhibit on the meeting, because be first with bank city home spins integral figure to appear on home of our country international to spin exhibit, because this acts on the dug, economical, principle that pays attention to actual effect, this second exhibit can meet already body is revealed " complete " , can reflect again piece " essence of life " characteristic, the high quality product that develops a home of delegate bank city to spin amply follows characteristic product.   

? ? ? ? "The business that this second ginseng postpones has already inferior smooth home is spun, cheerful home is spun, the enterprise such as Oriental rug, they will reveal towel, bed to taste, the home such as carpet spins a product, uneducated person cloth, manual home also can exhibit to spin in the meantime (tiger of drawwork, cloth, floss for embroidery) the product that waits for delegate place characteristic, in addition we still will spin the careless willow related the industry to make up with the home showpiece wait for product of form a complete set. " Zhou Gong says.   

? ? ? ? Respecting is right in the future bank when city spin industry grows act, zhou Gong makes known his position, will rise from 3 angle exert oneself in the future bank the development actual strength of city spin industry. It is to be sure the foundation of industry of spin of knowledge bank city follows a dominant position, promote spin industry sturdily " modulate is achieved " confidence follows resolution.   

? ? ? ? 2 be bank various government will produce the administrative division amply aid push, guide, service action, had made practical region industry program or transition upgrade program, clear industry develops way. Make local privilege policy even at the same time, for the enterprise development creates more favorable environment, concern a branch actively to appeal to superior, widen the vivosphere of the enterprise, promote international competition ability.   

? ? ? ? 3 be bank state company should fit phasic change, catch good structural adjustment to upgrade with transition, pursue greater progress. Accelerate advance technical progress, executive technical reformation innovates with the technology, the technical content that promotes a product through the application of new technology, new material, new technology follows additional cost, enhance the crucial competition ability of the enterprise. Develop domestic and international market actively, proportion of market of race to control, with this at the same time even the sale channel on the network with new open up, spread out electronic business affairs, and aggrandizement business management, reduce manufacturing cost, strengthen talent team to build, breed actively with introduce industrial labor to follow administrative person with ability with technology of industry of high administrative levels, for spin garment industry development gives sufficient qualified personnel safeguard.

? ? ? ? Lake city exhibits a group: Gather together the high-quality goods on industrial catenary

? ? ? ? Come for years lake city exhibits a group also all along is to exhibit the frequenter of the meeting, before city of lake of the current year exhibits a group to will organize 28 outstanding homes to spin a business again, will join exhibit, ginseng exhibit an area to will achieve nearly 800 square metre.  

? ? ? ? "In current the product that exhibits home of city of the lake on the meeting to spin relevant industry has reveal, resemble the vestee of De Qing, Wu Xing, Na Xun, long promote grind coarse cotton cloth, bed to taste set but the biggest characteristic is returned,waiting is with ' lake city silk ' this whole figure forms a delegation ginseng exhibit. " lake city trade closes to conference chairman Jin Kai says to reporter specification, in exhibit on the meeting " lake city silk " exhibit there is group of the Silk Road, silkworm to spend empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, Hua Tiancheng to wait for industry of silk of city of much home lake in the area bibcock mainstay business, collected lake city silk home of the silk fabrics on whole industry catenary, silk is spun, the silk high-quality goods such as the thin silk of Shuang Lin damask silk that silk adornment still has blame involuntary discharge of urine.     

? ? ? ? Actually, lake city exhibits a group because this all along forms a delegation actively,join exhibit, can exhibit this through attending the home to spin not merely one professional commerce is exhibited meeting, understanding holds industry trend, learn with communication of person of the same trade, reveal an enterprise to be tasted newly, obtain new order. Can join through forming a delegation at the same time exhibit, the lake holds round consciousness in the arms to be strengthened stage by stage between state company.   

? ? ? ? But in fact, lake city exhibits a group to be able to reveal home of city giving a lake to spin the bitter fleabane break out of the industry to exhibit favorable situation through exhibiting.   

? ? ? ? Jin Kai says to reporter specification, the current year first half of the year, lake city home spins an industry basic to good, silk home spun an enterprise to quicken the pace that transition upgrades, develop new-style fashionable silk fashionable dress, silk to interweave with other staple energetically blending product, pay attention to a brand to rise. With this at the same time, export the growth that the market also stabilizes continuously. From exit data looks, lake city spins exit to grow 20% above to European Union home first half of the year, to North America export market also presents the state with a certain look forward to, and the posture that spins exit to last to grow considerably ceaselessly with African home to South America.   

? ? ? ? In the home of lake city enterprise of the silk in spinning a property has dominant place, industry of lake city silk is basic and smooth and steady first half of the year, but pressure of be issued to lower levels increases.   

? ? ? ? "Lake city silk already arrived the core that transition develops period. " Jin Kai points out, it is sure that lake city silk wants process transition labour pains, want to cast off extensive production to manage mode, the way that takes silk of science and technology, culture silk, brand silk is must, enterprise alone passes what pay attention to value, concept more " regression " , let a product be close to common people more. In the meantime, must walk along annex to recombine the road of the self-improvement that embrace a group, otherwise, will be in low, small, small, weak, medicinal powder in predicament large quantities of gone.     

? ? ? ? Actually, a batch of preeminent silk companies had stabilized the development of the enterprise through new move. Subordinate joyous Home Sha spins group of the Silk Road to develop innovation, rigorous quality management to follow seasonable and effective market strategy to adjust through active product, lasted " go against force growth " good position. Limited company of dress of Hua Tiancheng silk holds to lake city to be with science and technology oriented, raise product technology content, hold to the client's consummate principle, research and development produces health care to protect the new product of skin to extend the requirement of the market, still undertake be popularizinged energetically to the brand at the same time, improve brand beneficial result hard. Silk of beautiful empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of lake city silkworm by Na Xun of city of limited company, lake limited company of silk of science and technology of 100 thousand other peoples advocate battalion brand silk by the synchronism that the enterprise carries channel of the sale below the line on the line is advanced, stabilized the development of the enterprise.   

? ? ? ? It is the core period that spin industry transition upgrades at present, the government sector will adopt a variety of measure to promote the development that spins a property with home of stable lake city ceaselessly related lake city.  

? ? ? ? "In guide an enterprise to undertake transition upgrades actively angle, lake city trade closes to the work that develops three angle can be emphasized since the current year. " Jin Kai makes known his position, it is to organize industry business actively to hold round ginseng in the arms to exhibit, stare at exhibit meeting organization ginseng first-rate definitely, force of brand of start shooting area, active help enterprise extends domestic and international market. 2 it is to be used amply exhibit meeting resource to enlarge capital attraction strength, attract line of business inside city of lake of well-known company settle, drive transition of lake state company to upgrade. 3 it is help enterprise " go " , conduct a business will superfluous produce can transfer to rising market.

? ? ? ? Pu Jiang exhibits a group: Sew with long stitches seams the home to spin new glamour

? ? ? ? To Pu Jiang sew with long stitches seams the home to spin an industry and character, exhibiting can be a when they obtain renascence important way.

? ? ? ? 2009, below the help that follows association in local government, riverside river sew with long stitches seams the home to spin a business " hold a group in the arms to warm oneself " form a delegation for the first time attended home of our country international to spin exhibit. Be in just about this second exhibit on the meeting, riverside river sew with long stitches seams the home to spin the product figure that showed his in the round. They perhaps cannot think of, sew with long stitches seams a product to be in this height second exhibit get actually on the meeting great attention, produce very big effect. Many audiences seamed a product to generate strong interest to sew with long stitches, "Former bed is tasted still can be this appearance. " exhibit in that on the meeting, not merely the enterprise took order form, and sew with long stitches seams the home spin a concept to get releasing here, sew with long stitches seams the home to spin a product to get numerous the favour that purchases business to follow tourist.   

? ? ? ? Riverside river person realizes, exhibit the function of the meeting besides it is a produce and sale interactive platform, also be a powerful message is delivered with communication platform. Home of international of instantly our country is spun exhibit come again, and riverside river sew with long stitches seams the home to spin already labor force is waited for hair, those who be in bibcock enterprise drive, one batch is approved answering actively in the enterprise of thrive, they will bring the product of new research and development exhibit can come up, believe to be in exhibit on the meeting, distinctive sew with long stitches seams the home to spin a product to will send out a new glamour.

? ? ? ? Gao Yang exhibits a group: Reveal actual strength to follow confidence

? ? ? ? Join the Gao Yang that exhibit to forming a delegation the 5th times for, exhibiting already can be to gain more and more opportunities only not merely, meet through exhibiting however can reveal a Gao Yang these the actual strength of year of development follows confidence.   

? ? ? ? Gao Yang is our country the biggest towel produces commerce distribution centre, dimensions enterprise counts a hunderd schools, bibcock enterprise has 3 interest, always shine etc, next medium and small businesses are driven to also get growing quickly in big company. Although this second ginseng exhibits industry measure not much, but all be to have representative brand company.   

? ? ? ? Meeting controller is exhibited to explain related Gao Yang, ginseng of high open the current year exhibits industry measure not much, but quality is very high, it is well-known trademark enterprise, there is very large force in home, representing image of brand of tall in relief towel, each ginseng exhibit instantly the enterprise is being done ginseng before exhibiting prepare actively.   

? ? ? ? As we have learned, come for years to towel business development is offerred since the relevant section all along of tall in relief county support energetically, from make give aid to policy arrives the administration with special construction, from expert scholar schoolteaching guidance comes in to guide company manager to learn communication to be walked out of please, from build the bridge to arrive to enterprise commerce pull wires form a delegation attend of all kinds exhibit the meeting, strong step is promoting the healthy development of towel industry step by step, instantly has formed giant home to spin industrial group. Was awarded 2013 " famous city of blanket of our country towel " title.

Keyword:The home is spun, silk, the market, spin industry, silk by, dress, fiber, fabrics, dress, sell on

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