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New system helps company of printing and dyeing energy-saving decrease a platoon

Published on:2014/6/3 13:23:36

Keyword:Printing and dyeing, fabric
Introduction:Industry letter ministry, irrigation works ministry, whole nation saves the office that use water to be published jointly recently " the craft of indu...

Industry letter ministry, irrigation works ministry, whole nation saves the office that use water to be published jointly recently " the craft of industrial holiday water of national encourage, technology follows equipment list (the first batch) " , “ of group of great science and technology is based on Changzhou online the section water technology that digitlization of detected harvester of printing and dyeing provides first labour be includinged in accusing systematic ” to make trade of spin printing and dyeing to believe a ministry to recommend, craft follows equipment.
Accuse to the farther cast-iron pipe of fountainhead as the country, enterprise of printing and dyeing is faced with water consumption limitation to wait for a problem with promotion of the cost that use water, water of exact waste time will be one of main jobs of enterprise of printing and dyeing. “ is based on online harvester of detected printing and dyeing digitlizes a canal to accuse systematic ” is baronial intelligence changes Changzhou, the typical delegate product that informatization product follows equipment, the digitlization control that achievable production experiences this system follows digitlization management, advocate of all sorts of craft in if printing and dyeing is produced,be being experienced change continuously detect control digitlizes management with the network, the water that experiences to production, report, gas, crop, n has effective government, the printing and dyeing that finish accuses with the digitlization canal of water craft. This canal accuses the printing and dyeing that includes in the system to digitlize a product to intelligence of MAX-300 alkaline chroma controls intelligence of system, MAX-100 weak alkaline chroma to control system, MSU-U fabric to contain tide to lead intelligence to control system, PH-500 PH to be worth intelligence to control a system, and water of exact waste time is online measure accuse a system to wait. Especially the water of “ exact waste time that this canal accuses a system to fall is online measure accuse systematic ” , be recommended to be “2013 by guild of our country printing and dyeing year the energy-saving advanced technique that decrease a platoon recommends trade of our country printing and dyeing catalog ” .
Water of “ exact waste time is online measure accuse systematic ” to adopt high accuracy flowmeter, linear adjustment and computer control equipment to form discharge to control a system accurately, the way that adopts discharge feedback at the same time finishs constant current to measure control, when change in hydraulic change, speed change, breed especially or jockeying, discharge can be mixed automatically along with change, in order to assure abluent spent stability. If increase Changzhou again of baronial development abluent spend sensor to regard as detect feedback signal, make system of full closed-loop control directly, have more accurate control to using water, but from go up at all in assuring bath abluent spent stability.
This system can finish bath effectively to measure control for certain with the essence of water, the consistency that assures craft follows stability, and section water rate can achieve 20%~30% , still can reduce sewage to discharge at the same time, finish clean production, finish for the enterprise from fountainhead energy-saving decrease a platoon, it is an enterprise from go up at all reduce the loss that is not normal production, reduce manufacturing cost, promotion economic benefits. Finished printing and dyeing effectively to turn control with the intelligence of water at the same time, replace original artificial exercise kind, reduced worker labor intensity, the stability that also promoted technology greatly at the same time follows n. Ministry of the letter that occupy class " recommend catalog " in show, well-known company provided much home industry this system, changzhou is baronial water of “ exact waste time is online measure after accusing systematic ” product to join movement, section water rate can amount to 50% above.