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Donghua's student " crosses bound " to advance technology of come unglued of hemp fiber biology to consider

Published on:2014/5/13 15:19:15

Keyword:Fiber, research, spin weaver Cheng, fabric, spinning
Introduction:Speak of hemp, much meeting couplet remembers people breathe freely, guide wet wait for a function, classics of beard of little imagine raw ramie " de...

Speak of hemp, much meeting couplet remembers people breathe freely, guide wet wait for a function, classics of beard of little imagine raw ramie " degum " ability spinning. Be in Dong Hua university, the hemp that one gives priority to body with the student kind group of research of fiber biology come unglued, they with interdisciplinary cross professional means to spread out science and technology actively to innovate in coordination, not merely the heavyweight award such as gold prize of contest of poineering plan of undergraduate of first prize of contest of work of science and technology of science of extracurricular of undergraduate of include whole nation, whole nation, the undergraduate that still chooses at the center of the closest successful and selected group " group of innovation of little smooth science and technology " , obtain innovation of our country teenage science and technology to reward fund to aid financially.

Hemp, common has " the country spins fountainhead, all ages garment ancestor " say, hemp fabric often gives a person with thick good sense. But in hemp kind the classmates of group of research of fiber biology come unglued look, "Hemp also can very tender " , and " tender " core depends on degum.

As we have learned, hemp spins the degum method with industry commonly used instantly advocate if chemical method, use strong oxidant of strong acid alkali to undertake handling to raw ramie namely, such doing not merely specific power consumption big, cost is high, and discharge liquid waste cannot use circularly, infection is a big question. How to let hemp kind ground of green of fiber environmental protection " tender " rise? Taking question, below the guidance that waits for a teacher in Yu Chongwen, Zhang Xingqun, Yang Jianping, Chen Ting, research group is gotten into hemp directly from 2008 kind the research world of fiber biology come unglued.

According to institute of group controller, spin Yao of Ding Re of 09 class doctor explains, biology come unglued results from the earliest " soak hemp " , common ground is told, put hemp stuff to on the soak in pond a few months namely, make the bacterium inside plant ferment, those who let a bacterium get on hemp makings is colloid " eat off " . "Cycle of this kind of practice is long, labor cost is high also, and we should be found namely suit hemp most kind the bacterium of fiber biology come unglued is planted and a large number of breeding, raise degum speed to follow quality. Raise degum speed to follow quality..

For this, ding Re Yao follows other member in the factory to crouch is a few months, do not consider on the high temperature in workshop is high wet harsh environment follows bad chemical taste, from choose, breed bacterium to plant till spin a yarn of ramie,to biology come unglued whole journey is mixed into. Ding Re Yao says: "Climbing at 34 o'clock to watch experimental progress in the middle of the night is common occurrence. " to promote technical industrialization, the industry of estate of a hemp that the group follows Hunan Yuan river cooperates, from the lab small in trying a factory, try, finished industrialized production finally. This the technology helps a company not merely relatively the earth reduced unit specific power consumption, managing manufacturing cost, and blowdown gross also had relatively substantially decrease, received favorable socioeconomy beneficial result to follow environmental protection beneficial result.

Instantly, more college is advocated " innovate in coordination " , ding Re Yao they wrote Donghua's student to follow explanatory note to the understanding of these 4 words with action figure ground. Be in this to be comprised by 4 7 4 doctors, Masters, undergraduate studentses " student army " in, have the fellow student that learns spin project already, also have the fellow student of student content project, still have the fellow student that learns chemistry. 12 class Master gives birth to chemical biology institute Zhang Yi circle in the air say: "The interdisciplinary, research that cross a boundary, the biggest gain can extend our eye shot namely, through following the collision of thought of other and professional fellow student, stimulate the scintilla that gives out originality. " he talks, plant with bacterium scale of agent of the means with the temperature with much higher need of hemp fiber come unglued, what kind of choice, bacterium how many, these are in everybody continual discussion tries in one step by step establish rises, "Absolutely a professional student can not realize whole research, interdisciplinary crossing major is must " . Ding Re Yao cited a case, at the beginning what they use is method of simple live thing to hemp fiber come unglued, but effect all along is not ideal, thanks to later the classmate of chemical major was carried wake, after the proposal joins a few chemical reagents, degum effect had clear improvement. He says with all sorts of feelings: "Learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, the benefit that innovates in coordination is a lot of truer. The benefit that innovates in coordination is a lot of truer..

More than 10 country follows country of accredit of 15 award of the class that visit a department, own intellectual property to invent patent, many 20 go up in domestic and international important journal issuance Chinese and English paper, although already harvested great achievements of again and again, but hemp kind the classmates of group of research of fiber biology come unglued still are in indefatigable before row.