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Bag of Nantong Lei Mao box is private and custom-built carry high yield to be able to differ dissimilation to manage seek to develop

Published on:2014/6/3 13:23:26

Keyword:Box bag, the market, the price, fabrics, sewing machine, loom
Introduction:As Nantong open degree continues to increase, in recent years, a batch medium or small if foreign trade enterprise emerges like emerge at present Jian...

As Nantong open degree continues to increase, in recent years, a batch medium or small if foreign trade enterprise emerges like emerge at present Jiang Hai earth, great drove Nantong economy span development. As the delegate of small small company in Nantong, the Nantong Lei Mao case that established 2007 includes limited company, follow walking on two legs of sale in domestic market by right of foreign trade, on one year sale achieves many yuan 2700.

Bag of Lei Mao box basically manages case bag, receive groceries of articles for use of box, household, life to wait, the product basically exports Japan. Have two plant area now, worker 100 much people. Between the item on display that is in a company in, displaying greatly little color of each different receive a case. These seeing seem simple case, it is the things that Japanese family is not gotten or is short of however. Lei Mao box wraps Ge Fei of limited company factory director to explain, be aimed at exuberant market demand, bag of Lei Mao box should design nearly 100 every year to be tasted newly. "Inherent before design, inherent style looks long later want aesthetic exhaustion, should continue to go to the client draft resolution. Our client also has this demand. We also are to adopt different approach, go up in Alibaba everyday, in exhibit variously new thing sees on the meeting. See what the family did perhaps had not been done, we go doing. We go doing..

Use the rise of labor cost, raw material cost as home, especially box bag works this kind concentrated model industry, the production advantage of our country is being lost gradually, a lot of companies of Japanese changed the look to cost more cheap southeast Asia area. In recent years, ge Fei felt pressure significantly: Transition extremely urgent.

By 2012, the new plant area that bag of Lei Mao box is located in avalokitesvara hill is formal put into production. Machine of loom, slide fastener, hot transfer interpreter... this batch of new facility that cost many yuan 200, reduced the enterprise dependence to labour force greatly, manufacturing efficiency rises considerably. Ge Fei is pointing to the machine that a suit that make covers to tell a reporter, this but true " private and custom-built " . "There is the 2nd machine on the market, it is the person that we seek special group machine, we draw blueprint to give him, let him be designed according to our idea. If say to be done with sewing machine, one should be spent 3 to 5 minutes, this machine can do 11 one minute, be pure machine, fabrics goes in coming out is finished product, want a mechanic to be safeguarded only can. Want a mechanic to be safeguarded only can..

Another angle, bag of Lei Mao box also is being developed actively inside need the market. 3 years ago, bag of Lei Mao box begins to try water electron business affairs, from wholesale start to agency, run the store of the net that clean out treasure that has oneself formally April to on one year. Use the price advantage that has a plant oneself to follow advocate dozen " the person has without me " poor dissimilation is managed, the inn that clean out treasure everyday sale can be achieved 6000 multivariate the left and right sides. Ge Fei makes known his position, found the next goal that oneself domestic brand is them. "Had taken registered label on us one year, face home market to make his bid. Sale in domestic market is to just start, basically occupy at present two into, because after this face considers the factor on the market, include him brand found, we can throw increasing energy to be above our brand, research and development designs a sale. Research and development designs a sale..