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Blame weaving earth is versed in fabric is summarized

Published on:2014/6/3 13:24:24

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Introduction:Blame weaving earth is versed in fabric says not to have fabric of the labour that spin earth again. According to agglutinate means different, blame w...

Blame weaving earth is versed in fabric says not to have fabric of the labour that spin earth again. According to agglutinate means different, blame weaving earth is versed in fabric divides the agglutinate that it is heat, chemical agglutinate to wait for 3 kinds with mechanical agglutinate.

Hot agglutinate is not those who knit fabric of modelling land labor to make, be the network becomes staple on conveyer belt, between the hot roller that allows its to turn reversely through two hot pressing, fiber network gets after constant temperature, melt of partial fiber bate, mutual adhesion, refrigeration hind gets solidify. This law basically is used at production thin model earthy labor fabric, ply is O.5 ~ 1.0mm commonly. Because fiber distributings randomly, the starting a hole with countless differ size is formed in fabric. Divide as a result of what do not have classics abb silk again, reason the anisotropy of its intensity is not remarkable.

Spin sticking a way is one of agglutinate law, it is polymer raw material passes melt, extruding, filature becomes a network, the product that fashions after fiber consolidate. Ply of this kind of fabric is thin and intensity is high, osmotic big. Because make flow weak point, product quality is good, breed norms is much, cost is low, use is extensive, develop in China in recent years faster.

Chemistry sticks fabric of legal ground labor, it is to pass different craft, adhesive even ground brings to bear on in fiber network, wait for adhesive solidify, between fiber mutual adhesion, make net be able to consolidate, ply can amount to 3mm. Commonly used adhesive has get together ethylene of Xi ester, polyester. Also can be in bring to bear on try to boil before adhesive pressure, get thinner with the product with lesser aperture. The application of this kind of product in the project is less.

Mechanical agglutinate law is provide with different machinist fiber network consolidate, application is the widest is pinprick law, useful still water pricks a law. Pinprick law is used install what go up in pinprick machine motherboard many sectional for triangle or arris form and the injection that flank has a hook to prick, drive by the machine, make fluctuation reciprocate, make the fiber inside the net mutual and intricate, knit a net thereby be able to consolidate. Product ply is in commonly 1mm above, hole rate is high, osmotic big, function of the catchment that turn over filter all beautiful, apply in water conservancy project very wide. Water thorn law is to use high-pressured jet stream to shoot fiber network, make fiber mutual intricate consolidate. Its product is relatively soft, basically use as wholesome things, have not apply in the project.