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Textile city becomes economy of Xinjiang A Ke Su to expand main force

Published on:2014/6/4 13:17:49

Keyword:Textile industry, weaving, cotton spinning, knitting
Introduction:City of textile industry of Xinjiang A Ke Su more and more get the attention of entrepreneur of area inside and outside. Instantly, garden area is ent...

City of textile industry of Xinjiang A Ke Su more and more get the attention of entrepreneur of area inside and outside. Instantly, garden area is entered be stationed in an enterprise to count a hunderd schools, gross value of industrial output to amount to 3.4 billion yuan, already became stimulative Akesu economic progress, solve obtain employment difficult problem " main force " .

The message says, city of A Kesu textile industry is built at leaving 2010, was affirmed to be countrywide spin industry to shift demonstrative base in May 2012, in making division of 9 pilot garden of countrywide western area of exclusive and pilot garden.

On May 28, the reporter is in color of China inspire confidence in sb spins city of A Kesu textile industry (002042, ) limited company sees, machine of each production workshop is plangent, spin workers ingot of busy outfit gauze, carry, cotton, coloring, pack etc, the spot fervent.

The company produces department manager Chen Wen to explain, because of the brand effect of textile industry city, the travelling merchant that the company will come to to book color to spin a product before is not little, instantly demands exceeds supply.

City of A Kesu textile industry is moving go up to use be geared to the needs of the job amply aid border mechanism, rise union of the advantage industry that pushs aid border to save city industry move to follow ground of development recieve aid recieve aid, characteristic industry, attract outback spin industry actively to be transferred to Akesu, rely on aid border to save advantage of the capital of city, resource, form industrial chain, increase local business overall actual strength.

Grow in quantity of continuity of the enterprise that enter garden is great also the obtain employment that promoted place again obtain employment, business workman comes from A Kesu area mostly, in addition, still have with assorted of cropland, noise made in coughing or vomiting, gram city, cling to the farmer of city and other places.

As we have learned, city of textile industry of instantly A Ke Su joins the of all kinds company that be stationed in (include trade matter to shed a business) industrial and commercial register already amounted to many 150, business of dimensions above industry already amounted to 40, worker of garden region industry is close 10 thousand person, already became an area to induct the obtain employment, main platform that fosters industrial assemble.

According to Akesude the area concerns a branch to forecast, to 2015, ability of cotton spinning of city of A Kesu spin will achieve 3 million ingot, air current spins 10 thousand, shuttleless loom 6000, year treatment opportunity weaving 314 million meters, knitting ability 78 thousand tons, cotton pulp dregses of rice 100 thousand tons, the sales revenue that finish 38 billion yuan, solve obtain employment 68 thousand person, become area of bibcock of Xinjiang spin enterprise truly.