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Make Na Jiang base of property of the biggest spin

Published on:2014/6/26 15:18:08

Keyword:Textile industry, socks, dress, knitting, cotton spinning, socks machine, sock, state, fabrics, weaving
Introduction:The author saved aid border headquarters to obtain an information from Zhejiang a few days ago, enter as the business of a batch of short for Zhejiang...

The author saved aid border headquarters to obtain an information from Zhejiang a few days ago, enter as the business of a batch of short for Zhejiang Province such as Yageer be stationed in Akesu, large quantities of one projects of the industry such as line of business of dress of weaving of cotton spinning, machine, knitted piece goods, knitting, towel, hose are accelerated build, local spin industry welcomes rapid development. Industry of whole area spin achieves production value 1.2 billion yuan, the obtain employment that finish 25 thousand much person, strive city of A Kesu textile industry, make become the spin property base with Na Jiang the largest area.

With respect to development textile character, a Kesu is faced with infrastructure weakness, the bottleneck such as outspread difficulty restricts industrial catenary. I save aid border headquarters to specific aim spreads out spin industry to push the work, break through local bottleneck, advanced mainly introduced Hua Fu color to spin from inland, hair of Yageer, Ju Ying, Lu Tai, couplet, Yong Xiang, new the elegant, be good at eagle industry group that has actual strength is entered be stationed in Akesu, stimulative industry catenary is outspread extend.

Big project is built is the edge tool that advances textile development. According to local actual state, city of textile industry of establish A Ke Su pulls development of technology of economy of Er state level to be a key with A, catenary of industry of garment of farther outspread spin. Take the kind that provokes business with business, develop Akesuyageer, Yong Xiang, Hua Fu, Ju Ying to wait for a batch already the action of business of mainstay of be born spin, drive the enterprise such as downstream and woven, knitting to develop to Akesu, progress of the job that enrol business is satisfactory. The near future, group of gigantic eagle of business of short for Zhejiang Province invests 50 million yuan to textile industry city, workshop area 7300 square metre, purchase 300 aircraft that make the clothing, produce per year 1 million layette to install, can solve 500 people obtain employment. The industry of clean Liya brand that invests 2.5 billion yuan produces A of settle of base of research and development to draw district of garden of an industry of Er city, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 2500 mus, instantly period will build special type of towel of the high-grade towel, 300 thousand ingot in producing per year 20 thousand tons to use gauze, 100 thousand ingot times twist, 60 thousand tons acquire production line of entire entire industry catenary. After building, can create annual produce 3.5 billion yuan, annual interest duty 300 million reach 500 million yuan, drive obtain employment of nearly 10000 people, will make in this height for upland of cost flat, product, industry aid border demonstrative base follows add control the cotton spinning company that enrich the people. In the garden of hose estate industry of textile industry city, look forward to of short for Zhejiang Province still invests 150 million yuan, purchase socks aircraft 1500, produce per year 150 million pairs of socks, can solve obtain employment 1200 more than person.

Industrial development must follow couple of photograph of environment of organisms' habits of economy of loop of natural resources of economic energy resources, development, protection, can walk along foreland again anything but " develop first, administer after " old road. In the iteration that follows concerned branch with leader of country, municipality the report is communicated hind, at the beginning of the current year, bureau of national energy resources allots " about approving short for Zhejiang Province can the reply that heat and power plant of city of A Kesu textile industry builds a project to bring into report of fire of 2014 year Xinjiang to establish a program " . On one the end of the year is beginning hand plan to build project of 50 thousand tons of sewage treatment plant, after agreeing via concerning a section, arrange 300 million yuan of special fund to use administer a project at sewage. Instantly, short for Zhejiang Province of Zhejiang industry garden can couplet of pyroelectricity of 2 × 350MW produces the group project of project, 50 thousand tons of sewage disposal follows Zhejiang products Na Jiang project of content shedding garden has been being advanced carry out in, spin industry of A Kesu is on " useless water treatment, medium irrigation works is used, more than heat reclaims " the way that zoology environmental protection develops.

Industrial help border with " increase obtain employment, increase masses income, hui Jimin is unripe " nod for stay. The near future, save aid border headquarters to follow A Kesu administrative office actively still to communicate, strive for in Akesu city A straps town, noise made in coughing or vomiting to pull a tower to strap a town to introduce Zhejiang to save according to the library all and hose line of business produces an item, the plan combines aid to build factory building by province headquarters, Hangzhou headquarters, investment company buys equipment, execute to local masses pay reward with reckon by the piece, active dug gets used to place already the lifestyle of production of brethren of dimension a group of things with common features, ethical region industry that can absorb society of obtain employment of on the spot of labour force of have more than needed, stimulative place to stabilize again develops new approach.

Keyword:Textile industry, socks, dress, knitting, cotton spinning, socks machine, sock, state, fabrics, weaving

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