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Break through outlet of camp spin clothing to need to cross 3 cage

Published on:2014/6/3 13:23:16

Keyword:Dress, the market, fabrics, textile, fiber, the price, leather, weaving, dynamic, state
Introduction:The code with increasingly strict foreign market camp, on shoulder of exert mouth enterprise " a carring pole " continue to accentuate. The near futur...

The code with increasingly strict foreign market camp, on shoulder of exert mouth enterprise " a carring pole " continue to accentuate.

The near future, european Union, United States reached a country to be published to spin dress with area of Australian and other places a series of code standard, make known his position to ask higher to relevant product. The message says, fontal city is China main spin dress production follows exit base, year exit forehead exceeds 5 billion dollar, these countries occupy dress of fontal city spin to export scale half above, camp frequency sends certainly will to cause certain effect to exit of company of clothing of native land spin. The personage inside course of study reminds, relevant enterprise needs to know code in time content, had done actively answer measure.

Exit will be encountered " 3 cage "

Export gain space is compressed

The near future, commission of American federal trade (FTC) is made to regulation of its textile label edit finally, fiber content includes to wait for regulation with knowledge of GB of country of origin in the center. Fiber of new regular executive spin differentiates act, on the partial textile ticket that the requirement sells in the United States, should indicate to the per cent of the current name of textile, content, title that produces business or distributors reachs manufacturing nation or machine a country apparently. While textile of American successive drive up imports camp, OEKO-TEX of association of spin of international environmental protection also published textile of environmental protection of zoology of 2014 edition OEKO-TEX Standard 100 to detect in not long ago standard and value of set limit to, new edition standard is miserable to complete fluorine the superintendency of PFOA will be more strict.

In addition, australia " favorable environment chooses label " (GEC) near future published new standard of attestation of leather of spin of an environmental protection. Product of dress of spin of this standard requirement and accessory the weight of at least 90% is spin fiber; Indoor textile, clean cloth asks the weight of 90% is spin to fiber, yarn follows fabric or be not had spin cloth; Leather goods asks the weight of at least 90% above is dermal change data.

"Wraparound for, of these code carry out, installed to export spin dress product ' 3 doorsills ' . " analysis of the personage inside course of study, this " 3 doorsills " include safe doorsill, green doorsill to follow label doorsill.

Shi Zhengzhi of secretary-general of chamber of commerce of dress of spin of fontal state city thinks, the code with increasingly strict foreign market camp, cause certain effect to outlet of clothing of native land spin not merely, increase the burden on industry body, and be Chinese spin dress the expression that inequity competes with imparity is in in world trade, but go up objectively, product of dress of our country spin still is more relatively in be in low end class, compare with the western country that develop, return existence photograph v to be apart from really.

Trade barrier frequency sends certainly will to be defeated to make known his position to ask higher toward the product of relevant country to mainland, export business is get used to new standard code, must increase corresponding enrollment to follow detect charge, this also increased the exit risk of the enterprise at the same time, reduce the price competition ability of its product.

"Although market of export of the current year is overall somewhat get warm again after a cold spell, but export profit to did not increase subsequently, give now to slip instead. " business of export of partial spin clothing tells a reporter, take the place of before 15% what be versed in profit can achieve treatment to expend, but at present cut already to inadequacy 10% .

"Before comparing a few years, in recent years the trade barrier frequency of Euramerican market is sent, special the demand that is the makings opposite side is higher and higher. " 100 Le Fu (fontal city) sporting goods limited company is a fixed position Euramerican market, the enterprise that basically gives priority to in order to manufacture outdoors clothing, xiao Shengxin of manager of this company business says frankly, compare the clothing company of other category, outdoors dress is increasing to the requirement of fabrics.

"Old before, we pay attention to the environmental protection sex of product fabrics very much, in recent years, more country of a lot of Europe follows the industry of the area, make known his position to ask slashingly to product fabrics. The near future, a Norwegian guest appoints fabrics of a product to want level of prep above environmental protection, compare common fabrics, this kind of fabrics wants one meter expensive 3 money. " the foreign trade that made nearly 10 years, xiao Shengxin can'ts help plainting, it is quite before this, space of current foreign trade profit became little many, foreign travelling merchant also tends to the requirement of the product slashing, this lets an enterprise feel pressure is very great.

Fujian writes Cai Zhulong of president of dragon clothing limited company to also say frankly, foreign market is increasingly tight the code of exacting asks, the product that added a company on certain level detects cost, "Should detect only before this finished product, at present antenatal, produce medium, postpartum, want to undertake detecting to relevant data, product, euramerican client especially strict, can explain tripartite to detect occasionally the orgnaization comes to a company detect our product. Can explain tripartite to detect occasionally the orgnaization comes to a company detect our product..

To this, the corporation that write dragon is special undertake cooperative with inspection bereau of Fujian Province fiber, this assured quality of this company product on very old rate while, also increased its product to detect charge. "Original raw material is continueing to rise with labor cost, be opposite to answer at present trade barrier, follow even corresponding enrollment detect cost raises somewhat, to assure profit, we are forced to promote the price of the product. " Cai Zhulong makes known his position.

Face the code with increasingly strict foreign market camp, shi Zhengzhi reminds broad export business, want to accelerate transition to upgrade, when development designs a product, the model that should consider a product not merely follows a function, even according to exporting a nation examine standard, adopt green technology actively, promote an enterprise competition ability, want to establish the consciousness of quality main body of the enterprise at the same time, the self check that enlarges exit product accuses strength oneself, reduce exit resistance.

"In recent years, promote with each passing day as what attention of consumable safety project spends, the United States imports the safe level of consumable to ask to also continue to rise with superintendency strength especially in the light of daily expense consumable, report recall our country to produce spin shoe cap again and again kind consumable. " to this, the personage inside course of study suggests, one angle, the enterprise wants seasonable, sufficient ground to master concerned entrance country the technology about textile dress, quality, safe, environmental protection, pack the standard that follows label to follow code, combinative company produces a condition, continue to perfect quality management system, do not seek beautiful, low blindly and ignore product quality. Another angle, want to pay close attention to American CPSC closely to report recall trends, enhance dangerous consciousness to follow standard concept, strict according to the entrance the country is mandatory requirement organization spreads out products plan research and development, stock to purchase evaluate with the supplier, project of safe environmental protection detects.

Zhong Ruichun of assistant of president of limited company of weaving of dress of 7 colour fox tells advance river city the reporter, this company product basically exports Euramerican market, euramerican consumer has stronger consumptive capacity, exquisite dress but not exacting vogue, they pay attention to fabrics, quality of a material more, right pure product of environmental protection of natural fabrics, green has a special liking. So, this company also is compared on the choice of upriver data business strict, ensure with this product quality. "In fabrics choose on, we choose Europe to purchase the cotton mercery product that business likes, after be being handled via special technology, be out of shape comfortable and not easily. Be out of shape comfortable and not easily..

"Answer exit camp, want to promote a product quality above all, make accord with export level, but more important is to should strive to let product design conform with international with the design. " Cai Zhulong tells a reporter, face changeable export market to follow a lot of competitor, think relying on to reduce price get victory is not long absolutely blindly plan, want to be on the foundation of close market research, bold creation, let new product draw the client's look. "Purchase business at present to pay attention to the environmental protection sex of the product very much, we should be in naturally this angle concentrate one's efforts, attract them with typical green product. Attract them with typical green product..

Look in Shi Zhengzhi, face new standard new code, pressure of meet an emergency of company of clothing of native land spin is motivation, raise the level of whole industry catenary jointly hand in hand, because spin dress is an industrial catenary, a few new standards are to be aimed at the dress of terminal product to undertake detecting, want to get used to new standard, must grab from fountainhead, be about to take seriously from link of spinning, weaving namely, acquiring whole segment especially is important segment more.

Keyword:Dress, the market, fabrics, textile, fiber, the price, leather, weaving, dynamic, state

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