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The advantageous element that industry of Chinese wool spinning grows is analysed

Published on:2014/6/26 15:18:06

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Introduction:(Product of wool spinning of support of 1) industry policy especially wool essence spins a product to regard China as the typical delegate in high-gra...

(1) industry policy supports

Wool spinning product especially wool essence spins a product to regard China as the typical delegate in high-grade textile, the country already published a series of policy to support the development of downstream entire industry on its.

National hair changes appoint 2006 " upgrade about accelerating spin trade structural adjustment to promote an industry the announcement of a certain number of opinions " in make known his position to want promotion natural reach renewable resources kind fiber uses share. Hair of after this country changes appoint the abb modified in publishing industries of a series of policy encourage wool spinning follows arrange a technology, the promotion of technology of the processing technique at the beginning of abb, new-style spinning applies, enlarge the investment strength of pair of relevant domains. In Feburary 2013, national hair changes appoint the 21st order " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2011 this) (edited 2013) " general " accord with zoology, resource to use the special type animal that asks with environmental protection integratedly silk of chrysalis of oak of fiber, hemp fiber, Zhu Yuan fiber, mulberry.

The State Council is in " textile industry is adjusted with promote a program " in the manufacturing technology that the key makes known his position to want to popularize a variety of high-grade combing yarn, fiber to mix yarn, expand to raise wool essence high to spin the product of high additional cost such as fabrics to develop strength; to promote combing the portion of the product such as gauze energetically, form effect of a batch of brands good, market has the high grade product with high rate, narrow further the difference that follows world advanced standard.

(2) exports environmental improvement

Join WTO as China, industry of domestic wool spinning conforms in the round with industry of international wool spinning, the latent capacity that product of Chinese wool spinning exports gets be releasinged further. China was reached respectively with European Union, United States respectively 2005 " in Europe loses Europe textile note about our country part " with " Sino-US follow garment trade about textile forgive memorandum " , aim to reduce the trade friction that follows European Union, United States. Since January 1, 2009, textile trade quota cancels entirely, textile exit marchs free trade phase.

With this at the same time, the exit that total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state continues to move textile dress withdraws tax rate. The attune on drawback rate exports textile, dress since August 1, 2008 to 13% , outlet of the textile since November 1, 2008, clothing is moved to 14% on drawback rate, rate of drawback of outlet of the textile since Feburary 1, 2009, clothing promotes 15% , rose on April 1, 2009, textile, dress exit drawback rate promotes 16% .

The promotion that exports drawback rate enhanced the international competition ability of wool spinning industry, promoted the development of the industry effectively.

(Form a complete set of 3) industry catenary is whole, industrial assemble effect is distinct

Industry of Chinese wool spinning has developed the property that makes height commercialize, form upriver wool, wool yarn string follows fabrics, the of all kinds breed such as outfit of downstream wool uniform, woolen, fluctuation swims the production with industrial catenary complete form a complete set processes a system, can produce the product that processes all sorts of quality standards, in the international market the occupational and fair look in competition compares a dominant position.

Below the action that deploys resource in the market, main assemble is standing by industrial position the foreland of the market, the region industry group that area of and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong had formed each to have distinguishing feature, industrial assemble effect is highlighted, promote the technology between enterprise of the wool spinning inside area, information communication greatly, reduce an enterprise purchase, the cost of each management link such as production, sale. In the meantime, area is the market of wool spinning raw material that hatch gives to be commercialized highly more inside industrial group, if Wu Jiang of market of Jiangsu Nanjing abb, Jiangsu is horizontal market of gauze of abb of courtyard of Pu of countryside of tung of market of raw material of fan wool yarn, Zhejiang, to wool spinning industry development has important sense.

(4) green consumption upgrades with the industry bring development opportunity

As people consumption is used to the zoology regression to green, nature to follow upgrade, abb product shows new vitality. As high-grade and natural fiber, the history that the mankind uses abb nearly thousands of years its high-grade, natural, healthy figure deeply embedded in the heart in each consumer. Although come nearly a few years,rapid development replaces synthetic fibre natural fiber makes main spin raw material, but still cannot replace the position of high-grade and natural fibrous that is a delegate with abb, silk, the scale with abb fiber peculiar place and helix structure make its own the admirable property that chemical fiber cannot replace, this is the main factor that ability of promotion product competition follows additional value, make abb product gradually Xiang Zhonggao carries the market to develop, and all sorts of intelligence are changed, the function changes chemical fibrous blending to make abb also is highlighted all the more in the expression of public marketplace.

In the meantime, new-style spinning craft makes with the occurrence of abb modified technology industry of proceed of wool spinning industry upgrades, wool spinning product applies a domain to be increased further, industry of domestic wool spinning begins to appear one fraction technology is advanced, have the company of own brand, whole industry marchs brand-new historical development machine is sessional.

(5) knitting dress gradually predominate dress type

In a few years of in the past, the move of people installs the change with concept new happening, by the past pay attention to strong and durable, prevent cold heat preservation to be to change advocate now fashionable freedom, motion is recreational, emphasize comfortable and fit, random nature beautiful and easy, more favour follows style at individual character the dress of OK and perfect union. Knitting dress just catered to people these demand, the scale in popular dress continues to rise.

Be in the United States, knitting dress is already occupational the half proportion of costume market. And China, as the whole world main dress produces base to follow consumptive market, the dress sort change that its produce develops tendency more react at present dress develops way well and truly. 2009, total output of dress of Chinese annual implementation 40 billion, in the center tatting dress 13.8 billion, knitting dress 26.2 billion;2010 year, total output of dress of Chinese annual implementation 43.6 billion, in the center tatting dress 14.7 billion, knitting dress 28.9 billion, promote than 2009 respectively 6.52% with 10.30% , knitting dress is occupied than be as high as 66.28% , had become at present mainstream dress type. The wool uniform that is a delegate with woollen sweater, cashmere sweater pretends to be high-grade knitting dress, occupy significant market position. As the development of knitting dress, be sure to bring market space to yarn of upriver wool essence.