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Group of new eminent man will appear 2014 international to spin machine exhibit and ITMA Asia is exhibited

Published on:2014/6/3 13:23:25

Keyword:Inwrought, yarn, automation, the market, card, fiber, spinning, turn a cup of spinning machine, spindle, cover board
Introduction:Exhibition of machinery of spin of international of 2014 our country and ITMA Asia exhibition (ITMA Asia+CITME2014) is about to hold at Shanghai, and ...

Exhibition of machinery of spin of international of 2014 our country and ITMA Asia exhibition (ITMA Asia+CITME2014) is about to hold at Shanghai, and group of new eminent man also will greet it most first " birthday " . This is a group first eminent man place eminent man place is centered in career ministry same the ginseng that exhibit a stage is exhibited. Exhibit a stage to be located in F01 of W2 date house to exhibit a stage, the area is close 800 smooth rice. This second will exhibit Zhuo Lang is subordinate and all the newest product of career ministry, the new-style annulus ingot-shaped tablet that includes Qing Ze spins spun yarn machine, new generation to grant come blessing BD turns a cup of spinning machine, grant come the new facility that new window of blessing cone winder, Zhuo Lang spins before inwrought machine and Jin Tan. With before exactly like, eminent Lang Zhuan will count an innovation product showpiece. As Zhuo Lang innovation follows the one share that holds development concept, zhuo Lang created a new idea: E3 - is tall additional cost three-in-one, also will exhibit at Shanghai go up to appear first.

Group of new eminent man is the whole world the oldest spin machine follows only one of manufacturing business, year sale amounts to law of 1 billion Switzerland bright, have a worker 3800. Group in the whole world area of main spin market all sets a branch, germany 9, Switzerland 2, Asia 6. From Ou Ruikang the group comes off after coming out, the group already undertook recombining in 9 the middle of a month in the past, formed the group of new eminent man of instantly, execute minute of authority government. Group headquarters number is not much, and career ministry is very powerful, this makes important decision-making can more the demand of client of press close to, be carried out quickly. In the meantime, to add a client favorite degree, zhuo Lang developed a comprehensive plan, effect already saw first. On ITMA Asia+CITME2014, zhuo Lang will pass exhibiting new model, new window to follow new only etc, express our desire clearly: The client is the focus that Zhuo Lang pays close attention to most.

The group asks from beginning to end the outstanding character of the product, was born from this revolutionary productivity, product life is innovated with the service. Eminent man group is sought in all domains take the lead in, maintain attention client demand. As Zhuo Lang innovation follows the one share that holds development concept, eminent man group created the new idea E3 that follows human body engineering on behalf of energy-saving, economy, will appear grandly on ITMA Asia+CITME2014.

E3 – is tall additional cost three-in-one

ENERGY is energy-saving: Energy cost has made one of cost with current the most significant manufacturing industry. So, the product that the client needs most should have the energy-saving sex of optimization.

ECONOMICS economy: Labor cost maintains growth inside global limits. Zhuo Lang gives high quality high yield the machine of the quantity for the client, have at the same time numerous absorbing automation is optional, your client increase is the biggest change.

Engineering of ERGONOMICS human body: How to optimize the operation condition of the machine? How to optimize a setting to follow debugged time? What is good working flow? Zhuo Lang's product will offer all good solutions for you.

Grant come blessing, the market follows innovation leader

Grant come blessing turns – makes a cup of spinning machine classically

Grant come blessing will show its industry to take the lead in mediumly on ITMA Asia+CITME2014 position, turn Autocoro of cup spinning machine follows BD is its are made classically. The productiveness that the flagship product Autocoro 8 of the company revealed it, can increase more and more spinning ingot. This means Autocoro 8 to be able to spin a cup of rotate speed to promote through promotion not merely produce can, ingot increases after configuring new solution, manufacturing efficiency returns can farther promotion. Type of new generation BD promoted his economic benefits, and pass adopt new-style connect technique, make sure the package on semi-automatic type achieves optimization.

Grant come – has blessing winding machine more automation treatment of individuation

The investment in automation angle is the near future heat of domain of canister of automatic sth resembling a net discusses talk endowment. So, grant come the thing that blessing provides intelligence in Autoconer X5 V of rollout of ITMA Asia+CITME2014 admiral car sheds technical FlowShare FX.

FlowShare FX is long the FX set technology of classics application, what Speedster FX, Preci FX, Autotense FX, Ecopack FX, Propack FX includes to follow Variopack FX in the center is farther extend, ensure production gives the tube of high quality, these top technologies will exhibit. Grant come blessing offers degree of body custom-built automation treatment solution for the client, the design concept with modular Autoconer and the automation solution that individuation configures.

Grant come blessing annulus ingot spins technology of innovation of – of spun yarn machine

Type of new generation ZinserImpact 72 will exhibit to the client first on ITMA Asia+CITME2014. This second key exhibits the fine sth resembling a net that Autoconer X5 spins spun yarn aircrew to become cheek by jowl with new-style ZinserImpact 72 connects interconnected system. Machine of this new-style spun yarn still configured the world to go up most intelligence from clean technology Impact FX.

The ingot of short fine annulus in Qing Ze range of products spun spun yarn machine to receive perfect explanatory note with ZinserImpact 72 in ZinserRing 72 of new generation type. Depend on its mature top technology, this type can be accomplished produce the can biggest change, yarn quality optimization, automation chooses recipe case to be changed extensively with profit the biggest change.

Grant come to reliable ground of – of blessing client support lead to the road that innovates in the future

From grant come to the company that blessing buys spin machine, made sure oneself are had lead to the good way that economization innovates in the future. Spin machinery of Germany produces business to use a technology to innovate, facilitating client is renovated or transform at present equipment. Support its are raw assembly parts, modern transform bag, technology bag to follow service package, grant come blessing will be in of whole product comprehensive safeguard has in applying life cycle, the client that ensures even if is to have old type only also can the technology with modern benefit from benefit from innovates. Follow 3 technologies center by right of 20 many service centers, grant come the technical support that blessing gives trends with all one's strength to the client of world each district.

Aermafukeman - remarkable twisting ability

Alma follows Fukeman to will appear on E3 on ITMA Asia+CITME2014 the new idea of three-in-one of high additional cost, will exhibit the innovation product of silk of line of curtain of gauze of spun yarn, carpet, tire, industry and fibre glass domain follows a solution.

E3 represents concept of 3 of eminent man product high additional costs: Engineering of energy-saving, economy, human body. Energy-saving it is to any companies must. The twisting that Alma follows Fukeman and what twist equipment represented feebleminded bad news to follow resource namely continuously is effective use. Obtain high yield through high speed, reduce investment to follow air conditioning charge, move continuously with maintenance low cost, these reflected Alma to follow tall cost effectiveness of Fukeman.

Set occupation standard - the short towing tie that provides E3 technology times twist machine CompactTwister

CompactTwister is the facility of twisting of high-powered spun yarn that provided E3 technology, its are energy-saving gender, economy changes a design to make a person impressive with human nature. Because of Eco drive concept, Eco energy-saving spindle technology follows adjustable spindle combination, make energy-saving extent is as high as 40% . Other, the output speed promotion of CompactTwister reachs 120 meters / cent, its productivity also promoted accordingly 30% . As a result of specific power consumption, cover an area of a space to follow those who maintain cost to reduce, moving cost also decreases subsequently. The human nature of CompactTwister changed a design to improve reel-up triangle area, increased in the center of adjust the function follows auxiliary unit, more maneuverable, reduced the noise of 50% . This type is comfortable use raise at all gauze, high quality yarn and tube all gave high additional cost in the future to follow today.

Technology of E3 of CableCorder CC4 – makes twist continuously energy-saving

Rely on the technology that its take the lead in, cableCorder CC4 twists continuously machine the fractional energy savings that machining angle of tire curtain line can be as high as 50% . Specific power consumption is technology is the vitallest in all cost factor to twist continuously, to business of production of tire curtain line character, it is representing the revolutionary progress that cost reduces. Reduce specific power consumption while the thermic load that also reduced manufacturing facilities, can reduce air conditioning specific power consumption further so. Other, efficiency of the cost after reducing quality of product of broken end rate, promotion to follow machine efficiency will promote 50% . To jockey character, adopted carry measure simply, reduced workshop noise, shortened operation time.

Inwrought, spin creation will come

Eminent man embroidery will show new product on ITMA Asia+CITME2014

Eminent man embroidery is the leader that global embroidery produces a system. It is shirt-sleeve much more acting person's rich experience follows modern technology skill, be sure to benefit spin is produced in the future. Our inwrought textile inheritance historical experience, it is the result that the skill below condition of shirt-sleeve and modern technology, quality follows dependability.

The inwrought equipment with successful – of Epoca 6 Pro

Epoca 6 Pro is in adjustable the gender initiated a new phase with machine function angle. In current order smaller and smaller, and ask with the standard taller and taller however situation falls, the client is ordered make a machine will open epochal. In addition, the order below new condition often asks to use worker worker time of little, delivery is short, epoca 6 Pro is born to satisfy this requirement.

What new-style drive, configuration cut off means to assure to manufacture efficiency with yarn is the biggest change with higher reliability. The average birth rate of Epoca 6 Pro promotes 30% , but still last absolutely and perfect dependability follows top class quality. The adjustment with unique machine is chosen distribute a system complete set new inwrought standard. Achieved new-style fast and tangent system to assure thrum but by fast capture, reduce yarn percent defective, this means the mixeddest pattern, different yarn breed to all can cover a system to have production through this.

System of embroider of rope of man of SoutacheHead – new-style eminent

SoutacheHead technology can ensure your embroider gives random a kind of pattern, and make the inwrought experience of this limits more convenient and flexibility is taller. Electric machinery drive made sure the high speed that is as high as 500 Rpm is produced completely, and the user locates more easily, reduce machine down time to follow assemble time. Muti_function stringy embroider annulus range of applicable raw material is wide: Arrive from the finest stringy embroider gauze wide braid the belt till industrial silk applicably.

New ISed of – of EmStudio – inwrought software

EmStudio designs blueprint, stiletto, can inspect design to reach optimize production, analysis to run data to be united in wedlock same a platform. Had new ISed, editor of intelligent Hua Zhuolang, optimize production to will become simple and efficient with character. The program of each operation measure that will begin completely already to ring down the curtain from ISed is changed, and produce a machine to move through touching screen operation to be grant all modern option. ISed operation is very simple and move efficient, editor efficiency promotes apparently.

Only, alone is better!

As the leader of the market, eminent Lang Zhuan it is high quality, high reliability only pronominal. Eminent Lang Zhuan the experts that spread all over the whole world are filament industry or factory of short fine spinning gives outstanding product to follow a solution. On ITMA Asia+CITME2014, eminent Lang Zhuan in bring innovation while, also will show long-tested product. The staff member of the spot will be cordial the arrival that awaits you. Eminent Lang Zhuan can give comprehensive configuration according to the client's demand, it is the optimal partner that you produce high quality yarn.

Annulus ingot is spun, filament spinning follows monitoring of treatment, quality is exhibiting key. Exhibit at present eminent Lang Zhuan the famous product that exhibits a stage includes: The Texparts with general whole world? Does PK 2630 SE follow Texparts? PK 2630 SHE shakes frame, comfortable use at all spun yarn machine on the market. Accotex? The skin encircles carapace following a skin is the main back-up component in draft system, in the center Accotex? J-460 skin carapace but at the same time comfortable use reach chemical fibber device at short fine.

Heberlein? TexJet-ATY air is out of shape nozzle series can lengthen clean cycle revolutionarily. In the manufacturing experience of DTY, the first choice of the client is high speed, and in production energy-saving control with quality also very core. The eminent Lang Zhuan related include: Temco? PU dish, Temco? Does Pi Gun follow Fibrevision? Unitens monitors a system.

Eminent Lang Zhuan Daytex major shrinks beforehand the technology will exhibit a stage to exhibit in D11 of W5 date house. Daytex? Shrink beforehand the requirement that leather belt can satisfy a client completely to handle careful raw material, without seam a design, without the margin with strong needle, can delay those who grow leather belt to use life.

Zhuo Lang (Jin Tan) - before spin an expert

Man of career ministry eminent is spun before Zhuo Lang (Jin Tan) will appear on its first on ITMA Asia+CITME2014 card of new facility JSC326, this equipment crop can promote 50% above.

The stannic forest broaden of new-style JSC326 card, drive up, cent combs the aircrew of area ratio tradition promotes 60% above, comb in coequal cent the condition falls, card crop can promote 50% above; New-style (suit oneself adjust) even and orderly of accident extract self-regulated, assure the long stability of sliver ration, weight adjustment goes to the lavatory simply; Mobile cover board is independent frequency conversion drive, speed set is convenient, craft adaptability is strong; Adopt suitable to to cotton, cent combs length can be adjusted, suit different fiber length, reduce fiber loss; Other, thorn roller falls outside machine of miscellaneous area length adjustable, the craft of facilitating equipment is adjusted; Synchronism takes cover board of aluminium alloy activity to disassemble convenient, deploy profile of high accuracy aluminium alloy; Icon type operates interfacial system, make an operation more convenient.

Keyword:Inwrought, yarn, automation, the market, card, fiber, spinning, turn a cup of spinning machine, spindle, cover board

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