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Flame retardant the preparation that is not weaving cloth and physico-chemical function research

Published on:2014/5/12 15:17:07

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, fiber, index, weaving, research
Introduction:Raw material is expressed with raw material allocation with equipment experiment flame retardant blame weaving cloth is restricted the element that ba...


Raw material distributes a list with raw material with equipment experiment

Flame retardant blame weaving cloth is restricted oxygen index checks data

The limiting oxygen index after bath checks data

The element that the basis affects principle of polymer combustion experience, combustion, burning behavior is different, blame weaving cloth is flame retardant fundamental can be divided to condense block of flame retardant, melt breaks flame retardant, gas phase action is flame retardant 3 kinds. No matter be that kind flame retardant blame weaving product, the property characteristic that should combine product itself chooses appropriate blame weaving cloth, ability accomplishs ” of “ make the best use of everything, will of all kinds flame retardant be not weaving cloth apply a space to be extended more greatly with value space.

Experimental operation reachs core data

GeneralIndustryThe combustion experience that uses high polymer data is, high polymer material produces hot splitting decomposition below igneous cause action, with airy in heat joint action falls, make flammability material (freedom radical) , flammability material is in blaze combustion, oxidation (generation contains oxygen freedom radical) , give off much heat energy, heat energy makes high polymer material produce hot splitting decomposition further again, circulate so, till burn,end.

Raw material follows equipment

The article involves equipment to include: Drawing is puissant appearance (limited company of instrument of Nantong grand experiment gives, model is HD026N) ; Ultimate oxygenIndexInstrument (Italian Atsfaar company gives) ; Perpendicular combustion instrument (British Atlas company gives, model is 17621) .

Limiting oxygen index determines experiment

Ignition is apart from to carry 50mm to go out on sample wide range underline; sample vertically outfit is on sample clip, the end on sample carries a distance on the head to not be less than 100mm to the canister; Move section discharge valve, gas mixture achieves the oxygen that makes flow into combustion canister, nitrogen the oxygen chroma of the requirement, rate of flow of the gas in holding afterflame to burn a canister is (4±1)cm3/s; Clean combustion canister with gas, ignite sample coping with igniter next, wait for after be being ignited entirely, begin to time instantly, this experiment repeats undertake 3 times.

Be able to bear or endure catharsis determines experiment

all sample big galley proof of each scissor 120mm×50mm tastes two, divide its into two groups to have a test. Take in the center park of a group of sample is replete in the big beaker of clear water, put pattern of a kind of cloth to be cleaned apart every time, make the cloth pattern drying after cleaning good number, the cloth pattern that follows its to did not pass bath does contrast of limiting oxygen index to experiment together.

Data analysis affirmation is optimalCraft

Polypropylene fibber is spun stick cloth to follow SMSCompound cloth, these two kinds flame retardant functional mother bead is added model the limiting oxygen index that is not weaving cloth, thorn following water sticks the limiting oxygen index that blame weaving cloth arranges after glue, PVA is flame retardant to compare more remarkable on the low side, in flame retardant a level differred in effect level assess.

Because be in manufacturing experience,this is, flame retardant mother bead is with 1 ∶ the scale of 25 mixes melt filature with main body section, for flame retardant in follow-up production the confluence with functional mother as can better as main body section bead, subsequent wave is flame retardant action, so, must be in flame retardant in experience of production of functional mother bead, eliminate is flame retardant composition fire retardant outside Sb2O3 of benzene of 10 bromic couplet, and join dispersive agent polyethylene candle follows carrier. Such fire retardant will decrease greatly in the heft in becoming cloth. Other, modified is arranged after flame retardant after be not weaving cloth to be arranged in the course, composition of its fire retardant adheres to in fiber surface, when be contacted with blaze, fire retardant includes staple Fu to live, isolation heat source follows fiber to be able to be contacted directly, thereby greatly promoted flame retardant the effect.

This shows, modified is arranged after flame retardant blame weaving cloth is on flame retardation excel is flame retardant functional Mu Litian is added model blame weaving cloth. Because modified fiber makes blame weaving cloth,be by modified flame retardant fiber makes directly, what did not pass sequel is flame retardant treatment, arrange wait for craft, so, its flame retardation basically depends on of fiber itself flame retardant and characteristic.

The limiting oxygen index after expressing 2 bath checks data

By go up the data in the watch is knowable, 1, 3 belong to with 4 cloth pattern flame retardant cloth of weaving of mother function Mu Lifei, its flame retardation has no very big change after classics bath. Because functional mother bead was added in filature experience,this is, mother bead is not with adherent means, however first-rate “ confluence ” is in fiber, clean the flame retardation that does not affect them commonly. 2 cloth pattern does not have anti-flammability because of itself, do not grant to undertake experimental photograph is compared in this height. 5, the limiting oxygen index before 6 cloth pattern is being cleaned is respectively 35.1 with 37.3, attribute B1 level, have first-rate anti-flammability. But after the course is cleaned, limiting oxygen index falls 19.1 with 19.3, can ignite in air, lost originally anti-flammability, after this introduced these two kinds of fire retardant to arrange flame retardant the bath prison that is not weaving cloth spends difference.

What the introduction wants in the center is, PVA cloth pattern is in bath experience, because PVA has first-rate water-solubility, can dissolve immediately Yu Shuizhong, even if evaporates its solution, composition of separate out PVA also assures can complete purify hard in the center flame retardant composition, and precipitate already cannot last the ration of former cloth pattern, structure, undertake contrasting experimenting will not achieving expect result to this precipitate. So, in this height in second experiment blame weaving cloth is arranged to undertake checking an analysis after incorrect PVA. Modified fiber is flame retardant cloth advocate if modified fiber oneself is had flame retardant and characteristic, bath can not change the physics of its material itself to follow chemical performance, so, its are flame retardant and characteristic did not change.

Angle checks in perpendicular burning behavior, 1, 3, 4 cloth pattern is belonged to flame retardant functional Mu Litian is added model blame weaving cloth, inside ignition 12s time, arise without flaming. This test raw material is polypropylene fibber fiber, there is black smoke to generate in combustion experience, by its oneself property decides this. It is at the same time in be heated experience, place of cloth cover be heated produces systole, cause cloth cover to appear mar, and phenomenon of drop having frit. The melt block that mentions according to above paragraphs is broken flame retardant mechanism is knowable, because polypropylene fibber is flame retardant,this is in be not weaving cloth flame retardant mother bead play is flame retardant action and the phenomenon of generation, in this combustion phenomenon from 2 cloth pattern can test and verify, when 2 cloth pattern burns, also accompany black smoke is generated, but frit drop generation still is had no after till light,be being used up, and blaze comes with comparing rapid rate to spread on cloth cover.

5, 6, 8 cloth pattern suffers in 12s inside igneous time also arise without flaming. Be heated cloth cover gradually char, char area is lesser, and without spread phenomenon. Look from damaged length and cloth cover damaged area, still be flame retardant hind arrange blame weaving cloth to be on flame retardation excel is flame retardant cloth of weaving of functional Mu Lifei. Because,this is flame retardant hind in arranging cloth flame retardant composition exists in order to adhere to in the form of fiber surface, with flame retardant in cloth of weaving of functional Mu Lifei flame retardant composition is compared, arrange after flame retardant those who be not weaving cloth is flame retardant composition content is higher also. In combustion experience, flame retardant hind those who arrange blame weaving cloth is flame retardant composition is contacted with heat source directly, isolate heat source with fiber come, consequently flame retardant the effect is more apparent. Did not pass however flame retardant the 7 cloth pattern of processing, combustion is relatively rapid, damaged area is larger also. The experimental result of above introduced again, flame retardant hind the flame retardation excel that arranges blame weaving cloth is flame retardant cloth of weaving of functional Mu Lifei, and flame retardant hind arrange blame weaving cloth to there is clear advantage on flame retardation. (Writer Wang Jue quickTianjinIndustrial university is not weaving material to follow project major graduate student, it is nowZhejiangWide benefit is medical without spin teacher of guidance of products company technician: Spin of university of industry of Ren Yuanlin Tianjin learns ministry associate professor)

Keyword:Be not weaving cloth, fiber, index, weaving, research

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