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Machine substitution shows charm to save city to be explored actively more

Published on:2014/5/12 15:17:15

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Introduction:Our country population is aged the fact that becomes to be not contended for, the phenomenon such as the labor shortage, barren that use worker worker...

Our country population is aged the fact that becomes to be not contended for, the phenomenon such as the labor shortage, barren that use worker worker, big strike lets an enterprise feel disturbed. Plus at present, chinese industry development is in the core period that transition upgrades, "Machine substitution " the condition matures basically, "Machine substitution " imperative.

In the special survey of the enterprise, entrepreneur thinks generally, "Machine substitution " can reduce worker of a gleam of, promotion labor productivity, improve product quality, reduce the sources of energy to use up, reduce production safe accident, reduce production to manage cost to wait, it is a when accelerate transition to upgrade efficient way. Instantly China is advanced actively more, will " our country is made " introduce to a new peak!      

Dongguan is bungled 12 million accelerate manufacturing industry transition to upgrade    

Dongguan is used 12 million subsidize an industry " machine substitution " be Dongguan municipal government " a certain number of opinions that about giving aid to further hypostatic economy grows " in one of solutions that make known one's position. This one measure, for Dongguan manufacturing industry development made clear a direction. Advanced manufacturing industry, what cannot rely on production line worker absolutely is simple work, and should continue to promote industrial automation the standard, encourage labor is concentrated model the enterprise uses machine hand, automation to control equipment or automation line automation to undertake intelligent technical reformation.      

Famous economics teachs Lin Jiang to think, this one measure, for Dongguan manufacturing industry development made clear a direction. Manufacturing industry develops, what always cannot rely on production line worker is simple work, and a mark that this also is development of advanced manufacturing industry. It makes clear, dongguan manufacturing industry strode again to advanced manufacturing industry one pace.      

Fine promote " machine substitution " business of force hurried industry is carried can synergism    

Zhejiang saved Jia Xingping lake to come on stage " 2014 year of smooth lake city " machine substitution " special action program " . Plan points out clearly, smooth 2014 lake " machine substitution " goal assignment is, implementation technical reformation invests 7.7 billion yuan, occupy industrial productivity to throw 60% above; Carry out " machine substitution " enterprise 150, business of dimensions above industry develops " machine substitution " occupy than amounting to 30% , eliminate backward equipment 1000; "Machine substitution " decrease to count 5000 people with the worker; 100 million yuan of industry added company of dimensions above industry 2014 the value drops compared to the same period from number of personnel of course of study 10% above, production value of average per capita promotes 10% above compared to the same period.      

Plan points out, the enterprise is advanced " machine substitution " need to make clear way classification to advance, what reach an industry according to each industry namely is different phase of feature, development follows market demand, because look forward to makes appropriate, classification,administrative levels of directive, cent is advanced. Operate level analysis actually, the enterprise requires a basis oneself is actual, surround " machine substitution " 5 kinds of forms: The automation of substitution of partial link machine, whole production line is transformed, net of couplet of robot of industry of automation production line, machine follows factory couplet net, executive machine substitution.      

Do an enterprise newly to follow equipment stale, and the old company that has stronger actual strength can purchase intelligence to change directly, automation equipment replaces handiwork to operate facility; The bibcock backbone company with strong actual strength of research and development but own research and development or the foundation that absorb is digested to go up to innovate again in imported equipment transform, development industry " machine substitution " equipment follows a system. Plan points out at the same time, still need to coach the enterprise strengthens the cooperation that follows place of scientific research courtyard, build strategic alliance; Manufacturing industry of preferential development equipment, prop up drive traditional advantage industry to be made with relevant electron electric equipment, machinery, the whole of standard of equipment of estate of form a complete set such as treatment of car component, hardware rises.

Zhejiang Dong Yang " two change " confluence is advanced " machine substitution "    

Permanent magnetism 15 factories are Zhejiang Dong Yang precedes advance " machine substitution " one of enterprises. In this factory, cannot see worker metage, cast makings, assemble and unassemble, carry the picture that waits to work back and forth. The ball grinds a workshop inside, raw material sends altitude through conveyer belt, after classics electron balance is accurate and metric cast automatically by conduit send to ball mill. In shape workshop, press equipment uses manipulator technology, from take semifinished product, brush burr, platoon dish, haulage arrives to finish the automation that connect a line automatically into kiln furnace. In grinder workshop, it is to pass vibration more dish, machine pouring wine cup follows 4 industry join, can give quality goods directly together.

The message says, this factory invests more than yuan of 4000 capital in all, undertook to 150 equipment automation is transformed, personnel amount from most the 1200 much people when fall the 800 more than person of instantly, strive 2016, fall personnel amount 200 people less than. Automation is advanced up to now, this factory value of output has with profit rise considerably, worker income increases 10% . The current year, this factory mount a horse wears firing automation production line from the ball, instantly already marched shape of section debug.      

Move for big thrust " machine substitution " , municipal government of open municipal Party committee continues to expand east guide strength, carry out on one year " two change " shirt-sleeve " 630 " plan, established 10 million yuan special give aid to fund, held magnetic material to follow medical chemical industry the spot of two industries is advanced meeting. 31 pilot enterprises are passed " machine substitution " the depletion of numbers that finish 1000 more than person, synergism 150 million yuan, base of industry of data of national level magnetism is passed answer judge. The current year, finance of in relief city takes out science and technology of 35 million yuan of encourage to innovate again east, on regulation of magnetic entire industry the enterprise is carried out " machine substitution " technical reformation.

Machine substitution aids   of   of transition of look forward to of shoe of power lukewarm administrative division

Guild follows change of Ou sea shoe in the lukewarm city agent of nimble sewing machine is lukewarm limited company of trade of Ma of state city Xin, syndicate the 37 members company of this association, in development of island of barley of jade annulus county Inc. of nimble sewing machine produces a workshop to make an on-the-spot investigation, aim to allow company of leather of Ou sea shoe " machine substitution " , promotion business manufactures efficiency.      

In in the production of region of Zhejiang industry garden of company of nimble sewing machine sees in the workshop, workers are checking the sewing machine of automation of a stage. Have a plenty of car of Luo La of high speed double needle, can cut automatically carry line, automatic backstitch, automatically control a foot, adopt unifinication of servo electric machinery, Electromechanical, can omit report 60% ; Have a plenty of machine of pattern of high speed electron, can the small part such as tailor brand, label, enterprise leave out extra work segment is waited a moment.      

Instantly, business person is enrolled hard, cost tall, substitution of urgent need machine. The equipment that at present the enterprise is badly in need of energy-saving environmental protection, benefit can promote while help enterprise reduces cost again.

Labour accuses our country to think: "Machine substitution " the sure choice that although be industrialized,enters higher level, it is the market " invisible hand " underlying law is reflected, but " visible hand " also want in this one process " promising " , want take advantage of an opportunity and be, make the best use of the circumstances. Although China saves city industry to be in more " machine substitution " there already was resonance on the problem, but " how to change " also be lie across is in at present a real problem before many enterprises. In this angle, need each district more actively dug!